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Three Esthetician Success Stories

We love to hear great esthetician success stories. After all, we are the brand that believes in you!

Starpil is your full-circle-guide to having a successful career in the beauty industry. We offer you premium products, helpful information, personal account managers, and Esthie Bucks to help you save! When we come across stories of estheticians excelling in their profession, we want to share it with the rest of the world.

Hearing positive stories not only motivates but inspires and these
three esthetician success stories inspired us!

Cara Edwards

“Living my dream and doing what I love I already feel blessed, but having a company that stands behind me 110%, I feel unstoppable. I just had my 3rd year anniversary with my brand, I know I will never go another year without Starpil by my side.”

Cara’s passion for skin, work ethic, and dedication have led her to the success she has today. Her love for waxing began immediately after graduating from school and getting her own place. She was determined to have her own brand one day and wanted to give everyone the opportunity of feeling their absolute best in their own skin! Cara started out testing different types of waxes but could never find a brand that met all of her needs. Cara is a solo esthetician; therefore she needs to have plenty of stock of waxes that are effective and comfortable for her clients.

Like with most startup businesses, Cara faced obstacles and challenges that came with the first months of opening up her business. There were times when things got so tough that she even contemplated giving up on her business. Fortunately, Cara persevered, and after trying dozens of different waxing formulas from multiple companies, she came across Starpil.

Brenda North-Hogsett

“If you love what you do and it’s your passion, everything follows afterward. Fantastic things happen when you follow your dreams!”

Her amazing reviews throughout multiple platforms speak for themselves and her love for skin and people shines in everything that she does. Brenda has nearly 600 active client profiles and it's only her 3rd year in business! This goes to show that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination.

Brenda was introduced to Starpil in February 2015 through social media and was instantly intrigued. Her first Starpil purchase was the Blue Hard Wax tablets and a 5-pound wax warmer. After her purchase, she was given a sample of Blue Film Wax by her Personal Account Manager. Brenda instantly fell in love because it did not crack or break off easily like waxes she had previously used. Starpil has been the wax of choice at SKINTASTIC since it opened its doors and is loved by all of its clients!

Robyn McDearman

“I love, love, love Starsoft! It grabs the most stubborn hairs, works amazingly on the face, it has no fragrance, color, or pine resin which is gentler on the skin causing fewer breakouts and irritations. I also love that it is clear, so I can see exactly what hairs are being picked up! I just cannot say enough about Starsoft because it works so well on all parts of the body!”

Robyn started her own business because she had worked in corporate America for so long and was tired of not being able to reach her full potential. In her last corporate position, Robyn was working in a waxing salon in which her boss was irresponsible with ordering supplies, keeping the team a tight-knit group, and also treated people very poorly. Robyn knew she needed change and saw the opportunity to better her life with a higher income, better work environment, and happy clients that love her services!

Robyn first saw Starpil on a YouTube video from Kristen Spelce, owner of HK Wax Center in Austin, Texas. Robyn loved the way Kristen explained the wax, how amazing she said it was at picking up the finest of hairs, and how easy it was to spread and keep at the perfect temperature. As soon as Robyn realized how close Kristen was to her, she booked an appointment to see for herself how amazing Starpil waxes truly were! After her first waxing session with Kristen, Robyn was hooked, and knew that this was the wax for her!

Let us be your guide and help you excel in your career with our pro waxing products, tools, and services.


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