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Lip Waxing | The Complete Guide

Lip Waxing Guide

Lip waxing is one of the most popular waxing services clients of all types get today and is a go-to aspect of many people’s grooming regimens. 

Regardless of gender, you should never be embarrassed or self-conscious about any upper lip hair you might have. Still, lip waxing has allowed many people to be more comfortable in their skin and has been a convenient way to keep unwanted hair in the area at bay. 

Table of Contents

  • Why Do People Wax Their Upper Lip?
  • Is it Better to Shave or Wax the Upper Lip?
  • How to Wax the Upper Lip
  • What is Best for Removing Upper Lip Hair?
  • Final Thoughts 
  • Suppose you’re wondering whether or not upper lip waxing might be your new go-to in your routine, or whether you can wax the upper lip at home. In that case, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about the service so you can determine if you want to see its results for yourself in this article. 

    From the origins of the service to how to find the right waxes to keep yourself hair-free and safe, let’s get into all things lip waxing!

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    Why Do People Wax Their Upper Lip?

    Upper lip waxing

    Removing body and facial hair is nothing new, especially when it comes to waxing or upper lip shaving. Regardless of whether you like your body hair or want to have less of it, many people wax their upper lips to keep their hair growth in the area managed and to make themselves more comfortable. 

    Whether choosing to remove hair because you just don’t feel like dealing with it, or for a self-confidence boost, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to remove their upper lip hair. Outside of the reason why people might remove this hair, there’s often a question of what the best way to remove upper lip hair is. 

    Of the hair removal techniques out there, waxing the upper lip has become one of the most popular - and for good reason. Waxing is convenient, affordable, and offers long-term benefits and results. However, because upper lip hair removal is so widespread, there’s often some question as to whether waxing vs. shaving the upper lip is the way to go.

    Choosing the right upper lip hair removal method can make all of the difference between being hairless, comfortable, and confident - or having breakouts or hair growth right after removal. Let’s get into the ways to remove upper lip hair so you can determine the right technique for you. 

    Is Upper Lip Waxing a Good Idea?

    Upper lip waxing is a great way to manage hair growth in the area for those who wish to remove excessive or even small amounts of lip hair. Lip waxing provides long-term results for affordable prices - whether going to a professional or doing so at home

    To wax your upper lip safely, you should always go see a professional for the best services and expertise. You’ll also receive services with the best formulas, and will also have an expert providing you with pre and post-wax care to prevent irritation or breakouts. 

    If you don’t want to see a professional esthetician for your upper lip waxes, or maybe don’t have time, you can however perform your own upper lip waxing at home with the right techniques and care. We’ll provide you with some procedures later in this piece to let you wax your upper lip at home safely. 

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    Is it Better to Shave or Wax the Upper Lip?

    lip wax

    Using the right technique to remove hair from such a delicate area as the upper lip is imperative for not only removing the hair itself but in keeping the often sensitive skin in the area safe.  

    When faced with the question of whether to shave or wax the upper lip, the possibility of irritation in this area can often be an area of top concern. Since even those without sensitive skin can experience breakouts or redness in the area after hair removal, using a technique that will cause a minimal reaction in the upper lip is key to removing the hair comfortably and having the area look its best long-term

    It's this notion that brings many people to wax their upper lip hair instead of shaving. Because wax removes hair at the root, it requires minimal interaction with this sensitive area, with even most of the finest hairs gripped and removed in one swipe.

    Though those with sensitive skin can experience some redness post-wax, this redness is usually minimal and goes away quickly - leaving smooth skin that lasts for much longer than other hair removal methods

    On the other hand, shaving the upper lip is an often daily practice for those who use this technique. Shaving requires repeated friction to this delicate area, in part due to its lack of effectiveness and partially due to its short-term results. 

    Because of the repetition of the razor blade dragging over the area, shaving can easily cause breakouts and irritation to the upper lip, which isn’t ideal for anybody who regularly removes hair from the area. It’s this reason that makes waxing a particular standout for upper lip hair removal. 

    Is Lip Waxing Painful?

