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Raja’s Wax Beauty Bar

Instagram: @rajaswaxbeautybar

Ra'ja Harris is a licensed cosmetologist and the owner of Raja’s Wax Beauty Bar located in Overland Park, Kansas. Going into cosmetology school Ra’ja was convinced that she wanted to become a hairstylist, but in her first year she fell in love with waxing and decided that was what she wanted to pursue. Although she did enjoy learning more about hairstyling, she kept gravitating back to waxing because she developed a passion for helping men and women achieve beautiful smooth skin.


Ra’ja hated working in corporate America and was thrilled when she landed a job at a reputable wax salon. She was very happy at her new workplace but from day one, knew that she still wanted more! Ra’ja made it a goal that after gaining more experience she wanted to expand and open her own waxing salon. Sooner than expected, the opportunity came knocking on her door!  


“Crazy the opportunity came sooner then I wanted and I’m happy it did because God knew I was scared to step out on faith and it was my time! I spoke it into existence.”


Ra’ja didn’t know how much money it would cost to start her own business. She began with one final paycheck but that was all wiped out. Ra’ja’s mother has always been her number one supporter and believed in her vision and dreams! She funded everything from the supplies, to the wax, to even paying the rent!


“Shout out to Moms, she’s the real MVP! I grew my business from around 30 clients to now having 130 and counting!”


Ra’ja discovered Starpil thanks to Heather, the owner of Yellow Moon Wax Studio in Columbia, South Carolina and Monica, the owner of Waxaholic Body Waxing in Huston, Texas. She noticed that they both used Blue Film, Pink Film, and Starsoft wax from Starpil and messaged them both with questions about the different waxes.


After the amazing feedback, Ra’ja placed an order for Starsoft and absolutely loved the wax! She loved it so much that she became a wholesale customer and was assigned a Personal Account Manager (PAM), Sol Milan to manage her orders and ensure she never runs low on any supplies. Every new wholesale customer is assigned their own PAM.


“I loveeeeeeee my distant bff SOL!!! the fact that I have an account manager is amazing. I don't have to worry about speaking to several different reps, I speak to her. She answers all my questions no matter what time of day it is (I messaged her at midnight before her vacay and sis responded). She even gives advice & tips to help my business. I love this brand because it’s like family!”


Ra’ja’s favorite wax has been Starsoft since the day she received her first order! Starsoft is a luxury low temperature hard wax that's great for sensitive skin. It’s extremely smooth and her clients always say that no other wax compares to the comfort of Starsoft.


“Starsoft also helps me stand out from other waxers. I’m the only esthetician in my area that uses Starsoft. My clients say they notice their hair barely grows back when I use this wax. My mom calls it "killa wax" because she says it grabs all hairs — from course, fine, and even the peach fuzz! She said it’s a real “hair killa” and she’s a person that’s tried many different waxes. I also love that Starpil has several different waxes for all hair types as that's something rare to find with other companies.”


“A fun fact about me is that I’m known as the #KATSNATCHER! My clients call me that because of how thorough and efficient I am with their Brazilian wax. My two sons are the reason for the drive in me and to anyone reading this, follow your dreams because no one sees the dream and vision like you do.”



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