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Why Using Pre and Post Wax Products is a MUST

From its inception, the hair removal and waxing industry has continually evolved to be not only more effective but less complicated or painful. After all, waxing has gone from being regarded as one of the most painful hair removal practices that were dreaded by many (pain is beauty, right?), to now having near-painless options that provide long-lasting results.  

Not only that, but many wax care practices have developed alongside the evolution of hair removal formulas to improve the experience of both the waxer and the client getting serviced alike. The most appreciated and useful addition to the waxing process is the use of pre and post-wax products.

Table of Contents

  • Why is Pre & Post-Wax Care Important?  
  • What to Do Before Waxing?  
  • Benefits of Pre-Waxing Care
  • What to Do After Waxing?  
  • Benefits of Post-Waxing Care
  • Best Pre & Post-Wax Products
  • Final Thoughts
  • Many regular clients are familiar with questions estheticians usually ask them when they come into the salon as well as aftercare instructions.

    For those who might not get why estheticians ask certain questions regarding skincare and upkeep, it’s to give you the best service possible and to maintain results.  Additionally, having the best after-wax care routine ensures high-quality results, decreased pain, and a smoother experience overall at your next appointment.  

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    Why is Pre & Post-Wax Care Important? 

    As estheticians know, clients’ skincare routines before and after waxing have a significant impact on their overall experience. Pre and post-wax care doesn’t take a ton of effort but does yield results that are very valuable for both the client and the waxer. It’s these little details that can make the difference between smooth, even skin or an unpleasant waxing service. It is crucial to follow best practices for pre-waxing and post-waxing to get the best results. 

    The critical thing to remember is that waxing the skin should never start or end with the wax itself. 

    This resource will allow your clients to have a reference for knowledge regarding what pre and post-waxing is, the best pre and post-wax tips, and educational points that will set their skin up for the best service possible. That way, they can enjoy smooth, even hair removal with decreased pain and increased efficiency.

    Starpil Pre and Post Wax Care

    It’s for this reason that we’re providing you with the knowledge your clients will need regarding what pre and post-waxing are, the best pre and post-wax tips, and educational points that will set their skin up for the best service possible. That way, they can enjoy smooth, even hair removal with decreased pain and increased efficiency. 

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    What to Do Before Waxing?

    Having the right pre-waxing routine will not only cleanse and exfoliate skin but allows your clients to have a more pleasant and seamless waxing service. So what does it mean to have a pre-wax routine, and how do you know you’re following the right steps? 

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    What is Pre-Waxing? 

    Pre-waxing is the process of prepping the skin to be serviced. This includes using pre-wax care products to cleanse and get the skin ready for waxing.

    Pro Tip: Exfoliate 24-48 Hours Before Waxing.

    Around 24 to 48 hours before waxing, gently exfoliate with a gentle brush or scrub to remove dead skin cells that encompass hair follicles.

    Use caution when exfoliating. Scrubbing too hard can cause skin irritation, which could harm the skin further when waxed.

    Exfoliating also helps loosen any ingrown hairs and ultimately enhances your waxing results.

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    How to Prep Skin for Waxing

      • Cleanse the Skin: Begin your waxing session with freshly cleansed skin for optimal results and a clean surface area. Use soap to scrub and remove any sweat, oil, dirt, or makeup. Then, use pre-waxing care products to remove any other residue before waxing. 
      • Dry the Skin: Wax doesn’t adhere properly to wet skin and hair. Dry the area to be waxed with a clean towel or cloth.
    • Trim Longer Hairs: The ideal length for hair to be waxed is ¼-inch as recommended by The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Wax will not adhere correctly to hair shorter than 1/4-inch long, which will result in inadequate removal. Hair that is longer than this will need to be trimmed using an electric trimmer or safety scissors for easier and less painful removal. 

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    Benefits of Pre-Waxing Care

    There are numerous pre-wax products available today which make sure that clients have a less painful and more efficient waxing treatment. 

    Pre-Wax Gel

    The most basic use of pre-wax care is to cleanse the skin of oils, bacteria, sweat, and dust. It’s important not to skip this step, as it might prevent thorough hair removal due to previous oils and creams applied or infections, rashes, and more. It's recommended to use pre-wax products regardless of the type of waxing treatment.

    From there, you’ll receive your waxing service and will progress onto the post-wax care process.

    What to Do After Waxing?

    After waxing, the post-wax care process is used to keep skin smooth and clear and to keep results lasting as long as possible. But what is post-waxing? Post-wax care refers to the process occurring directly after waxing, where the skin is soothed, moisturized, and freed of any residual wax. 

