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Wax Naturally with our Pure Vegan Wax Collection

Starpil’s Pure Vegan Wax line redefines waxing services everywhere by removing animal products and unnatural ingredients from our formulas while retaining the next-level pull and moisturizing waxing experience we’re known for providing. With this antioxidant-rich, plant-based vegan wax formula, you’ll bring clients next-level results... 

Pure Vegan contains the active ingredients shea butter, olive oil, sweet cotton oil, and chamomile to leave skin feeling hydrated, soothed, and moisturized as no other wax will.  

This vegan wax for hair removal is ultra-pliable and spreads thinly over large surface areas, and yields great results on any skin or hair type. Suitable for full body use, Vegan is tough on hair but gentle on clients.  

 Our Vegan roll-on wax is also ideal for waxing larger bodily areas, removing 99% of targeted hair with just one pass.

With a natural vegan formula that can blow even regular wax formulas out of the water, Pure Vegan is perfect for estheticians, students, and at-home users alike.  

This collection features our Pure Vegan Hard Wax Beads, Pure Vegan Roll On Wax, Pure Vegan Pre Wax Gel, Pure Vegan Post Wax Lotion, and Pure Vegan Post Wax Oil to provide the ultimate vegan waxing service - naturally!  

Browse this vegan wax collection today!

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Vegan wax is a type of natural wax made with plant-based ingredients and free from any animal products, including beeswax. Vegan wax is a highly effective and natural alternative to traditional waxes, and is applied and used in the same exact manner.

Though not all hair removal waxes are vegan, more and more vegan wax alternatives are coming onto the market. Starpil’s Pure Vegan Wax Collection uses the highest quality active ingredients that provides users with the best plant based vegan waxing experience possible.

Though we historically have developed non-vegan waxes, Starpil is now proud to offer our Pure Vegan Hard Wax Beads, Pure Vegan Roll On Wax, as well as several Pure Vegan Pre & Post Wax Care Accessories.

All of Starpil’s products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals, including our Pure Vegan formulas. Creating high-quality, ethical products are always our top priority and something we remain committed to for all of our customers.

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