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5 Professional Waxing Accessories From Starpil - Must Have Products!

5 Professional Waxing Accessories From Starpil - Must Have Products!

5 Professional Waxing Accessories From Starpil - Must Have Products!

The grooming industry seems to have resisted every form of economic crisis has reached a level where the men’s grooming industry is as dominant as women’s. As of September 2016, the waxing industry is witnessing 6% annual growth and collecting $11 billion revenue in the United States. Professional waxing salons have a lot to consider before choosing their products-the most important being customer satisfaction.


All the professional waxing salons can partner with Starpil to provide quality for high quantity demand. Stripless Hard Waxing Kits, Eyebrow Waxing Kits and other wax variations are available for wholesale. Although these common products are necessary for a professional such as yourself, there are plenty of must have accessories to consider!


Here is a reminder to bag these key waxing accessories for your salon!


  1. Wax Warmers- Scan The Entire Range

Professional waxing salon owners don’t need any explanation for the importance of wax warmers. If you are looking to buying  wax warmers for your new salon, or think it’s time to change the existing one, check out the Starpil wax machine options that range from standard, dual, and large warmers as well as a number of options for roll on warmers.


  1. Spatulas Of All Sizes

Application at various body parts demands the use of differently sized spatulas. At Starpil, you will be able to shop for 2 sized spatulas-4.5” and 6”. Each pack consists of 10 spatulas, but you can select more when which you ordering wholesale which is precisely developed for professionals in the industry.


  1. Pre and Post Waxing Lotions

If there is anything that has the potential to make the painful waxing procedure into something enjoyable, it is the pre and post waxing solutions. The Essential Pre Post Pack includes lotions for before and after application giving your customers a thoroughly satisfying experience. It also comes with a post Epil oil to be rubbed on the skin after waxing. This oil removes all the extra wax stuck on the skin and provides protective nourishment.


  1. Ingrown hair Treatment

60-70% women visiting salons complain about ingrown hair problems. This is a highly reoccurring issue and experienced waxing professionals would suggest a suitable product for the customer to use. Starpil’s ingrown hair removal spray has won the hearts of many for its success. This spray bottle gives a refreshing touch to the skin by soothing redness and itchiness.


  1. Non-Woven Hair Removal Strips

If your customers are into strip waxing over cold/blue wax then buying hair removal strips become more of a necessity than a choice. Maintaining professional manufacturing standards, Starpil provides 200 hair removal strips inside a pack. You can also order in bulk to avoid the extra charges. These non-woven hair removal strips can be used to remove roll on wax, soft strip wax, and more!


We manufacture some of the best waxing products and accessories in the industry every professional would need. Ordering with Starpil will treat your customers to an enjoyable and effective waxing experience!



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