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6" Wooden Wax Spatulas

The perfect size spatula for full body waxing! Once used, these spatulas can be disposed for optimum sanitation. For use with our stripless hard wax and strip soft wax. Available in 100, 500, and 1000 ct. packages.

            WHY YOU’LL LOVE THEM

            • Perfect shape and size for small to medium wax applications
            • Can be used on the face and body
            • Smoothed with rounded edges for added safety and comfort
            • Offers accurate placement and even spreading
            • Sturdy and firm, won’t bend or snap on hard or soft wax
            • Sustainably-sourced, all-natural wood
            • Disposable, biodegradable, and ultra-hygienic
            • Available in 100, 500, and 1000-count packs


            • These spatulas are for full-service, full-body waxers
            • Busy full-body waxing salons


            • Dual flat-spreader ends
            • Smoothed and polished surface
            • Beveled, rounded edges

            PRO TIPS

            • When waxing large areas, place your bulb in the opposite direction that you want to spread the wax in. Rotate the spatula in one spot, “pile” the wax on the skin, and butter it from there.

            Going bigger shouldn’t mean losing out on quality. Starpil 6” Waxing Sticks are our largest waxing spatulas but made with the same attention to detail as the smaller applicators we carry. These medical-grade, professional-quality wax spatulas are made hygienically and designed specifically with hair removal services in mind. What makes them different from your average craft stick? First, they’re made from sustainably sourced wood chosen for its strength, flexibility, and soft touch. They are smoothed down even further to prevent splintering for added comfort and safety. Their edges are ever so slightly rounded so that they can spread hard or soft wax with ease.

            6” Waxing Spatulas have dual-ended spreading abilities and are the perfect size, shape, and thickness for stirring melting wax and spreading it far and wide over thick hair and large areas without splitting or snapping. The rounded tops allow you to create the perfect strip lip for hard wax and its edges help give you a thin, even application of soft wax.

            • 6” Waxing Sticks
            • Made from WOOD

            • Use the top rounded point for dabbing, detailing and spreading smaller lines of wax.
            • Use on the long, thin edge for spreading and smoothing on lips, side face, or underarms.

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