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The Solutions to Inconsistent Wax

Having some difficulty getting your wax to work? Let us help you out!

Here are some reasons why your wax may not be performing properly and a few solutions so you can always have successful waxing sessions with our products.


What warmer are you using? Every wax warmer is unique in their own way as they offer different frequency, voltage, and power properties. Your warmer determines how your wax gets heated so picking the right warmer for your wax is crucial. Our Starpil professional hard wax warmers are created especially for our wax so we encourage you to use our wax in conjunction with our warmers for the best results.


Is your wax too thick or too runny? Answer - your temperature is off. You always want to have a honey-like consistency so that your wax performs to it’s best ability. In a Starpil professional hard wax warmer, your wax should be kept at 65-70° and maintained at that temperature. Please keep in mind the temperature of the room - if your salon is on the warmer side or the AC is blasting, this does affect your wax as well.


Your wax might be inconsistent due to an excess of different types of wax batches. It is important to clean out your professional wax pots regularly. How to clean up wax? Use our post epil oil to clean out your wax pot after you’ve thrown out and wiped away any residue. Using fresh hard wax and cleaning out your wax pots regularly will help keep the wax you use uncompromised.


Using wax leftovers and blending different waxes is another reason why you might get inconsistent waxing results. Blending various formulas is not recommended as it will change the original composition of your wax - but we know that there are a few rebels out there. Our formulas are created to help you produce easy and effective waxing results. If you blend and it works for you that’s awesome, but if your wax is inconsistent then that might be a reason why.


I hope that helps! Starpil is your go-to guide for all things wax so if you are having a wax issue we want to help you in any way we can.Are you mixing your wax or letting it sit there for hours at a time? We recommend mixing your wax occasionally to keep the wax fluid. You want your wax to stay smooth at all times to avoid getting a hardtop. Mixing is a sure way to keep your wax staying consistent so mix on!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will provide you with waxing assistance - we are the wax specialists! Our highly trained and friendly Personal Account Managers will answer all your questions and set you up with an account to make your life easier.

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