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An Esthetician’s At-Home Skincare Routine

An Esthetician's At-Home Skincare Routine


Hi there, my name is Megan, and I’m the editor for The Waxopolitan, the blog you’re reading now. As a licensed esthetician of 16 years, my skincare routine at home has gone through many incarnations products. I can say that as a 40-year-old woman working in beauty, my esthetician skincare routine is not the most consistent, but I try to get it in where I can. I would say that waxing and sunless-tanning make me more committed to my skincare routines because I want the best results, but if I didn’t do those things, it’d be easier for me to get lax on my self-care because let’s face it, we’re busy, and sometimes our self-care goes by the wayside.


Although everybody's skin is different, in this article, I’m going to share with you how I navigate my in-depth skincare routines and how I turn them down when life gets in the way. I’ll also share which products I use during the week and what I use pre and post-waxing care products.



On the one hand, my skin is fantastic. The gods have genetically blessed me with some baby soft and supple skin. I eat pretty clean and try to get a lot of water, which I know helps and greatly minimizes complications when waxing—i.e., acne and ingrown hair. However, I suffer from intense dryness on the jawline, neck, and forehead and have chicken skin patches on my knees, elbows, arms, and legs. My elbows often get inflamed and turn red, and my skin can be super sensitive when waxed. I break out in hives when facial waxing, and sometimes when waxing my legs, I can get welts.


My skin can be so sensitive against certain oils that it will break out in cystic acne on my face and bottom, so I try to keep my skincare routine at home as simple and clean as possible.


Pro-Tip: As someone with hypersensitive skin when waxing, and as an esthie, with the best at-home wax warmer (I use the 1b Hard Wax Warmer)


1lb Professional Wax Warmer


I use Starsoft and the Calendula Wax from the Calendula Collection for my facial, underarms, and intimate waxing.



I love Coral Film Hard Wax for body waxing, though, too! This is not a drill. For me, especially with Calendula Film Hard Wax, the hives just don’t seem to be a problem even when waxing my full side face.








I don’t often wear makeup, but when I do, I could be a contender on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but no matter what I’ve got going on with my face before cleansing, the process is the same. I use a hot black washcloth with a homemade mix of castor oil mixed with sesame oil infused with rosemary extract. My makeup dissolves in seconds, and I’m not sitting there forever, getting water everywhere while trying to rinse it all away, and my skin isn’t being stripped—it’s being supported as I cleanse. This mixture can work with all skin types. If you are severely oily, use more castor oil than sesame oil. You can use any number of oils in place of sesame, but this simple mix is exceptionally affordable and can be used for other things. 

For my body, I use Dr. Bronner’s body washes. I don’t do full-body washes daily unless I’ve been working out or something. I’ll do body rinses every other day after dry brushing and only use the cleanser on “the parts that need it.” The next day, I’ll do the whole shebang with a washcloth and Dr. Bronner’s in tow. Again, I do this because I suffer from very dry skin and like to switch it up to allow my skin a break. 

Pro-Tip: I use the Starpil Calendula Pre-Wax Cleansing Gel throughout the day—after a run or workout if I’m not going to be able to shower right away and sometimes as a refresher on my intimate areas during menstruation. This is everything after waxing to keep the area clean, protected, and feeling easy-breezy.






I’m all about keeping my exfoliation as gentle as possible whenever I do it. For the face, I often go as soft as a hot towel press than a scrub. Once a week to every two weeks, I might use a glycolic peel, and maybe once a month, I use a retinol product. I rarely use a scrub on the face, though, sometimes, I’ll use a facial cleansing brush.


For the body, and only before waxing, I have a full-on routine that takes commitment, but almost daily, I quickly dry brush before showering. This alone does wonders and if you’ve never done it, TRY IT! I’ve had my dry brush for years, and it’s still going strong. For my more in-depth routine, which is done bi-weekly to once-a-month (if I’m lucky), I dry brush then soak in a hot bath while I sit with a hair and face mask.


After a good long soak, I will pull out a luscious sea salt or sugar scrub made with oils; then, I’ll go to town. Because I’ve used the dry brush and soaked, my skin doesn’t need a harsh application. I’m probably also going to follow with an all-natural body wash and loofah anyway. Though it can be more time consuming, body exfoliating in layers and keeping up with a daily (if you can) dry brush routine can be a more gentle and effective way to smooth skin as well as before waxing.


Pro-Tip: I use Ingrown Hair Serum 24-hours after waxing my intimate areas. I also do a light exfoliation routine too. This ensures keeping skin clean and clear from debris and prevents ingrown hairs to the max!


Ingrown Hair Serum (Hair Puller)




For my face, I’ll get into a daily skincare routine. In the morning, if I remember (physician, heal thyself), I’ll do all-natural micellar water followed by a creamy all-natural moisturizer. At night after oil cleansing, I use a hydrosol, serum, hydrosol, moisturizer, and then, you guessed it, hydrosol. I’ll then use a face oil on my super dry areas and under the eyes. I have hydrosols all over my house and mist them onto my face just for a refresher—but really, I just like the smells!


A few times a week for my body, and sometimes daily, I’ll apply a quick layer of a mixture of sesame oil and rosemary extract everywhere—especially at the bottoms of my feet after I dry brush and before I shower. Using sesame oil in this way is an Ayurvedic principle. It softens the skin as it draws out impurities and adds support to the skin before washing. When I do this, it minimizes chicken skin on my knees and elbows, and my skin feels fantastic after showering.


I keep all of my body lotions and serums in the shower with me and apply them while I’m still wet. This may dilute their efficacy, but I don’t care, I’m going to lock that moisture in with everything I’ve got! Water moisture is different than oil. Even if you have oily skin, it needs water. I layer it up with hydrosols, body serum, and a THICK cream because I’m dry and extra, but for my oily-skin people out there, use a lightweight lotion according to your skin type. Remember, using oil on oily skin might not be a problem for you, it’s the type of oils you use and how much.


Pro Tip: For those with extremely oily skin, please, for the love of waxing, moisturize! If your skin feels agitated or is inflamed, it might be because it’s dehydrated. It’s hard to notice if you have dehydrated skin when there’s oil present, so stay aware. Try Calendula Post-Wax Care Mousse after showering and pay attention to how your skin feels after. This is an excellent lightweight hydrator.


Calendula Post Wax Care Mousse




My after-wax care at home is pretty much the same as my daily esthetician skincare routine but will try to have a lighter hand and not be so extra. Many people talk about not using oils after waxing, but if you’re using antibacterial and absorbable oils, it shouldn’t be a problem. My post-wax care routine is done in layers, and I make sure that my skincare has wholly absorbed and my skin is dry before getting dressed. I also try not to wear synthetic fabrics and to keep them cotton after I wax. This can further absorb moisture and avoid much friction on the skin, especially on the bikini line.



For many people, these routines sound like a lot—and they’d be right. They can be! Although exceptional skincare is a commitment and a daily practice (like going to the gym), sometimes I’m just not in the mood. On those days, a warm washcloth, sesame oil, and a moisturizer are my best friends. Trial and error have also been essential because not everything works. The most important thing is to pay attention to what your skin is telling you by how it feels and looks. Keep it as simple as possible and be very minimal on using products with many fragrances or chemicals. 

What do you use? What’s your pre and post-wax skincare routine? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation b keeping up with all of the latest from your #StarpilFam!


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