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The Complete Guide to Waxing Facial Hair

Waxing Facial Hair Guide

Waxing facial hair is one of the most popular services clients come in for and is one of the cornerstones of the waxing world. 

Though it might seem like a simple process, the small surfaces involved in facial waxing and need for utmost precision can end up making this process more complicated than body waxing. After all, a bad face wax is very apparent!

Table of Contents

  • Can You Wax Your Face?
  • Facial Hair Waxing Cost
  • Is It Better to Wax or Shave Hair?
  • Is It Safe to Wax Facial Hair?
  • Pros and Cons of Facial Waxing
  • Tips for Waxing Facial Hair at Home
  • What is the Best Face Wax Kit?
  • How to Wax Facial Hair
  • Final Thoughts
  • The keys to a successful face wax lie in knowing the skin, which products to use, and how to use the best wax for facial hair. It’s also essential to master the different subcategories of facial waxing, like lip and eyebrow waxing services. 

    In this article, we’ll take you through what goes into facial waxing, the benefits of facial waxing, the key points of a face wax for women vs. men, and will deep-dive into the right facial waxing products to use at home or in the salon. 

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    Can You Wax Your Face?

    Woman getting a face wax

    Waxing your face can be very beneficial and will yield long-lasting results when done correctly. Waxing on the face is different from waxing the rest of the body due to the small skin cells, thinner skin, and the smaller layers of fat in the area.

    Due to these factors, full-face waxing can be tricky, since facial skin tends to be more sensitive, oilier, and more prone to bacteria growth and dehydration. While waxing the face, it’s vital to take measures to protect the skin while waxing to avoid making its skin challenges worse.

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    Facial Hair Waxing Cost

    Now that we’ve touched on what to consider when taking on a face wax, let’s get into the logistics of the process. 

    Full face waxing usually refers to the cheeks, lips, and side face and may include the neck and ears. A lip wax is a prominent a la carte service over cheeks and sideburns. 

    Eyebrow waxing is an entity all its own, as doing them involves a whole other skill set outside of just removing hair safely since this service requires the utmost level of precision. Forehead waxing services can also be a more detailed service when used to reshape the hairline. As each of these involve different skill sets, each service varies in cost. 

    Here is an average spa or salon facial waxing price list.

    Individual Facial Waxing Service Pricing:

      • Full Face: $30 -$60
      • Forehead: $10 - $15 
    • Eyebrows: $15 - $20
    • Nose: $10 - $15
    • Ears: $10 - $15
    • Sideburns: $10 - $15
    • Cheeks: $10 - $15
    • Upper Lip: $8 - $15
    • Chin: $10 - $15
    • Neck: $10 - $15

    Is it Better to Wax or Shave Facial Hair?

    Full face waxing can be excellent for removing unwanted facial hair all in one go. It can be superior to shaving (especially for men) because it removes hair from the root to avoid blunt, stubbly hairs from sprouting. Waxing gives a smooth finish that can last for weeks vs. shaving, which only lasts for a day or two.

    The waxing process is also performed with more precision than waxing, especially for eyebrow or hairline shaping, and can weaken hair growth over time.

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    Is it Safe to Wax Facial Hair?

    Waxing can cause superficial trauma and be skin-depleting, so it’s essential to have the proper facial waxing training. 

    To make facial waxing safer, wearing gloves and practicing the highest standards of cleanliness is the only way to go. This includes using sanitary products, proper waxing skincare, and wax, and of course, never double-dipping (even when waxing at home). 

    Can Men Wax Their Faces?

    Though less common than performing a face wax for women, male face wax services are gaining popularity quickly. 

    Men’s facial waxing services often include eyebrow grooming and the upper cheek areas. Thicker areas of the beard are usually avoided, but waxing beards for men with thin, sparse can be par for the course.

    How Long Does Facial Hair Have to be to Wax?

    Like body waxing, facial hair needs to be at least ¼ of an inch long for adequate removal. 

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    Pros and Cons of Facial Waxing 

    Just as is the case with any facial hair removal, each technique comes with its own set of pros and cons depending on your preference, skin type, or hair removal needs. Facial waxing is no different, so knowing what to expect when heading into your service is the key to getting the results you’re looking for. 

    What are Some of the Full Face Waxing Benefits?

    When done properly, facial waxing can remove and reduce unwanted hair from the face, creating a smoother, more radiant, and brighter complexion. 

    The results from eyebrow waxing alone can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the face and help give a makeup look more balance, symmetry, and harmony.

    Eyebrow waxing is a very precise procedure that allows for very crisp and exact results, and can do wonders in providing clients with the look they’re searching for. 

    What are the Disadvantages of Waxing Facial Hair?

    Since it’s such a sensitive area, not everyone is a candidate for facial waxing. Some people can experience histamine reactions like hives or welts, or more intensive reactions using treatments like retinol

    If you haven’t had the proper training or you see an inexperienced professional, it’s not uncommon to experience skin lifting or a wax burn.

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    Tips for Waxing Facial Hair at Home

    When learning how to wax your face at home, be sure that you’re not on any retinol products and that you’ve taken the proper precautions. 

    To perform a proper face wax at home, you’ll need to use the right products for your skin type in your home facial waxing kit. Though booking with a professional, especially for your first session, is always recommended for best results, the following are some of our best recommendations for at-home facial waxing. For those just looking for the right warmer for their services, we recommend the Starpil 4 oz Facial Hard Wax Warmer, which is designed specifically for facial waxing or smaller services, while still using the same professional heating technology as our larger warmers.

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    What is the Best Face Wax Kit?

