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Should I choose Traditional Soft Wax or Roll-On Wax?

Though both soft wax and roll-on use the same formulas and use waxing strips for removal, the biggest difference between the two is their application methods. It mostly comes down to preference.

Traditional soft wax uses a regular warmer to melt down your formula, which will then be applied with a spatula. Roll-on wax is applied directly to the skin after warming through its portable cartridge, which alleviates users of mess and speeds up the waxing process. 

Do I need Pre & Post Wax Care for my services?

You always need pre & post-wax care for your waxing services. Not only will these products leave your client’s skin hydrated, moisturized, and smooth, but also protects them from ingrown hairs and breakouts post-wax.

Are Starpil roll-on and soft wax products best for professionals or at-home users?

Starpil roll-on and soft wax products are designed to the specifications of licensed professionals.
These products are safe to use at home as long as product use directions are followed and best practices are used.

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