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The Differences & Benefits Between Starpil Wax Formulas

Not all wax formulas are created equal, but each Starpil Wax product has its own special something that can benefit a specific skin, hair, and service type. 

We know there are a lot of formulas to choose from amongst the many types of high-quality wax types we offer, so if you can’t figure out which is right for you, we get it! That’s where this helpful guide comes in - especially if you’re looking to outfit your salon repertoire with formulas to cater to different clients. 

Table of Contents

So what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss the differences between and benefits of our staple and specialty wax formulas. From hard and soft to roll-on, we’ll run through what makes it special and how they stand apart from the rest. 

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Why is Finding the Right Wax Formula Important?

Before we get into all of the different types of wax there are and the different formulas of each, let’s first discuss why researching and finding the right wax formula for your salon is essential. 

As an esthetician, you offer a wide range of services that deal with different parts of the body, including the face, legs, back, underarms, intimate areas, and more. For those familiar with skin types and how they vary across the body, it’s clear that different wax types can be more effective or more friendly for hair removal in different areas, and especially for different clients. For example, though our Black Film Hard Wax might grip and remove a client’s coarse body hairs easily and smoothly from the back or chest, our Starsoft Hard Wax might suit the same client’s sensitive or more reactive facial skin a bit better. 

Having and understanding the many different types of wax out there can help you increase efficiency or your own understanding of your go-to wax as well. For example, if you specialize in speed waxing, or want to increase your salon’s service times, using roll-on wax can cut your service times in half and bring you the same high-quality results you look for from Starpil Wax products. 

Understanding what you want from a formula and from your own service processes and how each wax type or specific formula plays into that can help attune your services to the specific needs of your clients and allow you to have the easiest service possible. 

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Starpil Hard Wax Formulas Overview

Now that we’ve established why knowing your formulas and understanding the difference between all of them is important, let’s cover our first wax type: hard wax! Hard wax is the ever-popular modern wax type that does not require wax removal strips and sets on its own. 

Hard wax works its magic not just by setting on its own but being applied at low temperatures for maximum client comfort and gripping hair at the root without attaching to skin. This results in a less painful hair removal experience and delayed hair regrowth. 

Another huge benefit of using hard wax is, as we mentioned briefly, the lack of need for hair removal strips. This is not only very convenient but also results in less overhead and supply costs. 

As innovators of multiple types of hard wax, we offer a wide range of wax types, from staple to go-to formulas for full-body use, or specialty formulas designed for reactive or sensitive skin types. All of our hard wax have low-temperature applications that make them easy to work with and apply comfortably. 

Original Blend Hard Wax

If you want to talk about a throwback, we can go on for days about our Original Blend Hard Wax, a smooth and creamy nonpolymer formula that started it all 35 years ago. This formula does not contain polymer, which means that it does not have resins embedded in its blend for lack of elasticity, a quick setting time, and single-strip removal. It pulls out hairs effectively for flawless leg waxing anytime.

Unlike a lot of wax brands, we've held true to our original formula because it's a hydrating wax that is excellent for thick, coarse hair that works particularly well for the back and chest. 

Our Original Blend Hard Wax comes in six different formulations, including Blue, Pink, Green, Chocolate, and Natural. 

Polymer Hard Wax

Wildly popular amongst estheticians, our polymer hard wax is our best-seller, and for good reason! A polymer is made up of large molecules of plastics and resins. Using a polymer blend for waxing is optimal because it pulls hair from the root minimizing contact with the skin for less irritation, breakage, and more accuracy. 

Our Film Hard Wax collection uses the perfect number of polymers for extra flexibility and malleability that makes this wax free from cracking or breaking when removed, which is helpful for covering larger areas. This wax is applied at low temperatures, sets quickly, and grips hairs easily at the root for effective removal. 

This wax formula features a variety of staple and specialty variations.