    To pick the right face wax products, you should always assess what kind of services you want, what your skin type or hair type is, and what your skill level is. 

    Using the best professional tools and equipment, as well as the best wax for face hair removal will not only help you create clean lines and to remove hair with precision, but also help keep you and your clients safe from injury. 

    Everything you use, from your wax warmer and face hair removal wax to face wax strips and waxing spatulas, can make the difference in a successful facial waxing service. 

    When looking for the right kit for facial waxing, try out our Facial Waxing Kit. This kit comes complete with our aforementioned Facial Wax Warmer, a hard wax formula of your choice, pre and post-wax care products, and the accessories you need for a complete service. 

    Having all of the accouterments you need for face waxing in one place will let you know you’re using the right products that all work together for your or your clients’ specific needs and skin types. 

    If you’re not sure which kit might be right for specific services or skin types, take our specialized quiz to get matched with the right kit for you or your business. 

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      Which Wax is Best for Facial Hair?

      The best face wax kit contains wax that is exceptionally gentle or features ingredients that cater to specific skin needs. Any wax used on the face needs to have a low melting point while still being able to grip shorter, finer hairs.

      The Best Hard Wax for Face Waxing:

      Hard wax tablets or wax beads for face waxing services are esthetician’s go-to’s for facial waxing services. Our best hard waxes for these services include:

      • Coral Film Hard Wax: This wax detoxes skin during a service for increased evenness of skin tone, and contains properties to aid aged or hypersensitive skin.
      • Starsoft Hard Wax: A face wax ideal for hypersensitive or aged skin that uses neurosensory properties to dull pain and inflammation.
      • Pink Film Hard Wax: This creamy hard wax is ideal for especially sensitive areas like the lips or cheeks, or for facial areas requiring a lot of precision or with hard-to-reach, fine hairs. 
      • Calendula Film Hard Wax: The best wax for face waxing on oily and acne-prone skin.
      • Black Film Hard Wax: This wax works best for coarse facial hair, particularly that of beards or along the hairline. 

      Facial Wax Warmers

      Facial wax warmer and pink hard wax beads

      Having the right warmer for your services will allow you to bring wax to the right temperature and consistency with ease for your services.

      • Facial Hard Wax Warmer: Great for body waxers, facialists, or licensed makeup artists who do fewer facial waxing services.
      • Standard Hard Wax Warmer: Perfect for those who have a fair amount of facial appointments with some body wax appointments scattered in between.
      • Double Hard Wax Warmer: Allows full-time facial waxers to have two different formulas ready to go at all times.

      Wax Spatulas for Face Waxing

      Always work on an area of the face with the correct size waxing spatula. Different size widths and lengths make large and small areas easier to tackle. 

      • Angled Brow Spatula/Flat Wooden Waxing Spatula: These can be used together to form the perfect brow-shaping duo because they ensure accuracy and provide the proper pressure to spread the right amount of wax onto such a detailed space. 
      • 4.5” Wooden Spatula: Ideal size for smaller facial areas. You can use them to get to the outer edges of larger waxing areas. They’re also great for the nose and ear areas.

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      Pre Face Wax Tips

      Educating your clients on what they need to do to keep their skin in its top condition before their appointment will let you perform the best and safest facial wax service. 

      Include information on the right pre-wax care routine on your website, through SMS when confirming their appointment or booking, or through email. Once the client is with you, you can tailor their pre-wax skincare routine according to their skin and hair type and concern.

      Pre-Wax Care by Skin Type:

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      Post Face Wax Tips

      Waxing facial hair requires a post-wax routine and home care that speeds skin healing and keeps it clean, hydrated, and balanced to avoid infection and breakouts. 

      An after wax care for face waxing services routine should include the following products: 

        • Use Starpil Post-Wax Care Oil after waxing to hydrate skin while removing any possible residual wax. This formula does double duty by removing any impurities while infusing skin with replenishing properties. 
      • Following your oil, use Post-Wax Care Lotion to keep skin clear from pore-clogging debris. Using this light and gentle lotion on vulnerable freshly waxed skin will deeply moisturize it while creating a barrier from inflammation or irritants.
      • For at-home care, use Starpil Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion on sensitive, dehydrated, or dry skin that might need a little extra post-wax care.
      • 24 hours after waxing, use Starpil’s Ingrown Serum Spray to gently exfoliate skin and dissolve any ingrown hairs or inflammation before it forms. 

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      How to Wax Facial Hair

      Woman getting eyebrows waxed with facial wax spatula

      Here are some waxing facial hair tips on the wax applications of some of the most popular facial waxing services.

    • Eyebrows
    • It’s important to apply wax far enough from the brow so that wax doesn’t spread too far toward the brow hairs you want to keep. Use a smaller, angled waxing spatula for fine detailing.

    • Nose and inner ears
    • Use a 4.5inch wax applicator for these service types. Create a wax bulb the size of the nostril or outer ear canal. Center the stick. Put the entire bulb into the orifice and let wax set while doing the same to the other side. Once the wax has set, grip as close to the orifice as you can get. Remove the first stick in a fast and hard pull, then the other. 

    • Lip waxing
    • Over apply wax so that it gets into the inner corners of the mouth. If the client's skin can handle it, wax hairs in one direction first, then the other.

      Check out this face wax using Coral Wax by licensed professional, Cara Edwards:

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      Final Thoughts

      Facial waxing can be your most significant source of service revenue. Because each type of facial service is very common and most likely provided by your competitors, it's essential to stand out to your clients as both a skincare expert as well as a waxing expert. To do this, always wax with the needs of specific skin types in mind to improve skin while giving clients great results.


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