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Easy Ways to Recycle in Your Salon

Easy Ways to Recycle in Your Salon

As a small business owner, you take the time to take care of your clients, your salon, and the quality of your products. However, being a part of the waxing industry also means being aware of how wasteful professional practices can be if estheticians aren’t mindful of what products they use and how to dispose of them properly. 

Table of Contents

  • Why is Recycling in Your Salon Important?
  • Can You Recycle Hair Removal Wax?
  • How to Lower Salon Waste
  • How to Recycle at a Salon
  • Salon Recycling Programs
  • Final Thoughts

  • So how do you care for the environment and stay mindful of the products you use in your salon?

    The key to creating a sustainable environment in your office is through practicing some simple everyday tactics to keep your waste down and to practice responsible disposal of not only your waxes but other products as well.

    In this blog, we’ll address how best to lower your salon’s waste and how to practice the best recycling practices at your business

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    Why is Recycling in Your Salon Important?

    When figuring out how to create a more sustainable salon environment, you first need to understand and address the reasons why recycling is essential in the first place.

    So why is recycling important? And how can you recycle at your salon without sacrificing profits? Let’s address some core issues before giving you some salon recycling tips. 

    What is Recycling? 

    Recycling is something many are already familiar with, but it’s often something that can be easily forgotten about or shirked for convenience’s sake.

    Woman recycling supplies

    However, taking the time and going the extra mile to recycle at your business will benefit not only the environment but you and your clients as well. 

    Recycling allows waste to be converted into reusable materials that can be repurposed and reconstructed for a variety of uses. There are multiple types of recycling, including glass recycling, plastic recycling, metal recycling, and paper recycling. 

    This process benefits the environment by lowering waste and the amount of trash being put into landfills. It also allows for innovation in the construction of various materials and products.

    Why is Recycling Important?

    Recycling is an incredibly important practice that should be standardized both in your salon and your daily at-home routine.

    Recycling keeps trash out of landfills and lowers the level of waste and harmful chemicals put into the atmosphere. It also aids in conserving natural resources and protects the environment and natural habitats worldwide. 

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    Can You Recycle Hair Removal Wax?

    Now to our more specific topic: recycling at your waxing salon or esthetician’s office. One of the biggest questions we get from our estheticians is whether or not they can recycle their wax or hair removal products.

    Unfortunately, hair removal wax cannot be recycled. We hope to find a way to recycle wax in the future, but for now, it’s not possible to recycle this product. 

    From an ethical and health standpoint, you should never reuse or recycle wax in your salon that has been used for a waxing service.

    Waxing is an extremely delicate process that can leave skin susceptible to bacteria or infections if not performed properly, or if not using hygienic practices.

    We know that especially during busier times of the year, wax runs out quickly, but always use hygienic and ethical practices to keep your clients safe and to keep your salon’s reputation intact. 

    How to Dispose of Hair Removal Wax

    Despite its lack of recyclability, hair removal wax can still be disposed of responsibly and in a way that does not cause undue harm to the environment.

    Keep in mind that used wax is considered a hazardous substance since it comes into contact with bodily fluids, so do not reuse your wax or recycle it. 

    In certain areas, your region might have different guidelines regarding the disposal of hair removal wax and other products.

    Your neighborhood could have different standards regarding what can be put into general trash, so double-check to ensure that you’re disposing of your wax properly. 

    To dispose of your wax (generally speaking), many regions allow you to dispose of it through general trash. Never put these formulas into the recycling or compost bins, regardless of the formula. 

    In the specific case of roll-on wax, however, though you cannot recycle the wax itself, you can still recycle your roll-on wax cartridge.

    These single-use cartridges cannot be reused for hygienic reasons (and should never be refilled or used multiple times), but once the wax is fully removed from the plastic container, it’s recommended that you fully recycle these plastic cartridges.

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    How to Lower Salon Waste

    One of the most prevalent ways to have a more sustainable business is to practice low-waste habits in your daily salon routine and in your choices as a business owner.

    Esthetician thinking

    Though you can’t recycle wax itself, there are several ways to create a low-waste environment day to day. Reducing your carbon footprint should always be integral to your mission. To lower your salon waste, try the following low-waste salon habits: 

    • Go paperless: Use a digital POS and scheduling system to eliminate paper waste in your business. 
    • Don’t use animal-tested products: Never use products or buy from companies that utilize animal testing. Not only is this unethical to use products tested on animals but using cruelty-free products will make your salon more eco-friendly. Don’t worry waxers - Starpil Wax is committed to producing cruelty-free products that produce amazing results ethically.
    • Operate with an environmentally-conscious mindset: From using low-wattage light bulbs to being mindful of turning off lights and equipment when they’re not in use (or at the end of the day) will lower your carbon footprint, and lower your energy bills too!

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      How to Recycle at a Salon

      Though you might not be able to recycle your wax formulas by themselves, there are still many items in your salon that can be recycled or reused. From Starpil in particular, there are plenty of items involved in your services that can be recycled or reused, including:

    • Mini Tubs: Our 600g hard wax bead mini tubs are ideal for not only recycling but also reusing! These tubs are the perfect size for repurposing around your salon for the storage of office materials like pens, stationery, and more! Bring them home and use them for storage around your house too. 
    • Hard Wax Mini Tub 600g by Starpil

    • Plastic Wax Bags: Our hard wax beads and tablets are packaged in recyclable bags. Once you run out of wax dispose of your packages by including them with your regular recyclables for pickup. 
    • Starpil Hard Wax
    • Cleaned Roll-On Wax Cartridges: As we previously mentioned, your roll-on wax cartridges are completely recyclable, as long as they’re completely cleaned first. Heat and remove excess soft wax from your cartridge and recycle once all residue has been cleared.
    • Roll-On Wax Cartridges

    • Packing Materials: Our boxes and packaging materials are all 100% recyclable and should be put out with the rest of your recyclable materials on trash day. Don’t forget to break up or break down your boxes before putting them out - it will make everything easier for your local recycling workers. 
    • Whether repurposing or recycling your wax packaging, it’s imperative that you dispose of or sustainably reuse items. 

      As a business, you can also incorporate your clients into your recycling efforts. Use your social media, salon communications, and in-person appointments to invite them to bring their recyclable items to your salon to have taken care of by a recycling program or service.

      This will not only allow your salon to be more sustainable, have low waste, and lower your carbon footprint but will let your clients do so as well!

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      Salon Recycling Programs

      There are several salon recycling programs out there to allow you and your customers to practice a more sustainable lifestyle and have more sustainable business practices. 

      Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

      There are many salon-specific programs out there that will allow you to make your recycling efforts really make a difference. Whether your salon operates solely around waxing services or branches out into skincare or other esthetician services, there are many efforts to help cut down on the waste of plastics, metals, and even PPE items. 

      Though they may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, programs like Green Circle Salons or SalonCycle dispose of everyday waste responsibly. This is also where your business’ customer-focused recycling initiatives and education come in.

      Have customers bring in clean beauty items like mascara wands, hair color tubes or foils, plastic containers, coffee cups, and more to have them consciously recycled. 

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      Final Thoughts

      Keeping your salon’s carbon footprint low and practicing sustainability in your everyday life will go a long way not only for the environment but for the betterment of your business and your customers

      Outside of lowering your waste and buying previously recycled materials or from companies with an environmentally-conscious mindset, recycling, repurposing, and reusing packaging and salon-centric materials lets you take a more responsible approach to your daily operations.

      Remember, though wax itself cannot be recycled, you can always go the extra mile to recycle other items as much as possible. 


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