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Double Hard Wax Warmer Kit

Love combining Starpil hard waxes? We do too! That’s why we created this kit, made especially for professionals that use more than one wax formula simultaneously. Removable tins allow you to switch out your wax as needed. Let your waxing creativity blossom and discover endless possibilities!

The Starpil Double Hard Wax Warmer Kit includes everything you need to wax like a pro!

This hard wax warmer kit Includes:

  • Your choice of Hard Wax
    Pink film beads, blue film beads, black film beads, OR starsoft tablets
  • Your choice of Pre & Post Care Wax Care Bundle
    Original (200mL), Starsoft, OR Calendula
  • Your Heavy-Duty Double Hard Wax Warmer - 2lb
    2lb. Capacity - Intended for Hard Wax Use
  • Wooden Spatulas
    100 ct. of both 4.5 & 6-inch Spatulas


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