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5 Professional Waxing Accessories from Starpil - Must-Have Products!

5 Must-Have Professional Waxing Accessories from Starpil Wax

The grooming industry seems to have resisted every form of economic crisis. It’s even reached a level where the men’s grooming industry is becoming as strong as the women’s beauty industry. Yes, we have taken a hit but are rising again, and just like with other businesses in the industry, professional waxing products are still big business. We’ve got to be ready for the upswing, so partnering with Starpil Wax for your quality waxing accessories for high-quantity demand should be at the top of your list! From spa beds to pre and post waxing care products, and other wax accessories, we have got you covered. Here are our top-five best-selling accessories to boost your business until the end of the year and beyond!


  1. Spatulas of All Sizes

Out of all the salon wax supplies, the most underrated is the waxing spatula. Just like an artist has the right brush, a waxing pro needs the right spatula size and shape for optimal results. Application on various body parts demands the use of different-sized spatulas. Using the right spatulas saves you time and drama so that you’re not wasting time on larger areas with a small spatula or wasting product to too large an applicator on a small area—not to mention taking off too much hair or making a mess. At Starpil, you will be able to shop for four sizes and different shapes of spatulas in 4.5”, 6”, and smaller. Each pack consists of 10 spatulas, but you can select more when ordering wholesale developed for industry professionals.


  1. Pre and Post-Waxing Care

Some might think that wax is the most important of professional waxing products. Still, if there is anything that can make a painful waxing procedure into something enjoyable, it is pre and post waxing accessories. As Starpil has evolved, we’ve grown from one line of pre and post-wax care products to three. With so many skin and hair types and concerns, we need to create the best “prescription” to get the best results for each client. We have Starpil Originals for all skin types, Starsoft for hypersensitive skin, and the Starpil Calendula Collection for special needs like acne or excessively oily skin.


  1. Starpil Ingrown Hair Serum

When you buy waxing supplies with retail and homecare in mind, this next product is essential. 60-70% of women visiting salons complain about ingrown hair problems. This is a highly reoccurring issue, so experienced waxing professionals would be wise to educate their clients on it and suggest a suitable product for the customer to use. Starpil Ingrown Hair Serum, a spray containing essential oils and salicylic acid, has won the hearts of many for how successful it is at inhibiting the growth of ingrown and bacteria alike. This product gives a refreshing touch to the skin by soothing redness and itchiness.


  1. Non-Woven Hair Removal Strips

In the debate of hard wax vs. soft wax, we say—why not both? But if you’re a soft wax ride-or-die, your removal strips are super important. Maintaining professional manufacturing standards, Starpil provides 200 hair removal strips that don’t fray and are comfortable to work with. You can also order in bulk to avoid the extra charges. These non-woven hair removal strips can be used to remove roll-on wax, soft strip wax, and more!

We manufacture some of the best waxing products and accessories in the industry every professional would need. Ordering with Starpil will treat your customers to an enjoyable and effective waxing experience!


  1. Portable Foldable Spa Bed

This portable spa bed/waxing table is what you need to provide a comfortable experience for your clients. It is perfect for estheticians, cosmetologists, and therapists. This spa bed is made with hard maple from carefully managed forests and features three full sections of high-density luxury padding to ensure the utmost comfort for your clients during their services and appointments.




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