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Black Wax - Starpilwax

We want you to grow and succeed so we create products and tools to help guide you to be the best at your skill. With that being said, it brings us great excitement to introduce to you our newest addition to the polymer family. A new year and a new surprise!


We created a hybrid wax that is so effective that it picks up all of the hairs because of its dynamic formula. You heard right, we tested it and it’s proven! We are extremely satisfied with our results and we know that you will absolutely appreciate its elasticity, consistency, and creaminess. It’s gentle on the skin, comfortable for clients, and suitable for full body waxing so you can feel free to wax wherever hair needs to be gone.

It’s a stripless hard wax so it doesn’t require strips. Stripless wax is now the favored way of waxing in 2020 - so out with the strips and in with ease! Extremely flexible and ideal for all hair types, it’s specifically formulated for multiple strip applications and even suitable for sensitive skin. With a low melting point, it grips hair firmly at the root to facilitate hair removal and delays future growth guaranteed.

Black Wax - Starpilwax

Save yourself time (and clean up strips) with the new Black Film Hard Wax, which has an easy one strip application process so you’ll breeze right through your waxing appointments. Just like our other top hard wax sellers, PINK, BLUE, CORAL, and STARSOFT, this new effective wax will leave you with an exceptional waxing experience.


The results are incredible and here is the proof!


Are you liking what you just saw? We hope you do!

Our Black Wax is not in stock just yet but we plan on releasing this formula by the end of the month so stay tuned for your chance to try it first. For now, we invite you to explore some of our other amazing hard wax formulas!




Stefanie Burrell

Excited for the launch of black film wax! A one size fits all formula for the entire body.


I’m always looking for the next best wax for my clients!!! I’m using 7 types at the moment at my wax studio just so I can accommodate all sorts of hair types! I’m excited to try this one!!


I am actually really excited to try this one out. I can’t wait!!!!

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