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How to Wax for Sensitive Skin

How to Wax for Sensitive Skin
How to Wax for Sensitive Skin This Fall 2020

Since the Starpil Wax USA headquarters are in Florida, the Starpil Fam there might not experience the changing of the seasons in a way that increases sensitive skin symptoms. Still, for much of the rest of us, the onset of October can mean fall and winter climates that negatively affect skin. For esthies, fall might signify a dwindling clientele due to people slacking on their waxing since they're all bundled up.


In this article, we're not just talking about how to wax for sensitive skin for fall, or even which is the best hard wax for sensitive skin (it’s Starsoft), we’re talking about how to keep your professional wax game up, business booming, and your clients on their wax and home care routines so they don't come back in spring with a hot mess going on. Fall is here, and winter is coming, so let's discuss how to keep your barns bursting at the seams and clients' skin happy for something we all can be thankful for.




Cold, harsh weather often sucks water moisture, and oil protection right out of the skin, making it dry, sensitive, and irritated. Many clients should step-up their skincare without the cold, so when fall arrives, their skin is even worse-off. And as you know, dry and sensitive skin can wreak a lot of havoc on a successful waxing job. Those facts mixed with clients opting for letting hair grow out with the occasional shave in the winter months can put a damper on all the hard work you've both done to get hair on the same growth pattern.  


They need to know these things so that they’re aware of how they need to wax for sensitive skin and are more likely to keep coming in and on their skincare. Here are some important conversation topics to have with your clients to encourage them to keep on keeping on even during fall.


Hair Growth Education

The first thing that needs to be done, is to shift your client education to have a strong focus on how hair growth cycles affect waxing, especially on clients prone to breakouts and ingrown hairs on Brazilian waxing services. We need to stress that winter isn't the time to let it all hang out, but when we have to be most diligent with regular wax appointments. Having a standing meeting with a pro like you at least once a month can help keep clients' skin and hair needs on track. 




Fall Skincare Education  

Product knowledge and skincare education for the clients is way more than just sales for you—these are vital steps in keeping their skin healthy, especially with the added challenges of colder temperatures. The clients with dedicated pre and post-wax home care routines are doing more for their skin in general than most people who don't wax. During chilly weather, they need to double-down on those efforts, whether they're waxing or not. That's why you, as a skincare professional, need to stress a fall routine that will keep clients' skin healthy and business flowing for your efforts.



Keep up the incentives for clients to come in during this time by sweetening service deals, adding skincare promotions, and re-positioning and encouraging clients to purchase and use your wax care products as daily skincare alternatives. You can also keep your newsletters filled with tips and tricks for keeping hair and skin supple to ensure exceptional waxing services even when it's cold outside. (You can even re-write some of the info from this blog!)


Fall/Winter Skincare Prescriptions

  • Offer discounts on skincare with every booking.
  • Offer free skin consultations with every booking.
  • Provide discounts or free 10-minute skin flushing massages with each appointment.
  • Promote discounted vajacials after every Brazilian waxing service by buying Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask in bulk.
  • Make an announcement that you provide wax for sensitive skin and explain why that’s significant for most everyone in the fall/winter.
  • Give Zoom call mini-seminars on keeping skin in waxing shape for Fall/Winter and use this blog for material!







Waxing dry or sensitive, weather-beaten skin can cause hives, extreme redness, and even skin lifting. It can lead to clogged follicles by keratin and ingrown hairs. When you wax for sensitive skin, it can be like taking candy from a baby because it's limited on how it can protect itself. That’s why at-home skincare, excellent pre and post-wax care in the salon, and using the right wax for sensitive skin as per each clients' needs are absolute musts.


  • Lifestyle 
  • Everything with healthy skin includes balance. If clients are eating a lot of cold-weather comfort foods, drinking in excess, stressing in excess, cutting down on exercise, sleep, and healthy sun exposure, their skin doesn't have a chance. Here are a few diet and skincare tips clients can add to their day to help them reach more balance for their skin when the cold winds start blowing.


  • Diet
  • Suppose clients are leaning too much toward unhealthy foods; they need to increase their vitamin intake and replace damaged gut and skin microflora with probiotics. And while supplements don't compare to a healthy diet of water and vitamin-rich foods, if that's all one can do, at least that's something.


  • The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Healthy Skin

    *Check with your doctor to advise you on this.


