Esthie’s Bestie

Starpil’s Professional Large Wax Warmer is a waxing location must-have, engineered to heat up large quantities of hard wax quickly and evenly. This heavy-duty warmer has a 5-pound capacity and measures 11.9in x 9.7in x 8.4in, making it the perfect size to fit any counter in your wax suite. The 5.5 lb. warmer is designed for estheticians that don’t have the time to heat up more wax after every service.

These warmers are perfect for performing services on large areas of the body or for estheticians that have a great number of clients. Due to their generous capacity, these wax warmers are meant to save you time when refilling your wax and allow you more time to do what you love most—waxing!

When you order your 5.5lb warmer, it comes with a complimentary 2.2 lb. bag of either Blue Film or Pink Film wax beads; our two best-selling formulas! It also has a 1-year warranty, meaning that if your warmer malfunctions you can send it back for an evaluation. Once it is inspected, any necessary repairs will be completed. If the warmer is deemed irreparable, a new one will be sent in its place.