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Abigail Ortiz

Instagram: Sofetch.abi

Abigail Ortiz is a licensed esthetician and the owner of a home-based waxing studio in Salinas, California. What captivated her about becoming an esthetician was the ability to transform people into more confident, radiant individuals. Abigail originally wanted to pursue a career in makeup until she became obsessed with eyebrow waxing and how it can transform somebody’s overall appearance.

Abigail remembers working at McDonald’s at age 17 thinking about college and how many jobs she'd have to work in order to be able to pay for her tuition. She also did not like her boss at all and thought to herself:

"How many more bosses like this am I going to have if I pursue college and have to pay for it out of pocket?"

For a career path, Abigail wanted to find something she was talented at and loved as she didn't want to feel like a job. She knew that she wanted to work in the beauty industry and help boost the confidence of other women to make them feel their best! Her parents also couldn't afford to send her to college as her dad worked tirelessly to care for the entire family. Abigail saw how much her family struggled financially and couldn't bear to add more strain to the situation. She wanted to help her family be successful and open up a business big enough to take care of everyone.

Abigail landed a job at European Wax Center (EWC) and when she began body waxing, she grew an even deeper love for the artistry of waxing.

“I thoroughly enjoy doing the waxing before and after transformations- whether its eyebrows or a body wax.”

Unfortunately, Abigail’s health began deteriorating while she was working at EWC and she dealt with depression and anxiety for quite some time. She was able to persevere for a while and continue working, but in 2018 it became unbearable and had to resign from EWC.

“None of my regular clients knew where I was going to be. It became so hard for me to keep appointments because my overall health got so bad! I would wake up at 5-6 AM, crying in a panic attack that would last an entire day at times. Not to mention constant nausea and other symptoms I had that made it impossible for me to work efficiently. This went on for months while I was trying to start my business and take clients at home. I decided to take clients at home because it became impossible for me to leave my house due to the anxiety attacks.”

One of Abigail’s former co-workers from EWC, Jasmin, first introduced her to Starpil products. Jasmin talked so highly of Starpil that Abigail had to give it a try! She now uses Starpil wax in each one of her waxing services!

 “There are so many things I love about Starpil! The products are amazing BUT the people behind it are even more wonderful. They believe in their Wax Specialists using their products. They always show us love and support through social media and work opportunities such as this Business Feature. This brand means so much to me because of the numerous times they've shown me that they believe in me and my work. Being recognized by a brand you've supported is a great, honorable feeling!”

Abigail loves that Starpil delivers high-quality professional waxing products directly to her home. Thanks to Starpil her clients receive a clean wax every single time! Abigail’s favorite Starpil formulas are Pink Film and Blue Film polymer blend hard waxes. They're excellent for removing thick and coarse hair as well as very fine hair.

“Starpil helps my business with consistency and cleanliness! My clients come back because this wax gets every little hair. Their skin doesn't get irritated and their hair regrows smoother and shorter. My clients always know they will get the most comfortable wax experience every time. The wax is also very easy to use which facilitates getting my clients in and out quickly.”

Abigail has come a long way since starting as a makeup artist in the beauty industry. Her health has improved significantly and business has been doing great since the start of the new year! Starpil Wax will always support her on her “esthi journey” and stand beside anyone looking to follow their dreams and grow their business!

“I did ONE single eyebrow in beauty school. (not like a pair of eyebrows, just ONE) I was terrified of doing eyebrows and especially body waxing. Now I'm one of my cities BEST Go-To's for eyebrow shaping.”


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