Calendula Roll-On Wax Cartridges - 10 and 20 Packs

Given the nature of soft wax, it’s essential to keep the skin as clean and calm as possible when waxing to limit skin lifting, acne, or ingrown hair. That’s why we created Calendula Roll-On Wax. It marries our breakthrough calendula formula with a creamy soft roll-on wax. Our esthies love this formula because it works to limit bacteria growth through its formula and design. Packed with calming calendula, cleansing tea tree oil, and replenishing vitamin E, it puts skin first and keeps it fabulous before, during, and after hair removal. And since each calendula roll-on cartridge is only meant for one client, it truly provides a fabulously hygienic hair removal service. It’s a powerhouse for all hair and skin types but extra special for hypersensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin types.

Even though it’s compact, a 3.8oz recyclable cartridge can gently work on underarms or a bikini line and a full-leg waxing session. Your calendula roll-on wax cartridges are more than an at-home hair removal system; it can boost the business of a single esthie or large salon because it cuts professional waxing application time by 50%. If you’re new to roll-on, our calendula formula is the way to start. But we warn you; it might make you too spoiled to use anything else! 

110g/ 3.8oz per cartridge.
10 and 20 packs available.


Selected :Calendula Roll-On Wax Cartridges - 10 and 20 Packs

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