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Erin Aviles: Ena Esthetics

Erin Aviles is the owner and master esthetician of Ena Esthetics. Here’s a little tidbit about her:

Born and raised in the good ol’ Midwest, Erin Aviles has always been fascinated by the art of beauty. In 2013, she decided the cold and snow of Wisconsin was no longer for her, so she grabbed her dog, packed up everything she could fit in her SUV, and moved to Florida. Skincare has always been Erin’s passion, and she chose the Florida Academy in Fort Myers to earn her esthetics license. 

Once graduating, Erin moved up to Clearwater, FL and began her career as an esthetician. She started off working in a corporate waxing center, which she liked and was where she perfected her craft. After 3 and a half years however, Erin felt it was time she ventured onto bigger and better things. She met her husband and stepdaughter during that time so having a more flexible schedule became a priority. 

“Business ownership, here we come!” Erin opened Ena Estheticsin March 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Well maybe once or twice but hey, it can be stressful when you’re just starting out! Of course, there were some hurtles along the way, but Erin knew that as being new businessowner, she was going to be challenged and pushed to her limit. The hardest part was figuring out how to manage inventory, keep track of clients, and set up her schedule so that she wouldn’t overwork herself.

“As an esthetician, I wanted to be there for as many clients as I could so staying late or coming in before my ‘scheduled’ time is almost necessary. I love taking care of my clients and building rapport is important to me. You get back what you put out there!” 

Erin’s husband always encouraged her to persevere when things got a bit tough and she couldn’t be happier that she did! Erin’s natural ability combined with her exceptional hospitality quickly helped build her loyal clientele. Word began spreading that there was a new wax wizard in town and she found herself getting booked more and more. Business picked up so much that Erin had to add more services!

Her small waxing and eyebrow tinting business had turned into a full-service skin care salon also offering dermaplaning, chemical peels, lash lifting, and body treatments. Even after the massive expansion, body waxing remains the main focus of Ena Esthetics, due to the fact that Erin enjoys waxing way too much to ever change that! 

Erin also began using Starpil, which has helped facilitate being a businessowner! From their amazing customer service to the high-quality wax and products, Starpil always strives to be the most superior depilatory wax company in the world. Starpil’s wholesale program also assigns every new account with their own Personal Account Manager that assists with placing orders and provides exclusive deals.

“When I was introduced to my Personal Account Manager, I was so happy! Mariana has been the most helpful at placing my orders and making sure things arrive on time. Without wax, I would not have a business! She makes ordering a breeze and responds immediately. I am so thankful for her! I also appreciate the fast turnaround and shipping speed. There are days I get so busy, I forget to order wax! Starpil is there for me!”

Starpil’s premium wax & accessories are second to none and there are options available for every budget. Erin had experimented with other brands before but their wax either cracked, had a perfume-like smell or was just too expensive.

“I use the Blue film wax beads as well as Pink and the Starsoft. I love the effectiveness and so do my clients. They leave with hair free skin and less irritation. Less touch ups for me, faster service for my clients. Win win!” 




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