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Why Learning About Eye Shapes Improves Your Eyebrow Game


Learning about eye shapes improves your eyebrow game

Perfectly shaped eyebrows have become so important in the world of beauty. It can be difficult trying to figure out where to start when you're considering your eyebrow game with an abundance of different styles and looks available. We'll tell you where to start, but first, let’s learn all about eye shapes!

You could be among the many who may have never thought about the shape of your eyes when it comes to your eyebrows, so don't worry! However, it is one of the most important things you can know to get the best eyebrows for your appearance.

Now, we aren't here to give a whole spiel on how important eyebrows are for your face (you already know that), but we will say that your eyebrow shape can be particularly influential in making or breaking an otherwise good-looking face.

Before jumping the gun and choosing an eyebrow shape off the fly, you must choose the eyebrow structure that best suits the shape of your eyes to highlight and frame those beautiful features you have!

We've provided a fully-stocked article on getting all the knowledge you'll need about your eye shape, so you'll be ready to give your clients everything they need to know as to which eyebrow shapes will fit them and which might not.

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How Do You Know Your Eye Shape?

There are three main ways to know your eye shape, so we'll start with the easiest one: Look at yourself in a mirror. You might even be a step ahead of the game and doing it right now while reading this!

This first way is by far the most accurate and quickest way to determine the shape.

If you don't have a mirror available, the second way is to look at a picture of yourself with your face as you usually present yourself. If you can, print the photo out and hold it about 3 feet away from your eyes in a well-lit room. Without moving the paper, observe the image to see what shape you have.

Lastly, our third and final way to see your shape involves a helper. Have someone else kind-heartedly check out your face and brow area from head-on to see what shape you have. This option might be the best if you have a friend that is a beauty guru and whose eyebrow game is already strong. They will probably be very in tune with recognizing the shape of your eyes.

Ok, now we haven't answered the most important question: what are the different eye shapes?

Eye Shape Names

There are six main eye shapes in total:

1) Round Eyes 

2) Almond Shaped Eyes

3) Monolid Shaped Eyes

4) Hooded Eyes

5) Upturned Eyes

6) Downturned Eyes

Different types of eye shapes

These shapes have a few variations, and some features are stronger than others, but for our purposes today, they are generalized to their primary shape. For example, you can have deep-set, wide-set, or close-set eyes in addition to these shapes.

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How To Describe Eye Shapes

Each eye shape exhibits different features. You can describe round eyes as being a very large circle all around with no distinct features; almond-shaped eyes are said to have an almond shape (we're stating the obvious), and monolid eyes are said to resemble an almond shape without a crease line.

Hooded eyes have most of their upper eyelids shielded from the skin that is directly under your brow. Upturned eyes have an almond shape with the outer edges pointing more upwards while downturned ones are the same but with the outer edges pointing, well, down.

Delving in a bit deeper for descriptions, you'll find that round eyes have a more considerable amount of white space around the iris than other shapes. They are circular with no protrusions or special features.

Almond-shaped eyes have a pointy protrusion towards the top outer corner of your eye. In addition, their lower eyelid has more skin exposed than round eyes and reveals an even larger amount at the inner corners of your iris.

Monolid-shaped eyes are similar to almond-shaped ones, with the only difference being that there's no crease line. The dominant feature with monolid-shaped eyes is the epicanthic fold. This is a skin folding that tends to cover the inner corner of the eye, which eliminates that crease fold.

Hooded eyes have a larger amount of skin covering the upper eyelid than other eyes. This excess skin makes it look as if there's a hood over your eyes, hence their name.

Deep-set eyes are said to be those with a smaller iris than usual and have an eyelid that covers much of the sclera (white part), and the eyes themselves are more recessed into your head than other shapes.

Wide-set eyes will have large spaces between the eyelids and brow bone, and both eyes are set further apart from each other.

Close-set eyes are the exact opposite of wide-set eyes. They will have less space between their eyelids and brow bone, and both eyes will be a lot closer together.

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Which Eye Shape Is Most Attractive?

If you're wondering if some eye shapes are more attractive than others, don't forget that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder - no one’s eye shape is less attractive than anyone else’s.

Everyone’s eye shape is beautiful in its own unique way.

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Eye Shapes And Eyebrows

At this point, you've figured out what the shape of your eyes is. But how does that help you have a stronger eyebrow game?

Eye shape and eyebrows directly correlate because just like eyebrows are there to frame your eyes, your shape provides a good base of knowledge on where you should start when mapping and shaping your brows.

You wouldn't put a round picture in a square frame, would you?

Plus, eyebrow mapping before waxing depends much upon where your eyes sit, how close or wide-set your eyes are, etc. Take a look at our blog post for some great insight on eyebrow mapping


Eyebrow Shapes

Since there are multiple eyebrow shapes (round, straight, angled, and others), you want one that best compliments the shape of your eyes.

For example, if you happen to have a round-shaped eye, you probably want to steer clear from a rounded eyebrow shape. Balance is everything in the eyebrow game, and too much of a good thing...well, it is too much. This is why we generally don't want round eyes with rounder brows. A gentle angled brow could really accentuate those big, round eyes. 

Almond-shaped eyes tend to benefit from round brows and straight-shaped brows. The rounded brows will balance out the almond shape and soften your features. 

Since straight eyebrow shapes don't provide much "lift" to your appearance, anyone with downturned shaped eyes would want to avoid straight eyebrows.

Angled eyebrows give lots of "lift" to your face, so downturned eyes benefit most, and round eyes get an excellent highlight from the angle and arch.

Sometimes, eye shapes don't benefit only from eyebrow shape alone. Length, thickness, and color of brows can make significant impacts based on what shape your eyes are.

For instance, if your brow continues in length past the 45-degree angle from the outer point of your eye, you may have just accentuated the hood in your hooded eyes, which is the opposite of what you'd want your brows to do.

You can create the illusion of a lift for hooded eyes by using a dark shade to fill in your brows, and then you can use lighter shades to highlight.

It's plain to see that knowing the shape of your eyes will undoubtedly improve your eyebrow game! 

Get that eyebrow game going strong immediately by using Starpil’s Facial Waxing Kit!

Facial Waxing Kit

It has everything you need to execute those beautiful brows all to accentuate your eye shape. Knowledge is not just power, but it means beauty!  

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In Summary

All in all, knowing the shape of your eyes is the first step to having a better eyebrow game. Once you've figured out what type of eyes you have, it will be much easier to map and shape your own brows.

Not only that, but knowing the different eyebrow shapes and how they benefit specific eye shapes can help make more informed decisions when shaping or waxing your client's brows.

No matter if your clients have round, almond, downturned, upturned, hooded, or monolid-shaped eyes, you are equipped to determine a client's shape and suggest the best course of action for their brow appointment.

You'll enlighten them and provide top-notch eyebrow waxing. Who wouldn't want that from their soon-to-be favorite esthetician?

It's a win-win for not only you but your clients too. You have a stronger eyebrow game, and they have ravishing brows!

Ultimately, no one wants a weak brow. It just makes faces look dull and sad! Brows are so important to create balance in our entire appearance, so keep studying those eye shapes and wax those eyebrows confidently!


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