Staple Hard Waxes

Staple Hard Wax

  • Blue Film Hard Wax: Excellent for all normal skin and hair types and full-body waxing.
  • Pink Film Hard Wax: This creamy-textured polymer blend works amazingly on fine hair, sensitive skin, and facial and intimate waxing.
  • Black Film Hard Wax: Perfect on all skin and hair types, but works especially well to remove short, coarse, or thick body hairs. It’s also amazing for men’s beard waxing.
  • Specialty Hard Wax

    Specialty Wax

  • Starsoft Hard Wax: Free from pine rosin, perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives, this wax features neurosensory properties that soothe and desensitize hypersensitive, dry, or aged skin for amazing and comfortable hair removal on even the most delicate areas.
  • Calendula Hard Wax: A dream for those with acne-prone or oily skin, this antibacterial and antifungal wax removes hair effortlessly while protecting skin from bacteria, ingrown hairs, and breakouts. 
  • Coral Hard Wax: Created with ethically-sourced coral calcium powder, this wax detoxes sensitive or reactive skin while evening and brightening uneven tone or hyperpigmentation. 
  • Vegan Hard Wax: Sensitive skin’s met its match with Vegan! Created with natural ingredients like cottonseed oil and shea butter, this wax removes hair while moisturizing and hydrating skin. 
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    Starpil Soft Wax Formulas Overview

    A traditional way to wax, esthies love this wax type because it warms down to a luscious creamy finish for maximum spreadability. Great for covering multiple large areas at once, soft wax’s slow drying time allows for the laying of multiple strips at once. Our soft wax leaves no sticky residue, and all of our soft wax formulas are excellent for all skin types and full-body waxing.

    Soft Wax Cans

    Starpil Soft Wax comes in tin cans that can be placed directly into a soft wax warmer (after removing the lid, of course!) for maximum convenience. Once they’ve been heated at the temperatures specified on their specific formula and have reached their honey-like consistency, they’re good to go! Their can also makes cleanup easy and quick. Soft wax does require soft wax hair removal strips. 

    Starpil Roll-On Wax

    Invented and patented by Starpil in 1991, Roll-On Wax has been a successful part of our wax offering lineup for quite some time now. This type takes hygienic and convenient waxing to the next level thanks to its direct application to skin. It also does not require estheticians to interact with the wax or mix with spatulas thanks to our pre-filled soft wax cartridges. 

    Roll-On Wax

    These single-use cartridges eliminate dripping and cross-contamination and can be recycled immediately after use on a single client. Our portable Roll-On Wax Warmer also makes meltdown simple and easy. It will heat your cartridge to its ideal temperature in just 30 minutes for 30 minutes of cordless use. 

    This waxing system is a huge time saver for larger areas of the body like the legs, back, arms, and chest. Its portable and cordless design allows for easy positioning and maneuvering and allows estheticians to cover the complete front of a bottom leg or any large surface area before stripping each section off. 

    Both soft wax and roll-on wax come in a variety of formulas, including Blue, Pink, and Starsoft. Roll-on even features our hugely beneficial Vegan, Coral, and Calendula formulas so you can get these amazing waxes in the most convenient method for body waxing. 

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    Differences Between Hard, Soft & Roll-On Wax

    Now that you’ve learned about each wax type, let’s get into the differences between each. The biggest difference between hard wax and soft wax is that one method requires no wax strips, and the other does not. Hard wax also sets and hardens on its own, while soft wax has a slow drying time that allows for strips’ adherence. 

    Let’s break down the differences in these types at-a-glance:

    Starpil Hard Wax…

    • Is often less painful than other waxing methods
    • Doesn't stick to skin
    • Is excellent at grabbing shorter hairs 
    • Ideal for working in small sections and areas like underarms, and facial, Brazilian, and bikini waxing
    • Can be applied twice on the same spot when necessary

    Starpil Soft Wax…

    • Adheres well to the skin to get micro-tiny and fine hair
    • Ideal for larger body parts and is a quick hair removal method
    • Has a longer setting time so you can apply to multiple sections of a large area at once
    • Exfoliates skin
    • Works well on short to long hairs
    • Is easily spreadable without drying

    Remember, our roll-on cartridges are pre-filled with Starpil Soft Wax, so these factors apply to them, too!

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    Final Thoughts

    At the end of the day, finding the right wax formula for you and your salon depends on your clientele, your most popular services, and what method you prefer. After all, there’s no use going with a wax type that you don’t like using! 

    Before making your choice, try out a few different types or formula differentiations to get a feel for their application, feel, and effectiveness. Even if you didn’t expect a formula to stand out to you, you might get surprised by our varying formulas’ ease and use and effectiveness across different areas.


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