    Though most waxing causes some temporary pain that dissipates quickly, you can wax the upper lip almost painlessly by using hard wax formulas that are designed for use on sensitive areas. Starpil’s Starsoft Hard Wax is a particularly effective formula that’s a go-to for estheticians and at-home users alike. This formula uses neurosensory properties to dull waxing pain, and ease irritation and redness for those with hypersensitive and normal skin alike. 

    Starpil’s Pink Hard Wax is also an esthetician favorite for facial waxing, as it provides gentle hair removal for sensitive areas while gripping even the finest or hard-to-reach facial hairs. 

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    Esthetician waxing her upper lip

    How to Wax the Upper Lip

    No matter if you wax your upper lip at home or in a salon environment, having the right education on your side as to how the process works will give you the right tools to determine whether this hair removal technique is the way to go for your own regimen. 

    Remember, the results of upper lip waxing will always be best when you see a professional for your services, but having the right guide at your disposal will let you get great results at home, too. 

    To wax the upper lip, use the following tips to remove hair effectively in the long term.

    1. Exfoliate the skin thoroughly the night before you perform your waxing service to ensure that the skin’s surface is smooth and free from dead skin cells or debris. Use Maystar Essentials’ Exfoliating Facial Scrub for the best results. Perform your nightly skincare routine as usual. 
    2. Turn on your Starpil Facial Wax Warmer or hard wax warmer and measure out your hard wax beads into your warmer. Set the temperature to its highest setting and allow the wax to melt completely while stirring occasionally. Once melted, turn the warmer down to the temperature indicated on your specific formula and allow it to cool to a thick, honey-like texture. 
    3. Mix the wax and apply a test strip to your wrist to ensure that the wax is at the right temperature and consistency.
    4. Before commencing with your upper lip wax, apply Starpil Pre-Wax Gel to the area you’ll be waxing, and allow the formula to absorb into the skin completely. For those with particularly sensitive skin, Starpil’s Calendula Pre-Wax Gel or Starsoft Pre-Wax Gel will keep skin free from irritation and redness throughout the entire process.
    5. Apply wax to the upper lip in the direction of hair growth, creating a small lip at the end of your strip. Allow to cool until semi-hardened.  
    6. Hold the skin taut before using the lip of your wax to remove quickly and in the opposite direction of hair growth. Always remove your wax parallel to the skin, so as not to cause any skin lifting or irritation. 
    7. Once hair is removed, apply Starpil Post-Wax Lotion (or our formulas for sensitive skin) to soothe the area and prevent any breakouts or inflammation. Follow up with Starpil Post-Wax Oil to remove residue and lock in hydration. 

    When performing facial waxing, you should always be gentle and precise, since you’ll be working with small, sensitive surface areas.

    When looking for the right facial waxing products, it can also help to have the right Facial Waxing Kit on your side so that you know you’re using the right products and aren’t caught missing anything you’ll need to keep your skin looking its best.


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    Watch this short video to see a professional lip wax in action!

    What is Best for Removing Upper Lip Hair?

    As we’ve mentioned before, the best wax for the upper lip is Starpil’s Starsoft Hard Wax or Pink Hard Wax. Using these formulas for your facial or upper lip waxing services will allow you to remove hair effectively, with minimal pain or irritation. 

    Another good wax for upper lip waxing is Starpil’s Calendula Hard Wax, which removes hair effectively while protecting the skin from inflammation, debris, and breakouts.

    This formula is a popular go-to for users of all skin types, but especially for those with breakout-prone or sensitive skin. Because the upper lip is often a sensitive area for many, using a specialty formula can make all the difference in keeping skin smooth and free from irritation long-term

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    Final Thoughts 

    When looking for how to wax the upper lip effectively, while avoiding irritation or breakouts that can often occur from using the wrong hair removal technique on the area, you should always have the right waxing formula and the right technique. This will let you have smooth, happy, and hair-free skin safely. 

    Remember, when waxing the upper lip, you should always first consult a professional   esthetician to learn more about the process and how best to remove your upper lip hair safely.

    There’s a reason why they’re the pros, after all! With professional advice on your side plus our guide to the right technique and procedure to use, your upper lip hair will be a thing of the past, and you can enjoy smooth skin for weeks. 


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