    As an esthetician, you’ll want to use products that remove leftover wax residue, calm the skin, and prevent irritation. This will allow your client to have smoother skin for a longer period of time. 

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    Benefits of Post-Wax Care

    Waxing can get a little messy if you’re not careful. No matter how precise you are, you’re probably going to have to do a bit of cleaning to clear the skin of residue. Post-wax oil is a great way to get rid of the sticky leftovers from the skin to leave it shiny and smooth. 

    Post-Wax Oil

    To leave skin feeling its best, use our Post Wax Lotion after waxing. This helps keep the skin’s tone even, moisturized, and free from bacteria or infection.

    Another benefit to the use of post-waxing products is that they aid clients in managing and soothing post-waxing skin sensitivity. 

    Not everyone has a high pain tolerance when it comes to waxing. Even with gentle wax options, some people avoid waxing services because of their skin’s sensitivity or a previous negative experience. 

    Redness, puffed-up skin, blotches, and rashes are some of the effects people notice after a bad waxing service. 

    Check out the video below to learn more about proper after-wax care:

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    Best Pre and Post-Wax Products

    Having the right pre and post-wax products in your salon and at your fingertips will let you keep clients’ skin looking and feeling its best. It will also allow you to show them the proper steps they’ll need to follow to keep their results for longer and to prevent ingrowns, breakouts, or uneven skin tone.


    • Original Pre-Wax Gel: Use Starpil Pre-Wax Gel before waxing to cleanse and remove excess oil, sweat, and environmental debris. Our Calendula and Starsoft lines also provide added protection to those who experience breakouts or those with hypersensitive skin. 


      • Original Post-Wax Oil: Post-Wax Oil is used after waxing to completely remove the wax residue. It also calms and soothes the skin leaving it hydrated and protected.
      • Original Post-Wax Lotion: To leave skin feeling its best, use this product after waxing to keep the skin’s tone even and to keep it moisturized and free from bacteria or infection. It also slows hair growth, reduces breakage on future wax treatments, and hydrates the skin.
      • Calendula Post-Wax Mousse: This formula is specially formulated for sensitive, breakout-prone skin. It’s used post-wax to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic mantle and to leave it feeling nourished, refreshed, and lusciously smooth. It also facilitates skin drainage while weakening hair growth at the root for a bacteria-free and protected waxing service.
      • Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion: This highly absorbable after-wax cream dulls pain and helps regenerate cells to speed up recovery after waxing. Restores skin moisture levels, and relieves potential irritation.
      • Ingrown Hair Serum: Use this serum 24 hours after waxing to stop inner hair growth issues. This gentle chemical exfoliant spray dissolves ingrowns before they form on the skin for clear results. 

      Having the right pre and post-waxing routine is essential for both clients seeing professional estheticians and for at-home users. 

      Whether working with high client volumes or just waxing yourself, we offer the professional-sized 500ml and smaller-sized 200ml sizes of our hallmark pre and post-wax products. No matter your waxing volume, you'll have the perfect amount of care at your fingertips. 

      For students or at-home users, Starpil also offers complete waxing kits that will not only provide you with everything you need for a successful waxing service but also all of the pre and post-wax care products you’ll need to keep the skin safe and smooth. 

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    What Can I Use for Pre and Post-Wax?

    Starpil pre and post-waxing products offer the most variety and best value for effective wax care. No matter your skin or hair type, our products will nourish skin while keeping it free of breakouts or ingrown hairs.

    For those with normal skin types, our Original line will provide long-lasting skin care and keep skin looking its best. 

    Our Starsoft line uses neurosensory properties to provide hypersensitive skin with a luxurious waxing experience that quells pain, inflammation, and irritation. 

    With an ultra-soothing blend of calendula and tea tree oil to limit bacteria, redness, and irritation, our Calendula pre and post-wax care line is a dream for those with breakout-prone or sensitive skin.

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    Final Thoughts

    There’s a reason why professional estheticians always include pre and post-waxing routines as mandatory aspects of the waxing process. Using the right products to keep skin in its best condition in between appointments (and all around!) saves your esthetician from having to wax unprepared skin, while also saving clients from uncomfortable or less effective services.

    For at-home waxers, using pre and post-wax care products levels up your waxing experience and allows your skin to be kept safe while providing long-lasting results. 

    If you haven’t incorporated pre and post-wax services into your waxing routine, now’s the time! Discover the difference the right pre and post-wax routine can make, and use the best pre and post-wax products to keep skin looking its best.


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