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Hey Starpilers! It’s that time again where we answer your burning questions which might help others in the world of wax. We want to make sure that you are thriving as a professional esthetician as we are your guide to success!

Let’s get to it…

Hi Latifa, our hard wax is the solution to slower hair growth. It has been proven that removing hair with hard wax minimizes hair breakage and takes out 90-95% of hairs with roots. Our hard wax will leave your clients with smooth, exfoliated skin, and lasting results.

Hey Sarah, good question! This all depends on the size of your operation and the services that you provide. If you are just starting out and offering facial waxing then the Facial Wax Warmer is ideal along with 600g of our hard wax beads. If you are offering full body waxing then the 5lb wax warmer is essential since you will avoid having to refill often. When you purchase a Starpil 5lb Wax Warmer you will receive a 2.2lb complimentary sample of our pink or blue hard wax so you can try it out and fall in love with the results.

Hi Chastity, we are excited to announce that our new hybrid black hard wax will be available in the 600g mini tub on January 21st! This hybrid formula is special as it traps hairs like no other every time. You will appreciate it’s consistency and how the hair grips tightly to the wax for an effective tug every waxing session. You can place your order for this highly-anticipated wax via your Personal Account Manager or at our online shop beginning Tuesday, January 21st.

Our soft waxes are all great AND the Starsoft Soft Wax stands out because it is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin. This unique soft wax contains neurosensory properties which drastically reduce pain and irritation for an overall pleasant waxing experience for your clients.

Spoiler Alert!

We will be releasing Pink Soft Wax soon which is our first creamy soft wax formula that is preferred by Kelley Baker of Kelley Baker Brows. Yes, she got her hands on our first batch but hang tight - it’s coming!

Thanks for taking the time to read our Q & A today. We are here to provide you with helpful information so that you succeed in the beauty industry!


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