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Can I Shower After Waxing?


Showering after waxing is something that many might be inclined to do after returning home from the salon. After all, it’s natural to want to clean off and make sure that your freshly waxed skin is thoroughly cleaned and properly nourished after a service. When going to do this, you might stop and wonder whether it’s a good idea to do so - or if it will irritate your skin.

can i shower after waxing girl in shower

Table of Contents

  • How to Care for Skin After Waxing
  • Showering After Waxing 
  • Should You Exfoliate After Waxing?
  • What Not to Do After Waxing
  • Final Thoughts
  • When it comes to post-wax care, your cleansing, and skincare routine matters and goes a long way to keep your freshly waxed skin in its best condition, and your results lasting for as long as possible. 

    So should you shower after waxing? And if so, how do you take care of your skin immediately after hair removal to keep results long-lasting and your skin in good shape? Learn more about showering after waxing and get other post-wax tips when you keep reading below. 


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