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Starpil's Professional Waxing Kits Collection- Providing wax kits for every budget.

Starpil Wax carries both professional hard wax kits and professional wax warmer kits. Our body waxing kits are the perfect system for professional-use. Our Starpil Facial Hard Wax Kit, also known as an eyebrow waxing kit, is ideal for all facial waxing! It comes with our Standard Facial Wax Warmer, which is a convenient compact size that holds 4 oz of wax at a time. Our 1-lb Standard Wax Warmer is excellent for waxing larger areas, and pairs excellently with any of our hard wax beads or kits! The Starpil 5.5-lb wax warmer is a heavy duty professional unit that is ideal for melting hard wax in large quantities. The temperature settings on our best-selling 5.5-lb model are from 45C to 105C. The Starpil Dual Professional Wax Warmer is a double warmer that has two separate wax wells that are perfect for those professionals that need more than one wax blend for their waxing services! Both the Starpil Standard Warmer and the Starpil Dual Warmer contain removable tins with handles, for ease of use and for quickly switching out different formulas. Starpil’s Pro X-Large Wax Warmer is for the serious professional that does many waxes services, as it can contain up to 10 lbs of wax in its aluminum wax well. Starpil also offers roll-on wax kits, and roll-on wax warmers. These come in both 10 and 20-pack cartridges, and the Starpil Roll-on Wax Warmers are available in the single, double, and triple sizes. All of Starpil’s professional wax warmers come with a 1-year Repair or Replace Warranty and the guarantee that you will fall completely in love with our line of professional waxing kits!



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