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The Definitive Guide to Arm Waxing

When you think of arm hair removal or arm waxing, you might automatically think of under arm waxing, shaving, or just the removal process in general. However, more and more people are waxing the rest of their arm hair for a variety of reasons. 

Regardless of which season it is, regular waxing should be kept up with all year to make sure your hair and skin continues to receive the benefits of smooth, exfoliated skin year-round. Though arm hair removal has been growing in popularity as of late, those who swear by it have known of its great attributes for a while! 

  • Should I Wax My Arms?
  • Why Remove Arm Hair?
  • Popular Arm Hair Removal Techniques
  • How to Prepare for Arm Waxing
  • How to Wax Arms
  • Arm Waxing Aftercare
  • When Should You Wax Your Arms?
  • How Much Does Arm Waxing Cost?
  • Best Products for Arm Hair Waxing
  • Final Thoughts

  • Should I Wax My Arms?

    There’s a reason why arm hair removal has so many loyal fans. If you’ve found yourself interested in the process, but want to know more about it before you make the commitment, Starpil has everything you need to know about the basics of arm hair removal, as well as all of the steps involved in the process. 

    Why Remove Arm Hair?

    If you’re not sold on arm hair removal yet but are still curious about what goes into it, you might also be wondering why people remove their arm hair in the first place. 

    Waxing arm hair is mostly an aesthetic preference. People enjoy having hairless arms generally just for the smooth feeling it gives them. They just like that sleek, hairless look! 

    It’s not just women removing the hair on their arms, either - mens arm waxing is also on the rise, and is an effective method for not just removing all of the hair growing on mens’ arms, but to even thin out arm hair over time. The 

    Arm hair removal also allows people to keep their arms exfoliated and free from dead skin or cells consistently. It’s the best of both worlds, really!

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    Popular Arm Hair Removal Techniques

    There are a bunch of different ways to effectively remove arm hair, but some are definitely more convenient or beneficial than others. So is it better to wax or shave arms? Or maybe use another method? Let’s find out.  

    Arm Hair Shaving

    The arguably most accessible arm hair removal method is through shaving regularly. However, though there are pros to arm shaving, there are also a lot of cons to arm shaving. 

    When looking at the pros and cons of arm shaving, shaving’s biggest pro is its accessibility and ease of use. Most effective razors are available at any grocery or convenience store, and usually for pretty cheap prices. Arm hair also isn’t that hard to navigate around, so though it might take a bit to get it all, the surface area is pretty easy to reach. 

    Arm shaving’s biggest cons come in the form of lack of long term results and lack of convenience. If you’re a long-time arm shaver, you’ll know how annoying it is to have to go somewhere but having to stop and start taking care of your arm hair shaving needs. It takes a while to get it all!

    Shaving also is known to not have long term results or even effective results, really. After shaving, you’ll notice prickly stubble growing back on your arms very quickly, which will be itchy and uncomfortable. 

    Since shaving only cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin, hair grows back fast with flat, blunt ends. Because of this, even if you spend a lot of time shaving your arm hairs multiple times a week, you’ll probably often be met with some kind of stubble. 

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    Arm Hair Waxing

    The most effective method of arm hair removal is through waxing, but like with any hair removal technique, it has its own share of arm waxing pros and cons. 

    Arm hair waxing is the most favored method for arm hair removal due to its convenience and long-lasting results. So how long does arm waxing last, actually? In just one waxing appointment, you’ll have hair removed completely from your arms, and have your results last for many weeks. 

    The exact amount of time you’ll have before your hair begins to grow in again depends on you and your personal hair type and hair growth, but generally arm hair waxing lasts around 3-4 weeks. 

    People often wonder, “Does arm hair grow back thicker after waxing?”. Though it’s a common misconception, it’s not true! When hair grows back after waxing, it will actually grow back with a finer head, instead of the blunt, stubbly hair head associated with shaving. 

    Waxing’s cons come in the form of accessibility and slight discomfort. Though arm hair waxing appointments don’t take long and are generally not expensive, waxing does cost more money than the alternatives. However, it does give you more bang for your buck through its effectiveness and long last results. 

    Waxing is also generally thought to be an uncomfortable or even painful process. Is arm waxing painful? In short, it depends on your overall pain tolerance, but all waxing services are going to come with some sort of brief discomfort. That being said, pain can be minimized with the proper pre and post care routine, and through properly taking care of your skin. 

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    How to Prepare for Arm Hair Waxing

    Before you head to the salon for your arm hair wax, make sure to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate your skin beforehand. Use Starpil’s Original Pre Wax Gel to cleanse and hydrate the area. 

    For users with more sensitive skin, we also offer our ultra-hygienic Calendula pre-waxing products, which guard against ingrowns and breakouts, or our hypoallergenic, neurosensory Starsoft Pre-Wax Gel, which soothes and protects hypersensitive skin while reducing redness and inflammation.  

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    How to Wax Arms

    Now that we’ve discussed the most popular methods of arm hair removal, let’s discuss the most effective and popular method: arm hair waxing, as well as how to wax arms. 

    The process of arm hair waxing is fairly simple and straightforward. At-home hair removal can be done and may be tempting, but we still recommend seeing a professional esthetician for all of your arm waxing needs. 

