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Flat-Rounded Wooden Waxing Applicator

Perfect for applying both soft-strip and stripless hard wax to the face and eyebrow area! The flat-rounded design allows for adequate pressure and precision. 100-CT pack.


  • Dual-ended, thin spreader spatula
  • Polished and smoothed for gentle application
  • Portable, disposable and ultra-hygienic
  • Firm for even spreadability
  • Sustainably-sourced premiere smooth wood
  • Biodegradable
  • Accurate placement in small spaces


  • Facial-waxers
  • Brow gurus
  • Body waxers working on small details or touch-ups


  • Facial Waxing: Eyebrows, nose, ears and lip.
  • Body Waxing: Fingers and toes.
  • Intimate Waxing: Use for creating detailed waxing shapes and designs on bikini lines or Brazilian waxing.


  • Dual-ended mini-spreader spatulas
  • The perfect length to give you flexible hold and control
  • Just enough width and thickness for agility and strength

Butter on your wax to sculpt a flawless brow, a lip, or any part of the face with our Flat Rounded Wooden Wax Spatula. With its dual-ended rounded tips and thin body, it’s a perfect size and shape for removing hair from medium areas on the face and body.

These wooden, professional-grade waxing spatulas are crafted from sustainably sourced wood. They are smoothed and polished, comfortable to hold, and easy on the skin. They’re designed to be flexible yet sturdy so that you can apply just the right pressure needed no matter how thick you like to use your wax. Their edges have been slightly rounded for the necessary comfort needed to work on the face.

  • How long are these sticks (4 1/2" Length)?
  • Where does the wood come from? Bamboo?
  • 100-CT Packages

  • Use the top rounded point for dabbing, detailing and spreading smaller lines of wax.
  • Use the long, thin edge for spreading and smoothing on lips, side face, or underarms.

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