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Introducing Maystar Essentials Skincare

Introducing Maystar Essentials Skincare

After bringing you the highest quality waxing products that combine fantastic hair removal results with the best skincare ingredients to keep skin looking its best, Starpil is proud to give you an exclusive sneak peek into our complete skincare venture.

With Maystar Essentials, people with a variety of skin types and conditions can benefit from high-quality, balanced products that will leave skin glowing. 

Table of Contents

  • Introducing: Maystar Essentials
  • Maystar Essential Product Lineup
  • What Skin Types Does Maystar Work for?
  • What is the Best Skincare Routine?
  • Final Thoughts
  • When it comes to providing your clients with the best skin care services and waxing results, your services shouldn’t just be limited to what you can do for their skin while they’re in your office.

    Skincare is a daily routine that your clients need to be fully committed to for not only the health of their skin but to also allow their facials or skin treatments to have more of an impact. 

    So what can the all-new Maystar collection do for you and your clients, both inside and outside the salon? Get a feel for what this unique range of products can do to change up and improve your clients’ skincare routines. 

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    Introducing: Maystar Essentials


    maystar essentials

    The Maystar product lineup is designed for professionals and at-home users alike to achieve healthy skin. Formulated and produced in Spain with only the most high-quality ingredients that will keep skin glowing, using Maystar’s lineup for skincare routines will let you get your skin to the place you’ve always wanted. 

    This product lineup includes both products that can be ideally sold as retail add-ons for clients, or that can be used to provide exemplary skincare treatments and facials in a salon environment. 

    But what is the product lineup? Learn more about what you can expect from this amazing range. 

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    Maystar Essential Product Lineup

    When looking for skincare that will provide amazing skin benefits at affordable prices, Maystar has exactly what you and your clients are looking for. Explore what this collection will do for you and your clientele.


    • Micellar Water
    Micellar Water

    Maystar Micellar Water is exactly what your clients need in their everyday skincare routine to complete the ultimate cleansing experience.
    This cleansing water removes makeup, dirt, and debris while helping to rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic layer. What’s a hydrolipidic layer, you ask? The hydrolipidic layer is the acidic mantle on the skin that protects it from dehydration, allergens, irritation, and infections. 
    By having micellar water formulated to clean as well as rebuild, you’re being both conscious of your skin’s current needs and proactive in protecting it.  
    • Facial Tonic
    face tonic with rose water

      With ingredients like rose water and glycerol, this tonic balances the skin’s pH and leaves it moisturized and softened. Ideal for all skin types, this tonic can be used as part of a daily routine to keep skin healthy and radiant. 

      • Emulsion Makeup Remover
      makeup remover


        This makeup remover is formulated with glycerol, rose water, and bisabolol to soothe, soften, and balance the skin’s pH while removing makeup and debris from all skin types. 


        • Facial Exfoliator
        exfoliating facial scrub


        This exfoliating facial scrub deeply penetrates the skin’s outer layer to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, and debris to gently resurface and clean out the skin of impurities. 

        Containing high levels of Vitamin C, this exfoliator promotes skin regeneration and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and even. 


        • Oil Balance Facial Moisturizer
        oil balance facial lotion


        This sebum-balancing facial moisturizer uses natural AHAs and Hamamelis Water to deeply hydrate the skin while cleansing the skin of debris and balancing oil production. This lotion is ideal for oily skin types and works overtime to relieve skin of shine and congestion. 


        • Oil Balance Treatment Gel
        oil balance treatment gel


        This gel, is a spot treatment, that contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and aloe vera to rid oily skin of acne, and blackheads, and works to clear congestion from the skin. 


        • Moisturizing Facial Cream
        moisturizing facial cream


        This regenerative cream goes above and beyond to provide skin with deep moisture. 

        Through the use of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, olive oil, and other beneficial ingredients, this cream infuses the skin with antioxidants to enhance skin’s appearance and reduce the impacts of pollution and aging. 


        • Anti-Aging Face Cream
        anti aging face cream


        Made to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this cream can be used by those with young or mature skin to achieve a long-lasting lift and increase collagen production and firmness.


        • Moisturizing Body Emulsion
        moisturizing body emulsion


        This non-oily moisturizing lotion is created from a blend of ultra-hydrating ingredients to balance transepidermal water loss throughout the entire body.


        • Energizing Body Peel
        energizing body peel


        Infused with Jojoba oil and Pumice Stone Powder, this energizing peel will remove dead skin cells while boosting regeneration to leave skin soft and even throughout the entire body.