  • Drinking for Stronger Skin
  • If clients are making too much merry while indoors, they need to balance dehydrating and skin-depleting alcohol excess with increased hydration wherever they can get it. Start the day with warm water and lemon, eat more water-rich foods like cucumbers and celery. If drinking water is a struggle, brew some berry herbal tea, add a little maple syrup, throw it in a pitcher, let cool, and put it in the fridge so that you always have something hydrating (and yummy) to drink.


    • Skincare

    If you are an avid reader of The Waxopolitan, you know how much I stress daily dry brushing, sesame oil massages before showering, and lotion application while still wet. And if they can't do it daily, even as little as once a week can ease skin from everyday life and the cold. All skin types, no matter the weather, can benefit significantly from adding these three steps into their daily routine. 


    • Dry Brushing 

    This is a gentle yet effective exfoliation routine for dry fall/winter skin (for all skin). It helps with lymph flow and drainage and increases blood circulation and detoxification. These things work to unclog pores and keep growing hairs outside the skin's surface and skin radiant.



    • Sesame Massage

    This doesn't have to be some hour-long shiatsu massage (though it can be done as a longer treatment); you just need to get the oil on the body with emphasis on the knees and elbows—the driest areas for most people. Massaging the oil into the skin increases circulation, especially to nerve endings, it's calming, releases toxins, and helps keep dry skin supple. Simply wash it off in the shower.

    • Post-Shower-Lotion

    Have clients keep their lotion or body oil in the shower (even your Post-Wax Care Lotion) and apply onto the body while still wet and use the products to trap the water moisture into the skin. They can re-apply after skin is dry for extra protection, but after-shower lotion will change their skin game.


    All three steps should usually start from the feet or hands and move inward toward the heart. Be careful stepping in and out of the shower as things can get slippery.  






    The thing about all of this information is that most of it should be done all year round. This is just your bloggy reminder to emphasize it and talk about it during each appointment to generate a need for clients to keep up with their wax/skincare routines through winter. That being said, there are some ways to boost your Fall prep and post-wax care to differentiate it from the other seasons.


  • Switch to Starsoft Pre and Post Waxing Care
  • All Starpil pre and post is terrific year-round, but Starsoft has a cozier edge during frigid climates. It's hypoallergenic skincare free from inflammatory agents and made with calming ingredients that stimulate skin recovery. 


  • Start with Post-Wax Care Oil
  • Even if your client doesn't typically suffer from skin sensitivity or dryness, these issues can creep up in the cold. Since you may or may not be a client's only fall skincare game, applying an oil blend over most skin types can't hurt since you will be immediately following with Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel to cleanse. So feel free to start each fall service off with a quick, invigorating oil massage to reinforce skin and hairs before any wax treatment. 


  • Be Extra with Your Post-Wax Care
  • After your waxing session, finish with Starsoft Post-Wax Oil to flush skin as you remove any wax residue. It absorbs quickly, but you could follow with Starpil Pre-wax Care Gel. Then, mist a light layer of rosewater before applying Starsoft Post Intensive Care Lotion to trap-in water moisture, speed skin recovery, boost its PH level and restore skin moisture levels while relieving irritation.  





    Keep the nurturing trend going by using high-quality products and the best wax for sensitive skin. Using any Starpil Wax formula will be awesome because they all have low melting points, but the following waxes are our top recommendations for keeping skin lush and plush.


    Hard Wax for Sensitive Skin

    • Starsoft Hard Wax- Dermatologist-tested and made with neurosensory properties to instantly soothe and calm, this fragrance, dye, and pine rosin-free wax is the best hard wax for sensitive skin. It also helps speed up skin recovery balance its pH.
    • Coral Hard Wax- This nourishing formula is made with Mediterranean coral powder and packed with nutritive minerals. Their properties stimulate tissue regeneration and detoxification and help nourish blood cells for revived skin that remains plumped and even tone after waxing. 


    Starpil Soft Strip Wax

    • Starsoft Soft Wax- It does everything the film hard wax version does but in a strip formula. 
    • Rose Pink Soft Wax- Made with skin buffering ingredients, this formula is our second most gentle wax after Starsoft.



    You have your skin-protecting, professional wax game down, but your clients need to know how important that is toward the chillier months. But even if you’re using the best hard wax for sensitive skin, keep up with stellar education, reinforce their need to care for their skin through the techniques and products you recommend, and try to get their next booking before leaving their appointment. If you have found any of this helpful, please share and join the Starpil Fam by…

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