    Professional Arm Hair Waxing: What to Expect

    When you see your esthetician for your arm hair wax, they’ll moisturize and cleanse your skin before applying soft, hard, or roll-on wax to the areas you wish to have the hair removed from. If soft or roll-on wax is being used, the esthetician will then apply wax removal strips  to the wax, or will otherwise wait for the hard wax being used to settle and harden. 

    The esthetician will then remove the strips and hard wax (and all of your arm hair with it!) by removing each type swiftly in the opposite direction of hair growth, while remaining parallel to the skin’s surface. By doing so, this will minimize tugging or pulling on your skin. 

    This process will be repeated in different areas until your arm hair is removed all over! The entire appointment will take around 15-20 minutes, but your esthetician may book out 30 minutes in order to give you the best experience possible. 

    Arm Hair Waxing Steps:

    1. At the beginning of your appointment, your esthetician will be working from your shoulder down to the wrist and hand area. 
    2. Apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. 
    3. If using soft wax, put your wax removal strip over the wax that has been applied, and smooth the strip firmly over it. 
    4. Remove the strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, while remaining parallel to the skin. Keep the skin taut to avoid pulling. If using hard wax, allow wax to cool and settle before removing wax swiftly and in the opposite direction of hair growth. 
    5. Repeat the process moving down the arm. Dispose of hard wax strips after removing them, but soft wax strips can be reused a few times before changing out. 

    How to Wax Arms at Home

    Don’t want to go to the salon, but still want hairless arms? Though we recommend always getting your waxing services done professionally, if you’re wondering how to wax your arms yourself, there are options available if you want a professional-grade arm wax done at home. For all things at home arm waxing, check out our best at-home, professional-quality waxes and waxing kits here

    Follow the same process as your professional esthetician would, and make sure to follow the complete instructions that come with your wax and warmer to make sure you’re using all products as they were meant to be used. 

    Arm Waxing Aftercare

    Whether you received a professional arm waxing service or performed the process at home, the post-wax care process is very important. 

    Make sure to use products made specifically for repairing and protecting skin following a service, like Starpil’s Post-Wax Oil and Post-Wax Lotion. For more intensive repair and moisturize following a wax, also make sure to use Starpil’s Intensive Post-Wax Cream. Keep your skin clean, hydrated, and moisturized to make sure your skin is in its best shape and to keep your results for longer!

    When Should You Wax Your Arms?

    Whether you’re waxing professionally or at home, always make sure your arm hair is at least ¼ inch long before waxing. 

    Since everyone’s hair grows at different rates, consult your esthetician for the most accurate estimate of how much time to leave in between appointments. They know your skin type best, and can make the most accurate assumption based on your skin type, hair type, and hair growth.

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    How Much Does Arm Waxing Cost?

    Arm hair waxing prices range from $40-$50 depending on whether you’re like full or half arm waxes. This arm waxing cost covers your consultation and appointment, but you may want to consider buying pre and post-wax care items as well to retain your wax. 

    Best Products for Arm Hair Waxing

    Because arm hair removal is one of the easiest places on the body to carry out a waxing service, there are a bunch of options available to you for professional or at-home arm waxing services.

    If you’re looking for hard waxes that are easy to use, have low melting points, and have incredible results, look no further than Starpil’s line of Stripless Hard Waxes.

    These waxes free you from the world of strip waxing, and are incredibly effective for all services, regardless of hair or skin type - just pick the one that suits you best! Wondering how to wax arms with hard wax? Follow the instructions on your wax, or mimic the esthetician process outlined above. 

    Soft waxes are a trusted method of hair removal by professional and at-home users alike, and can be used in conjunction with wax removal strips for amazing results. 

    If you’re looking for a wax that combines easy application with incredibly fast service times, look no further than our Roll-On Waxes. Once you’ve warmed your cartridge, apply wax directly to the skin and remove this soft wax with your arm waxing strips - no spatulas required! This system cuts service times in half, and is extremely easy to use for all levels of waxers. 

    No matter which sort of wax you go with, make sure your esthetician and yourself are equipped with the best accessories to accompany your wax. By using the best quality waxes and accessories, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the best results possible.

    For amazing arm waxing before and after results using Starpil’s Roll-On Wax, check out VWaxing’s complete arm waxing video here

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re a regular arm waxing aficionado or just curious about the process of general arm hair removal, arm waxing is a process many enjoy for its aesthetic and exfoliating benefits. Plus, if you’re looking to become a waxing convert from the world of shaving, there are a ton of perks to waxing arms that shaving just doesn’t bring - whether it’s overall results, or through convenience!

    The most important thing to remember when scheduling an arm waxing service, or when looking into providing the service for yourself, is to practice the right pre and post-wax care routines. 

    When proper pre and post-wax care is performed, you’re preparing and protecting your skin, while also cleansing and moisturizing. 

    By following this process correctly, you’re also providing yourself with a more painless experience, as your skin will be free from dead skin cells and other factors that can make waxing more uncomfortable. Afterward, you’ll also be able to enjoy your already long-lasting results for even longer periods, while enjoying the feeling of having hairless and moisturized skin. 

    Arm hair removal and waxing is not only a favorite of its enthusiasts for its aesthetic appeal, but can be a fun asset and add-on to your existing hair removal or waxing routine. 

    If you’re embarking on your arm hair removal journey, make sure to use professional grade waxes and accessories for the best results that you’ll love!


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