        • Anti-Cellulite Reducing Cream
         anti cellulite cream


        This cream targets localized fat using draining and reducing properties that are easily absorbed into all skin types and leave skin feeling smooth and supple. 


        • Intensive Reaffirming Cream
        intensive reaffirming cream


        This triple-effect cream envelopes the body in complete luxury while improving the firmness, flexibility, and tone of the skin. 

        Ideal for professional use on clients’ thighs, gluteus, abdomen, breasts, and arms, this cream treats flaccidity and reinvigorates bodily skin.  


        • Blending Massage Butter
        blending massage butter
        This formula uses a blend of Shea and Coconut butter to nourish skin for the ultimate pampering experience. 
        With the additional use of Argan, Jojoba, Rosehip, Babassu, and Tiaré Flower oil to create a sensory experience that melts into the skin and provides an indulgent body massage service. 

        Face Pack Professional

        face pack professional

        • Facial Massage Cream

        facial massage cream


        Create a personalized skin care treatment for clients using this cream’s blend of intensively moisturizing Almond Oil, Olive Oil, and skincare boosters.  


        • Skin Brightening AHA Concentrate

        illuminating booster


        Professionals illuminate and brighten client skin with this serum’s high concentration of kojic acid to reduce hyperpigmentation and inhibit L-tyrosinase action. With natural extracts like Vitamin C to infuse skin with antioxidants, this product will leave skin firm, bright, and even.


        • Lifting and Firming Booster

        lifting and firming booster


        This microemulsion firming treatment contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, allantoin, and Chondrus crispus to create luminous skin that’s firm, smooth and soft.


        deep moisturizing booster


        This ultra-hydrating serum contains hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans to reduce transepidermal loss and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also a wonder for dehydrated and mature skin thanks to its deeply moisturizing properties.   


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        What Skin Types Does Maystar Work for?



        Maystar Essentials’ high-quality formulas are made for all skin types, including sensitive skin types. We also have specific products made to improve symptoms of oily skin types, including acne and congestion. 

        Our Maystar line creates an ideal skincare routine for both at-home users and for professionals providing services in a salon environment.

        Though, of course, skincare should always take on a very individualized approach that caterers to the specific needs of the people who are creating their routine, incorporating the right products with beneficial ingredients into a skincare regimen or through professional treatments will make a big difference in how healthy their skin is and how behaves. 

        When trying to determine or craft the right skincare routine for you or your clients, always take into consideration your client’s skin type and behavior.

        Even the most high-quality skincare products don’t always work for everyone, so match clients to the aspects of this line that will work best for them using your knowledge of their skin or any conditions they might have. 

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        What is the Best Skincare Routine? 

        facial cream


        To keep skin looking and feeling its best, you should always incorporate some sort of daily skincare regimen into your daily routine. Depending on your skin type and how your individual skin’s behavior is characterized, you might have a more or less involved routine than people whose skin differs. 

        However, there is a bit of a rule of thumb when it comes to creating a basic skincare routine. Keep in mind that here we’ll be discussing a good routine for normal skin types - if you have sensitive, oily, combination, or dry skin, you should tweak your routine to cater to the deviations from normal skin that you might experience.  

        Many base skincare routines include a cleanser, exfoliator, daily and nighttime moisturizer, SPF, and toner at their root. For those who wear makeup daily or who live in areas with high pollutant levels, you should also include micellar water to flush out impurities or debris. You should also always moisturize and hydrate your skin daily to keep it looking and feeling its best year-round. 

        For those who want to take skincare to the next level, incorporating regular visits to an esthetician for facials, skin treatments, or massages can make a huge difference in how you care for the skin on both your face and body. 

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        Final Thoughts

        When it comes to creating a good skincare routine for you and your clients alike, you should always take into consideration skin types, conditions, and daily habits that can impact the skin. 

        Having the right skincare products with high-quality, beneficial ingredients can make a world of difference in providing skin with the care it needs to stay balanced, even, and smooth - especially when it comes to sensitive, oily, or dry skin. 

        With Maystar Essentials, you’ll be able to provide clients with the ideal approach to their skincare needs through both professional skincare treatments and retail add-on products for their daily routines.

        From our Facial Exfoliator to our professional Blending Massage Butter or Professional Face Pack, your clients’ skin will be left healthy and glowing day in and day out with the right routine and Maystar Essentials by their side. 

        Discover the benefits of this all-new skincare range and receive 20% off when you buy three or more products during our limited-time launch offer!

        We know you’ll love Maystar Essentials - but why not find out for yourself? See how these products can change you and your clients’ routines for the better today. 


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