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The Complete Guide to Buying a Waxing Kit

The Complete Guide to Buying a Waxing Kit

When building a professional waxing kit, you might think that you have it all figured out and know exactly what you need. Picking a waxing kit can often be more complicated than that, however, especially if you’re just starting out, haven’t gotten a kit in a while, or have varying needs. 

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For those just getting into the waxing business, or if it’s been a while since you bought a kit, here are some top tips to consider before diving into investing in a new one. 

This article will give you the right tools to determine which products to focus on, how to choose the best wax warmer kit for your business, and answer the question of “where can I buy a waxing kit?”. 

Even if you’re not planning on going with a Starpil waxing kit, these suggestions will make a world of difference when considering how to build a kit from any brand so that it gives the most back to you, your clients, and your waxing business.

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Which is the Best Waxing Kit for Your Client Volume?

Knowing the volume of business you have can help you choose the best wax warmer kit to suit your needs. The volume of business you have depends on how many services you provide a day, or how many clients you see. 

If you’re just starting in your career or maybe only perform waxing services here and there, chances are you won’t necessarily have a high service volume. 

For long-time and full-time waxers, you’ll know if your new station or kit refresh should serve an exponentially larger client volume or tackle the overflow from your growing business.

No matter which type of esthetician you are, whether you perform house calls, or have a multi-room salon, any esthie type or level can choose a kit for the volume they currently have or anticipate having in the future. 

Oftentimes, this means going for a larger waxing pot than they currently have, and products that cater to a wider audience or clients with skin types outside of your general service realm. 

Having a vision and outlook like this when choosing a waxing kit can prove to be very beneficial in the short and long term; after all, if you foresee yourself and your business only growing over time, odds are that attitude will translate into real results!

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What is the Best Waxing Kit?

If you’re just starting as an esthetician or have just started your own business, you’ll need to set yourself up for your current clients and for a future station you might set up. 

If refreshing your kit, think about which products you need to diversify your kit or tailor services to each skin, hair, and service type. To figure this out, ask yourself which hair, skin, and service types do or will you hope to cater to most. 

Your professional waxing kit should contain products that can serve a diverse set of needs when starting out. Products that can cater to many clients or services will be your go-to’s until you can afford to diversify a little more. 

For those already looking to diversify their kit, pinpointing your clients’ top needs will be an excellent way to go. Your new kit(s) should include products that focus on supporting the skin first and foremost; then, they need to contain formulas that tend to the hair and work well with your chosen service. 

Choose Your Wax and Warmer!

Skin Care

Starpil Product Information

If you choose to go with a Starpil waxing kit , we offer a wide array of kit sizes  to meet your various needs and even have an option for you to build your own kit to cater to your salon or business clientele .

We have kits that feature small to large and hard, soft, or roll-on warmers that come with coordinating waxes to fit your clients needs, as well as products from our best-selling pre and post-wax care collections to keep client skin in its best condition. Each full professional waxing kit also comes with the accessories you need for a complete service. 

When looking to the future of your business, you should also look beyond just your go-to  waxing kit to service many different services and skin types as your operation expands. 

Past just your services, you can also look into retail take-home products to keep your clients’ skin in its best shape in between appointments and in their every day. 

If you’re looking for a professionally curated kit but see that we might be sold out of the one ideal for your needs, keep in mind that you can always talk to a Starpil PRO Account Manager for up-to-date product availability and assistance. 

These managers can also help guide you through the kit choosing process if you’re looking for additional information about any of the products involved. They can also point you in the right direction as to which retail add-on’s might be right for your clientele.

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Where to Buy a Waxing Kit?

Good brands might have good products, but great brands offer reliable products with remarkable accessibility and outstanding customer support. 

You should select the products you retail and use like you’re choosing a business partner type of relationship. Consider the following when selecting the products/brands if you want to get the most bang for your buck:     

  • Your wax products should come with a positive relationship, great customer service, and brand support.     
  • Choose brands with a proven record of catering to salon professionals and producing great results for their clients.
  • Choose brands that offer loyalty or rewards programs like Starpil Esthie Bucks so that you can save money on supplies.  
  • Look for brands offering wholesale pricing.
  • Look for brands that distribute products themselves.

Your chosen brands and vendors should have an excellent reputation for working with salon professionals and should work with you to provide maximum value for you and to boost your business’ ROI. If you’re not making money, they’re not making money, so it’s in their best interest to support your business in any way they can! 

They can also do this by providing reward and wholesale programs that help you save on the products you already buy. 

No matter what, check out reviews and ask about the products and brands your colleagues use, and inquire as to their satisfaction overall. They’ll give you their honest feedback regarding the products they use and the level of customer experience from the brands they work with.

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Where Can I Buy a Waxing Kit?

There are a few ways you can go about buying a professional waxing kit. You can buy it in parts from professional beauty supply chains or get an entire kit directly from a wax distributor or reputable brand.

As long as you’re in business, you will always need to replenish products here and there. 

As your business progresses, you’ll always add to your kit and try out new products recommended to you, but the quickest and most affordable way to build a waxing kit (especially when just beginning) is to get it all at once. 

When you decide on a Starpil waxing kit, you can choose from many different tiers and product types with plenty of options to tailor it to your needs.Buying a complete Starpil waxing kit also means getting a reduced price on each product within the kit! When looking for where to buy a waxing kit, never skip out on buying the best professional products directly from the largest wax supplier in the country! 

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Final Thoughts

No matter where or how you choose to put your professional waxing kit together, we hope that you can use the tips we provided today. ‘

Choosing the right waxing kit for your business and clients can make a huge difference in the services you perform, the customers you can cater to, and in the continued success of your business

The right waxing kit lets you provide consistent results that will keep your customers coming back and your business profitable and running smoothly. Make sure to keep the tips we’ve given you today in mind when choosing your kit for your best services


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