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How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Unsightly red bumps all over your legs or bikini line never make for a confident woman in a mini skirt or a bikini! These shaving side effects make all of us, women and men, eager to learn how to get rid of razor bumps.

Though shaving may seem like the most unobtrusive way for hair removal, it doesn't come without its complications.

For anyone who has suffered from razor bumps, it's not only extremely frustrating, but it can cause a loss of self-esteem and at times even be slightly painful or irritating.

Luckily, many razor bump remedies can be used to combat the problems caused by shaving. By taking specific steps in preventing or treating the irritation after shaving, you can have smoother, clearer skin in no time!

Plus, there is a foolproof way to help eliminate razor bumps altogether, and we'll go into thorough detail with this too!

Because there are lots of little reasons to get bumps on your skin, how do you know if they are razor bumps?

What Are Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are small, red, irritated bumps that appear on any part of your body after shaving. Shaving can cause inflammation around the hair follicle and lead to either red bumps or even pus-filled bumps.

Most men tend to get razor bumps on their face and neck after shaving, and women often get them on their legs, underarms, and bikini line.

As you can guess from the name, "razor bumps," these annoying little bumps can be caused when hair is cut too close to the skin and its sharp end begins growing in a circle or curling back into your skin (a.k.a from an ingrown hair).

Woman with razor bumps on underarms

Additionally, razor bumps can be caused by certain types of razors that are not right for your hair type or are not used correctly. Shaving with a dull razor or shaving over the same area multiple times can cause excessive friction leading to these bumps.

If you struggle with sensitive skin, your risk of getting these ugly little red razor bumps is more likely to increase.

How Long Does It Take For A Razor Bump To Go Away? 

It takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for a razor bump to go away.

The bumps are filled with inflammatory fluid, which, if left alone after enough time, the body will heal naturally.

The problem lies with continual shaving over the razor bumps. Since shaving doesn't give long-term hair removal, most men and women need to shave every day, or every other day, to keep their hairless regimen up to par. When someone has razor bumps and continually shaves on top of them, not only does it take longer to heal, but it can spread bacteria and make razor bumps appear over a larger area.

If that wasn't enough, shaving over razor bumps will create more prominent ingrown hairs that can cause even bigger problems...ingrown hair cysts.

So what's the solution?

If you're sick and tired of these little red bumps that just never seem to go away, there is no reason why you should suffer further.

Let's explore the guaranteed ways to help you get rid of razor bumps once and for all.

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast? 

In order to get rid of razor bumps fast, you need to stop shaving over the razor bumps until it is healed up, apply cold water or cold compresses, and use an OTH Cortisone Cream.

Let's go into more detail about fast treatment for these pesky bumps.

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Razor Bump Remedy 1: Stop Shaving Over The Bumps!

We talk a lot about how you need to stop shaving over them if you want to treat those pesky red razor bumps, and it's for a good reason! The follow-through isn't always simple, though. There's a reason that we tend to shave over the same area multiple times: because it's hard, and frankly annoying, to resist!

But you must follow this rule if you want those unsightly razor bumps gone for good. Continually shaving over them prevents the healing process and can make them worse, so take that necessary hiatus!

Razor Bump Remedy 2: Apply cold water or a cold compress regularly to the area with razor bumps.

This is especially effective when you do so right after you shave and notice some irritation. Cold compresses can help reduce inflammation, shrink your pores and soothe your skin.

Razor Bump Remedy 3: Use an OTC Cortisone Cream!

Cortisone creams help razor bumps by controlling the itching, swelling, and irritation from these bumps.

The best part is that they are over-the-counter medications. This means you won't need to spend a ton of cash coming up with some complicated prescription or dermatologist's visit! They're easy to find and available at most locations. 

Preventing razor bumps is more manageable than treatment when it involves figuring out how to get rid of razor bumps. While these three remedies can help, a few steps are necessary to prevent them from coming back.

Razor Bump Prevention

To prevent future razor bumps, it's crucial to use the proper razor for your skin type, never shave with a dull razor, use a shaving cream or gel while shaving to avoid friction, clean your body before you shave, and moisturize and soothe immediately after shaving to hydrate and heal up the skin.

Razor Bump Prevention 1 & 2: Use The Right Razor And Never Shave With A Dull Razor.

If you are serious about eliminating hair bumps, your next step is to ensure that you are using the right razor for your skin type and hair texture. It would be best to take all of the factors listed above into consideration before making a purchase.

Also, be sure to change out the razor regularly. Dull blades cause a lot of friction and irritation, all prime culprits for razor bumps. This leads us to…

Razor Bump Prevention 3: Use a good shaving gel or cream to prevent irritation and razor bumps from popping up all over your body.

Razor Bump Prevention 4: Soap It Up!

One of the best ways to keep those pesky red bumps under control is to make sure that you use soap or a body wash to clean your skin before shaving.

Cleansing before shaving will help eliminate excess oil and dirt that can clog up your pores and cause dirty water to pool on top of them, leading to painful ingrown hairs.

Razor Bump Prevention 5: Moisturize and soothe immediately after shaving to hydrate and heal up the skin.

What Is The Best Thing For Razor Bumps?

Quite frankly, the best thing for razor bumps is not to shave at all!

Shaving can be harsh on your skin at times and cannot only cause razor bumps but nicks and cuts as well.

Is waxing better than shaving? 

In our opinion, waxing is a superior alternative for hair removal. When you factor in the amount of time shaving takes to upkeep, you can end up spending more time continually shaving than you can with waxing.

Plus, you never have to worry about cuts or re-irritating the skin from repeating the hair removal process multiple times with waxing. Waxing can last for 4-6 weeks, whereas shaving can only last a few days at best.

So, overall, to eliminate the threat of razor bumps, waxing is the way to go!

The easiest way to get rid of razor bumps is to not have them in the first place! By using high quality waxes and the right methods, you’ll allow yourself freedom from razor bumps forever! 

Waxing Kits

New to the waxing game? Try out Starpil 4oz Facial Waxing Kit, which is portable, easy to use, and amazing for beginners and facial waxers. Not new to waxing, but choosing to expand which areas you want smooth and bump-free? 

Check out our 1lb Standard Hard Wax Kit, which is still portable and easy to use, but allows you to expand from just facial waxing to include other areas of the body. 

Granted, we know that waxing can still cause some irritation, and that's why Starpil provides some of the BEST post waxing lotions, available to reduce pain, irritation, redness, and itching- all the things we hate after hair removal!

Post Wax Lotions

In Summary

If you suffer from razor bumps, you are not alone. The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology states that up to 60% of men who have curly hair or are African American suffer from this.

And for our women who have ever shaved their bikini line, we are not immune to them either!

Razor bumps are irritating, sometimes painful, and an eyesore.

Using our tips above to help treat razor bumps fast is sure to help, but prevention is always the best route. If sticking to shaving, like for our men, there are practical suggestions like using new razors often, lathering with a gel or cream to reduce friction, washing before you shave, and moisturizing to heal the skin after you shave can all help prevent razor bumps.

Ultimately, though, eliminating the use of a razor will be best to help eliminate the risk of razor bumps. We know that no one wants to become a hairy mammoth now, so waxing is a superior alternative! With longer-lasting results, your skin goes through far less irritation producing less or even eliminating inflammation.

Additionally, Starpil's top-notch post-wax lotions and gels make for a flawless wax experience and lead to the exceptional hairless results you wanted all along.

Test it out!

Try waxing vs. shaving, and we're sure when you see the results, you'll understand what we mean.


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