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Winter Waxing

It’s starting to get chilly and your clients aren’t coming in as often as you’d like, after all, it’s winter. They think they can save some money this season by giving their body a break and start looking like a beastly bear. I don’t think so! We don’t agree with that and you are going to wax some sense into them since there are disastrous repercussions if they go cold turkey on those waxing commitments!

Just because it’s cold it doesn’t exempt anyone from looking polished. Once you start waxing you don’t get to stop waxing, OK? To keep those consistent client appointments you’re going to have to do some work. Let them know that they need to stick to their regularly scheduled sessions or they might be faced with some dreadful issues...

They will interrupt the hair growth cycle if they suddenly stop waxing.

Unlike other hair removal techniques, waxing removes the hair from their root which affects the hair follicles. As time passes the hair follicles start mending and if given more time can create the same hold to their hair. As opposed to the nature of waxing which eventually makes the growth sparser with time, putting this routine in a dormant phase can reverse this cycle. Following a regular waxing cycle will nullify the interruption of your body hair growth.

They risk getting ingrown hairs more than ever.

It’s hard to believe that they would want to stay away from smooth shiny skin because it just feels that good, but the winter Netflix & Chill laziness kicks in. The thing is if they abruptly stop waxing they may cause more damage than they think. The ingrown hairs they may have tried to avoid will come back with the same thrust and even worse. Ingrown hairs are not going to stop growing because it’s winter. Tell them to quit being lazy and keep on track with all waxing sessions.

Their skin will dry out in cold weather and waxing will hydrate it.

Cold weather leaves the skin dry and parched for moisturizer. Accumulation of dead skin cells is the reason the skin even gets flaky and malnourished. Regular exfoliation will keep the dead and flaky skin at bay replacing it with new and healthy cells. Waxing rejuvenates the skin by providing moisture and radiance. If the snow-falls or those winds are keeping them from maintaining their waxing appointments, it’s a good idea to give them a slight nudge with a call or text to remind them to come in.

Their pain tolerance turns back to zero.

Do you remember how painful your first waxing session was? Yeah? Well, if your clients eliminate waxing in the winter months, the hair follicles become healed and regain its hold to the root just like before you begin waxing. Leaving a huge gap in between waxing sessions is a sure way to invite that memorable first-time wax back into their life. If they want to relive that experience, by all means, tell them to take their time and enjoy looking like a Grizzly Bear, but it’s not recommended.

They will feel uncomfortable and itchy.

It’s routine to wear thermals and leggings throughout winter and we needn’t mention how uncomfortable tight apparel can get if you don’t wax and let the hair grow. The hair will get long, the clothing will hold it back, they will start to get ingrown hairs which they start scratching vigorously. Waxing tackles the hairiness with minimal discomfort for more than a month. This is easily avoidable with consistent waxing.

Just because it’s the winter season it doesn’t mean you should have fewer wax appointments if you have a solid client base and they trust your judgment. Everyone should be comfortable, clean, and confident in the skin they their in!

Waxing persistently with our quality Starpil premium waxing products is a guarantee that your clients will get remarkable results.

Also, remember to tell them that if they wax in the winter they pave their skin for a flawlessly smooth summer.

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Happy Holidays + Happy Shopping + Happy Waxing 

Winter Waxing - Starpilwax


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