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Top Bikini Wax Styles for 2024

Bikini Wax Styles 2024

Before the weather gets warmer over the coming months, it’s time for you to get back into the swing of regular waxing and bikini waxing specifically. 

Though you should keep up your waxing cycle year-round for the best and most consistent results, you should definitely get back to your usual routine now if you’ve fallen off over the past couple of colder months. Plus, with spring just a couple of months away, it’s important to start getting your hair and skin back in a cycle so it looks its best come those summer beach trips.

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As you’re looking to book those beach vacations or are even talking about future beach days with friends or family, you might also find yourself wondering if you should head to the salon to prepare. Before you go, giving your pubic hair a little sprucing up before you hit the waves can help you feel confident and comfortable. 

If you’re interested in switching things up a bit, you might be interested in what bikini wax styles or bikini wax shapes will be most popular in 2024. Luckily for you, we’ve got all of the latest trends so you can feel primped, preened, and ready to hit the beach this year.

What is the Most Popular Bikini Wax Style?

Times are constantly changing, and with that, as are the ways women take care of their pubic hair - especially during the summer. Though the season might seem a little far off just yet, knowing what kind of bikini wax trends are going to pop up this year could help you switch things up a bit.

There’s no one right way to style or wax your bikini area - that’s up to you! However, if you're interested in waxing and want to know a little more before you head to the salon or attempt to do it yourself, some new styles are growing in popularity, some mainstays, and some that might be more popular than you’d think to choose from.

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The Different Types of Bikini Wax

There are plenty of different kinds of bikini wax styles and variations out there, with even more than you might expect to choose from. Even just trying to figure out the difference between some to choose the right one for you can be confusing for some people.

Though many might consider most bikini waxing to be pretty involved or an all-over process, a lot of it is surprisingly minimal and still leaves some hair left over. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to know your bikini wax styles and what you want when you’re going into the salon. They’re not all just variations of the same thing!

At the end of the day, what bikini wax type you go with comes down to how much hair you’d like removed from the area, and even what shape you’d like your remaining hair to be groomed in (if you leave any). 

Let’s explore the different types of bikini wax to figure out the biggest bikini wax styles of 2024 and which style might pique your interest.

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The Bikini Line Wax

Bikini Line Wax

The bikini line waxing style is pretty close to going all-natural, but just neatens up the top and sides of your pubic mound.

It’s a popular staple style, and is easy to both to perform as a service for estheticians, and to receive on the client side - it’s also easy to maintain!

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The Landing Strip Wax

Landing Strip Wax

The landing strip allows those who go for this sort of wax to feel free of hair without getting rid of everything completely.

This bikini wax style leaves a strip of hair in the middle but removes all hair from the front and sides of the pubic area. As a classic go-to bikini wax type, the landing strip is a fun style many enjoy year-round.

The Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax Bikini

Another classic go-to style of waxing many associate with summertime bikini wax trends is the Brazilian. A full Brazilian wax is when the pubic hair is removed from the front, sides, and back of the pubic area, and extends to the anus as well. 

There are a few different Brazilian wax shapes and Brazilian wax styles, as this wax comes with the option to leave a strip or a small amount of hair in the middle of the pubic mound. 

There are a lot of Brazilian wax designs out there, but it’s important to go with the one that’s right for you! If you’re looking to remove nearly all of your pubic hair or all of it entirely, then the Brazilian is for you.

Is the Brazilian Wax Going Out of Style?

As bikini wax styles and trends come and go, you might be wondering if the well-known Brazilian is here to stay. So is the Brazilian wax still in style? Absolutely!

The Brazilian wax is a tried and true go-to for many waxers out there who are looking for a timeless summer wax, or for those who enjoy their results from this wax style year-round.

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The Hollywood Bikini Wax

Hollywood Bikini Wax

The Hollywood takes the Brazilian up a notch by removing all of the hair, everywhere, every time. 

The Hollywood involves the removal of hair from the entire pubic mound, the back sides, and up to the anus, with no hair left over. If you’re looking to go completely bare, the Hollywood is for you.

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The Diamond Bikini Wax

Diamond Bikini Wax

This bikini wax removes hair off the top, sides, and back of the pubic area, but leaves a neat triangle shape right in the middle of your client's pubic mound. This one is all about precision to get those edges and corners just right. 

The Heart Shape Bikini

Heart Shape Bikini Wax

This sought-after bikini wax removes all pubic hair on the back, sides, and top but leaves a heart-shaped patch mid-center of the pubic mound. 

It’s done with a stencil and a lot of accuracy. This is another one that requires a skilled hand and a lot of precision.

The Monogram Bikini Wax

Monogram bikini wax

This bikini wax removes hair from the sides, under, and some top - leaving the client with motif patchwork done in sticker pattern, design, or letters. This is a difficult, not to mention time-consuming process, but the results are worth it for clients. 

Customers tend to ask for brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, FENDI, or a brand with another recognizable monogram, as well as their significant others’ initials. This isn’t a widespread style but could be a fun change.

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The Full Moon Bikini Wax

Full Moon Bikini Wax

The Full Moon is a newer style that’s been growing in popularity over the past year or two. 

The look entails removing the hair from the sides, top, and back while grooming and waxing the hair at the front of the pubic mound into a circle using a stencil and high-precision waxing techniques.

The Vajazzle Bikini Wax

The Vajazzle Bikini Wax

The Vajazzle is a full hairless Brazilian with the twist of adding some glitz into the mix. This is more of a trendy wax that’s come into style recently, but is a lot of fun for clients who choose to get it. 

This technique involves removing all of the hair, all over, and bedazzling a portion of the middle area of the pubic mound in Swarovski Crystals, skin-safe glitter, or with certain designs. If done correctly, the jewels/glitter stay on for about 3-7 days depending on how often the client showers & swims.

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What’s the Best Wax for the Bikini Area?

No matter if your clients choose to go fully bare or for a more natural look, we highly recommend using or asking your salon about our popular Pink Film Hard Wax Beads for your bikini wax styles or bikini wax shapes.

Our Pink Film formula is known to grip and remove even the finest or hard-to-reach hairs without remaining gentle and soothing to the skin - especially in intimate areas like the bikini line. This hard wax is perfect for tending to these delicate areas while protecting clients from inflammation or irritation, and works particularly well on reactive skin. 

Our Starsoft Hard Wax Microbeads are another great option for clients with hypersensitive skin, low pain tolerances, or those who are just sensitive to certain wax formulas. 

Starsoft’s hypoallergenic formula is free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances. This formula is also clear, which makes it easy to apply with precision and maneuver through the area effortlessly, which is incredibly convenient when waxing hard-to-reach bikini areas. Formulated specifically for sensitive skin, this wax makes removing hair from delicate areas easy and comfortable for clients. 

Starpil hard waxes

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Final Thoughts

No matter what bikini wax trend you choose to go with this summer, make sure to choose the style that’s right for you and your lifestyle. 

Many bikini wax styles out there all hold differing degrees of suitability for people depending on their preferences and how much hair they’re interested in removing. There are plenty of options out there no matter what sort of look you’re going for, or for the amount of upkeep you’re willing to do. 

The most important thing is getting ready for the summer season and the fun warm beach days in your future. No matter which bikini wax style you go with, don’t forget to enjoy your time in the sun. Happy tanning! 


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