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There’s A Wax for That

Hair removal is not going anywhere and we are here to give you the support you need so you’re ready to rock and roll when the time comes!

If you were ever thinking of trying something new, now is a good time to broaden your wax horizon! All of our formulas possess unique qualities that can accommodate all types of skin. Whatever you come across - there is a wax for that!

Sensitive skin? Starsoft!

This hypoallergenic formula is free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances and possesses outstanding recovery, repair, and moisturizing properties.

Manzilian? Black Film!

This hybrid dynamic formula is extremely elastic, creamy yet crystalline, suitable for sensitive skin and intended for precision waxing.

Bikini or Brazilian? Pink Film!

This gentle, creamy, and flexible formula is intended for intimate areas as it has the ability to effectively pick up the finest hairs while exfoliating the skin.

Full body? Blue film!

This elastic quick-drying formula allows for multiple strips and is ideal for removing thick
and coarse body hairs in less time.

Delicate skin? Coral!

This low-temperature melting wax unifies and improves skin tone and has a bergamot and satsuma fragrance which is a soothing aroma. This formula is best used with the swinging technique which closely resembles sugaring. 

Take advantage of this time to customize your services or further expand your service options. When you reopen your doors, you will have new quality hair removal solutions to offer your loyal clients.

Hair Removal Isn’t Going Anywhere!

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