Top Waxing Benefits - The Complete Guide

02 Dec, 20

Top Waxing Benefits

There’s countless benefits to waxing and a bazillion ways to let people know about them. OK, so maybe we’re exaggerating just a smidge, but in this article, we give you seven of those reasons. Yes, there are many fantastic benefits of waxing and reasons for people to ditch their razors, and alternative methods for some skin-smoothing appointments with you! Here, we’re going to give you what those are and some of the top long-term benefits of waxing that you can pass on to people in your marketing and help draw in potential business. 



Waxing exfoliates the skin.



Shaving can be a real pain in the—everywhere. Not only that, but if smooth skin on the daily is the goal, shaving will have to be done at least once a week or more, depending on which body part is being shaved. Waxing hair benefits the freedom of not having to shave! Shaving is time-consuming, and there’s nothing like being in a hurry, wanting to wear a skirt, and needing to shave first. When seeing a waxing pro, hair removal results can last weeks, and it’s less likely to be caught with the fuzzies. 


Because hair grows at a much slower rate when waxed instead of shaved, it can save you precious time in the mornings that you would typically spend shaving. The luxury of time is essential for busy professionals, students, moms, dads, and anybody who doesn’t want to be held back by spending time shaving in the mornings, or at any time for that matter.




Waxing hair benefits the skin because it can be less irritating, especially when a trained pro does it and uses the right wax for each client’s skin type. And unlike shaving, waxing doesn’t have to be done several times a week, which can also cause the skin to irritate. Skin will appreciate not having any cuts from razor blades and will look radiant and feel smooth up to their next wax appointment. 


Educating people on hair growth cycles and how hair growth works can inspire them to come to see you. Regular waxing benefits those with coarse, unruly hair or those prone to ingrowns because it weakens the follicle and its ability to produce hair. Hair also grows back less and takes longer to grow.


Waxing is a skincare treatment in and of itself. It exfoliates the skin by picking up dead skin cells and leaves skin looking and feeling smoother than it would after shaving. It also leaves the skin open to receiving skincare treatments post-wax. This leaves us to another point; many people may shave and go without providing their skin with the necessary products after hair removal. You, dear waxing pro will protect the skin before and after hair removal in ways that get the best results and leave the skin feeling replenished and better than before. Having said that, if you’re a Brazilian waxing expert, we recommend to follow up by using our Brazilian Waxing Mask to soothe, soften, hydrate, and restore sensitized skin after intimate waxing.


It’s hard for those with bad eyesight or less limber to see or reach every hair. Shaving can literally have people bending over backward for their hair removal, and honestly, there’s just no need. Popular waxing areas include the face, eyebrows, arms, underarms, legs, bikini area, back, and chest. These areas can be problematic for someone to reach or see correctly, but the most challenging place to get done right can be a Brazilian wax. The benefits of Brazilian wax can not only be that a pro can get to areas the most people can’t, but it can limit ingrown hairs over shaving (this area is notorious for them). Another one of the many reasons to get a Brazilian wax is that it ensures that a client is safely getting every hair.


Unless the average person is a brow master, most people need to learn about the proper way to arch a brow to enhance the face. Potential clients can avoid unbalanced, over-tweezed brows by seeing a trained professional. For upper lip waxing, chin or sideburns, a pro should be using the right hard or soft wax for their client’s skin type to avoid breakouts or allergic reactions since the skin on the face can be more sensitive than on the rest of the body.


Seeing a waxing pro provides people with a skincare coach! Seeing a licensed pro not only gives clients professional hair removal, but they will learn and be kept accountable for caring for their skin in ways they might have never considered. If their alternative methods of at-home hair removal have left them with painful ingrown hairs, acne, or razor burn, they can be coached to avoid them with the proper skincare methods and through the use of hard or soft wax.


There's a Starpil Wax for That!


Getting professionally waxed consistently is the most effective way of hair removal and will produce the best hair removal results. To get even more accurate, here are our top waxing picks for each service.


Blue Film Hard Wax


Blue Film Hard Wax wax is composed of a precise polymer formula, creating our most flexible application. Blue film hard wax has the exact number of polymers to make it not crack or break easily upon removal. Blue wax is specifically formulated for waxing large body areas such as the back, arms, and legs. It is perfect for removing coarse hairs by pulling the hair follicles at the root.


Pink Film Hard Wax


Pink Film Hard Wax is a creamy, polymer-blend formula with great flexibility for removal, which leaves the skin looking beautiful and radiant. Because of its ability to remove even the finest hairs, it is best for waxing smaller areas such as the face, Brazilian bikini area, and underarms.


Starsoft Wax


Starsoft is specially formulated for extra sensitive skin types. Once melted, this luxurious clear formula produces a flawless waxing experience. Starsoft is pine rosin-free and possesses neurosensory properties to provide the most pleasant waxing experience available.


Considering all of its benefits and the number of wax variations available, waxing is clearly the best method for hair removal treatment. Your clients can always wear that bathing suit with the confidence that they won’t have visible hair along the bikini line and won’t have to deal with razor bumps or irritated skin. So next time anyone asks you about shaving, remind them that there’s a countless benefits of waxing!


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