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The Differences and Benefits Between Your Favorite Starpil Wax Formulas

The Differences And Benefits Between Your Favorite Starpil Wax Formulas

Not all wax formulas are created equal, but each Starpil Wax product has its own special something that can benefit a specific skin, hair, and service type. If you can't decide which one is best for you, this guide can help. And even though there are many options for discerning clients from Starpil Soft Wax and Starpil Roll-On Wax to Pink Film Hard Wax, having multiple wax types in your professional wax warmers can be a game-changer for a full-service wax studio.

In this article, we'll discuss the differences and benefits of your favorite Starpil Wax formulas, including our varying hard wax formulas and the difference between hard wax and soft wax. So, get your wax spatulas ready, cause we're dippin' in!

Professional Wax Warmer

Starpil Hard Wax Formulas

Hard wax is one of the most popular forms of waxing among estheticians. It works its magic by only attaching itself to the hair follicle but not the skin for a relatively pain-free waxing sesh that prolongs hair re-growth. Another benefit to using hard wax is that you don't need a strip, so it's less overhead and can be easier to use than other wax types. We have three types of hard wax that come in either polymer wax beads or tablets, all of which can be melted down in our Starpil Wax Warmers.

Heat the wax at 90°C for the initial meltdown. Then lower temperature between 75-80° (will depend on formula & environment) until you get a honey-like consistency depending on your formula. 

All of our hard waxes have low-temperature applications to inhibit burning, but wait 10 minutes to test your hard wax's temperature before application. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Let it cool for a few seconds, hold the skin taut, then firmly peel off wax, pulling it back in the opposite direction of hair growth. 


Now, let's dip deeper into our three stripless hard wax formulas.

Starpil Original Blend Hard Wax

If you want to talk about a throwback, we can go on for days about our Original Blend Hard Wax, a smooth and creamy formula that started it all 35 years ago. Unlike a lot of wax brands, we've held true to our original formula because it's a hydrating wax that is excellent for thick, coarse hair that also works well for male body waxing. This wax type comes in tablets and is a speed waxer's dream because it's a non-polymer wax with a quicker setting time. Non-polymer means that it does not have resins embedded in its blend for lack of elasticity, a quick setting time, and single-strip removal. It pulls out hairs effectively for a flawless leg waxing anytime. Our Original Blend Hard Wax comes in six different formulations, each one with unique ingredients, benefits, and uses.

Hard Wax (Polymer Blend) 

A polymer is made up of large molecules of plastics and resins. Using a polymer blend for waxing is optimal because it pulls hair from the root minimizing contact with the skin for less irritation, breakage, and more accuracy. Our Film Hard Wax collection uses the perfect number of polymers for extra flexibility and malleability that makes this wax free from cracking or breaking when removed, which is helpful for covering larger areas. This wax formula comes in three distinct lines and is available in polymer wax beads (though our Blue Film Hard Wax beads are also available in tablets). 

The Differences Between our Film Hard Wax (Polymer Blend)

Blue Film Hard Wax is excellent for all skin and hair types and full-body waxing, while Pink Film Hard Wax is a creamy-textured polymer blend that's amazing on fine hair, sensitive skin, and facial and intimate waxing. Our Black Film Hard Wax is a revolutionary formula. It's perfect on all skin and hair types, but it works beautifully on sensitive and mature skin as well as on coarse hair—hello bikini line!

Watch Ask Starpil: An In-Depth Look at Starpil Black Film Hard Wax

Starsoft Hard Wax

Star Soft Wax - Starpil Wax

When you have this wax formula churning in your professional wax warmers, you'll always be prepared for clients with hypersensitive skin—and refined taste. Formulated without pine rosin, perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives, Starsoft Hard Wax is hypoallergenic and a fabulously clean wax. Like the Mercedes Benz of waxes, it includes neurosensory properties like Tamanu oil to reduce discomfort while pampering the skin back to a glowing state after hair removal. It works similarly to our Original Blend Hard Wax and is lovely for full body waxing and delicate areas. 

Learn more about our can soft strip wax and roll-on wax!

Soft wax - Roll-on - Starpil Wax

Starpil Soft Wax

Most esthies love this wax type because it warms down to a luscious creamy finish for maximum spreadability. It's where it's at for covering multiple large areas at once because of its slow drying time for multiple strip removal capacity. Our soft wax leaves no sticky residue, and all of our soft wax formulas are excellent for all skin types and full body waxing.

Starpil Soft Wax comes in tins that can be melted down in any medium to large wax warmer as long as it's temperature is put to around (65-75°C) melting down. You're looking for that same honey-like consistency! 


Apply a thin layer over skin with a wax spatula in the direction of hair growth. Place a hair removal wax strip on the skin's surface, hold taut, and pull against the direction of hair growth. 

Starpil Roll-On Wax

Invented and patented by us in 1991, Starpil Roll-On Wax has been a successful part of our wax posse for quite some time now. It takes hygienic waxing to the next level because of the distance it allows you from the actual wax while applying. This soft wax formula comes in a revolutionary roll-on wax cartridge for a non-dripping, disposable, and economical waxing service. Melt it down to the perfect consistency and keep it at that "just-right" temperature with our portable Roll-On Wax Warmer—just plug it in and give it a few minutes and you're ready to rock.

This waxing system is a super time saver for larger areas on the body like the legs, back, arms, and chest. You can cover the complete front of a bottom leg before stripping each section off. Apply a thin layer on the skin in the direction of hair growth before laying down a muslin strip over wax and skin, hold taut, and firmly remove against the direction of hair growth. 

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Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax

The difference between hard wax and soft wax is that one method requires no wax strips, and the other does. Of course, that's not all; here we'll give you an at-a-glance breakdown of hard wax vs. soft waxFind your wax that best fits your style and technique on our page. There is a wax for that!

Starpil Hard Wax…

  • Is often less painful than other waxing methods.
  • Doesn't stick to your skin.
  • Is excellent at grabbing shorter hair 
  • Ideal for working in small sections and areas like underarms, and facial, Brazilian and bikini waxing.
  • Can be applied twice on the same spot when necessary.

Starpil Soft Wax…

  • Adheres well to the skin to get micro-tiny and fine hair.
  • Ideal for larger body parts and a quick hair removal method.
  • Has a longer setting time so you can apply to multiple sections of a large area at once.
  • Exfoliates.
  • Works well on short to long hairs.
  • Is easily spreadable.

So Much Wax, So Little Time 

With so many wax formulas, which one are you going to try first (or is your favorite)? And if this article shed some light on some of the differences and benefits of your favorite Starpil Wax formulas, feel free to share it!




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