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Your Complete Guide to Roll-On Waxing

Roll-on Starpilwax

Roll-on waxing is a fascinating concept for many, or even something that seems out of reach. 

The curiosity and questions many have regarding this system can even make it seem intimidating or unclear to some. So what is roll-on wax? This system is a convenient and easy-to-use waxing method in both professional and personal settings that removes hair effectively and in a shorter time than traditional methods.   

Table of Contents

  • What is Roll-On Wax?
  • Who is Roll-On Wax for?
  • How to Warm Roll-On Wax
  • How to Use Roll-On Wax
  • Roll-On Wax: Pros and Cons
  • Final Thoughts
  • Roll-on wax is widely loved because of its innovative, easy-to-use design, as well as the upgraded hygienic experience it brings to a waxing service. This press/roll/remove system truly reinvents waxing as we know it! 

    In this guide, we’ll discuss all things roll-on waxing, including roll-on wax warmers, wax cartridges, and the most effective way to use your roll-on wax. We’ll also answer any questions you might have about the process or how to use roll-on wax. 

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    What is Roll-On Wax ?

    Roll-on wax is a waxing system that allows direct application to the skin through its a single-use, recyclable, and portable wax cartridge. When heated in a roll-on wax warmer, the cartridge distributes soft wax to the application area directly, without the use of spatulas or a traditional warmer.

    The system’s 3.9 oz (110 g) roll-on wax cartridge is pre-filled with Starpil soft wax to create the most portable, easy-to-use, and hygienic waxing experience. The single-use cartridge is made for full services on one client only and is fully recyclable. 

    The roll-on wax cartridge itself is constructed out of a heat-mediating shell of hard plastic, topped by a roller head and a cap. This design makes it ideal for at-home users who might want to reuse their cartridge (since it’s just for them!). In professional settings, roll-on wax cartridges should never be reused and are intended for single uses on one client only.

    The roll-on wax roller head distributes wax evenly over any surface, and makes full-body waxing quick and easy, especially over large surface areas like the back. 

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    Starpil Roll-On Waxing System

    Who is Roll-On Wax for? 

    Now that you know a little more about the ins and outs of roll-on waxing, you might wonder who is the best candidate for hair removal with this system. Roll-on wax is amazing for use on all hair and skin types and is ideal for full-body waxing.

    One of the biggest advantages of using roll-on wax is its ultra-hygienic application. Because it is packaged in a single-use container, you can apply wax directly to the skin without interacting with the formula itself or leaving it exposed.

    This straightforward method of application is the best way to give clients the cleanest wax possible and to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. It also eliminates dripping and unnecessary stickiness. 

    Another great feature of the roll-on system is that it requires little maintenance and is made to be ready for immediate cordless use. They also come in singular quantities that are great for at-home users or for those looking to test out different formulas before committing to their favorite. 

    For professionals or just for those who want to stock up, they also come in 20 pack varieties so you always have your best formula ready to go. 

    For those looking to buy in bulk for their salon, we also offer our 20-pack formulas in two, four, and six-box increments at lower wholesale prices. 

    Which Body Areas are Good to Use Roll-On Wax On?  

    Roll-on wax is a versatile method that gives amazing results on a variety of bodily areas, including the back or chest, legs, arms, bikini line, or underarms. It works on flat or large surfaces and spreads easily and quickly for the most efficient removal. 

    Our roll-on soft waxes also have no setting time, so you can apply wax at your leisure and lay down multiple strips of wax at once before removal. 

    This lets you speed wax with ease - and even increases your waxing speeds by up to 50% when compared with that of traditional waxing services. Roll-on waxes can be used on a variety of areas, including the back, legs, arms, bikini, and are ideal for full-body waxing.

    Can You Use Roll-On Wax for Brazilians? 

    Since Starpil’s roll-on cartridges are filled with soft strip wax, they work to exfoliate the skin and get down to the finest, hard-to-reach hairs, including those on the bikini line. 

    Though your roll-on might not be able to reach all areas included in a Brazilian waxing service, it makes bikini line waxing quick and easy for estheticians and clients alike. For harder-to-reach or tiny crevices, switch to your go-to hard or soft waxes.

    Roll-On Wax for Legs  

    For estheticians looking to try out roll-on waxing for their clients’ leg hair removal services, you’ll be extremely pleased with the results that you receive from this system! Leg waxing with roll-ons is super easy, quick, and straightforward. Plus, you can fit in more services during your day thanks to roll-on’s quick service times. Many pro’s can perform waxing services in as little as 15 minutes!

    Leg waxing service with Starpil Roll-On Wax

    For those waxing your legs at home, using a roll-on can also allow you to get great results by yourself in super short periods of time. Plus, no matter if you’re using roll-ons for professional services or at-home use, these waxes are exceptionally malleable and can be used for tons of different services, so you can make them work for you.

    Roll-On Wax for Body 

    Just as is the case with leg waxing, roll-on waxing allows you to enjoy full-body services with that are super easy and quick. Because our soft roll-on wax doesn’t set, you can roll out your wax across any large surface and lay strips easily for quick hair removal. This wax also will not break or crack across very large areas like the back or chest.

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    How to Warm Up Roll-On Wax

    Roll-On Wax was invented and patented by Starpil in 1991, and was followed soon after by our Roll-On Wax Warmer. This warmer heats our roll-on wax to the perfect temperature and reinvents professional wax warmers as we know them.


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