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Calendula Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle

The Calendula Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle is a combination of our Pre-Wax Gel, Post Wax Oil, and Post-Wax Mousse. These products are each made with a calming blend of calendula, tea tree, and other natural ingredients to reduce skin redness, irritation and inflammation while moisturizing and revitalizing the skin. 

This detoxifying collection allows the skin to be in the best condition and bacteria-free prior to and following a wax while preventing skin lifting, acne, and ingrown hair growth. These replenishing formulas penetrate the skin to deeply moisturize while delaying new hair growth so your skin feels smoother, longer. 

This bundle includes:

  • 200ml Calendula Pre Wax Gel
  • 200ml  Calendula Post Wax Oil
  • 200ml  Calendula Post Wax Mousse


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