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Waxing Mature Skin

Younger people make up a substantial majority of waxing clients, but mastering waxing mature skin and marketing to an older clientele can be a significant benefit to your business. Many mature clients tend to be more loyal and have a more disposable income for hair removal treatments and products. Though their skin may offer up more challenges, getting their waxing right helps you to expand your skill set and apply it to other skin types with similar needs, no matter the client’s age. 

This article discusses mature skin characteristics, how to meet its needs, and gives you some top tips for safely getting smooth results on this sometimes challenging but rewarding clientele. 



Mature skin comes with its own set of characteristics that can inhibit positive waxing results. Knowing these defining points can help you be prepared to meet the waxing needs of mature skin. With the right products and techniques, it can be easy to achieve successful waxing results and happy clients.



Mature skin can be characterized as dry or even dehydrated. Mature skin can lack the ability to retain water moisture or produce sebum, making it fragile for waxing. Hair can become dry and brittle, making it more prone to breakage and, consequently, ingrown hairs and bumps. 


Because mature skin is dry and lacking support, it can also be more prone to skin sensitivities. As mature skin is depleted, its defenses weaken, making it at risk for irritation and damage like skin lifting. 

Less Elasticity

As maturing skin loses its elasticity, it has less bounce-back and density. Firm, healthy skin provides more of an anchor for removing wax; the skin stays put, for the most part, allowing the wax to remove the hair. When skin is “loose” and thin, it goes with the wax being removed, making the lifting of hair extremely difficult. This can result in needing to wax and area more than once, bruising, and inconsistent results.  




Just like any client, you need to have a strong awareness of mature skin’s needs when waxing. Most of what garners great waxing results for this skin type is done at home through how the client cares for their skin before, after, and in-between appointments. 

Mature clients dedicated to their at-home care are not only keeping their skin wax-ready but supporting it, in general, to keep it looking and feeling healthier at any age.


  • Increasing blood flow is critical for those who wax with mature skin. This can be met with gentle daily exfoliation and massage practices. Using a dry brush, loofah, or gentle resurfacing products on the skin is a must. 
  • Quick morning or evening oil massages before showering flush lymphs and increase blood flow while moisturizing and providing nourishment for the skin.
  • Using cream or oil cleansers instead of foaming washes for cleansing can help support the acid mantle of mature skin.
  • Layering hydrosols such as natural rose water or cooled tea like chamomile all over the body under moisturizer or lotion locks in moisture and anti-inflammatories.
  •  Mature skin benefits more from thick lotions or body butters than thinner lotions.



When your client arrives for their appointment, it’s your job to make sure that their skin is robust enough for waxing. This means applying the proper pre and post-wax care. If they are rock stars at caring for their skin in-between waxing, and their skin feels nourished, you don’t have to apply an oil before cleansing. But if skin is feeling dry and paper thin, moisturize before cleansing for added support and to soften hair. 

Using the right post-wax care helps to keep the skin supported while recovering. The best products are high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydration capabilities. These factors will help mature skin bounce back quicker while defending against histamine reactions.


Choosing Your Products 

  • Starpil Calendula Pre-Wax Care Gel is terrific for cleansing mature skin because it contains calendula to limit bacteria, calm and moisturize skin while cleansing.  
  • Massage skin with Starpil Post Wax Care Oil after waxing to flush it and speed healing in the skin as it removes any wax residue. This is just what mature skin needs to avoid injury (blood clotting or allergic reactions, for example). 
  • The best after-wax care for mature skin is Starpil Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion. It's formulated with oat extract, which speeds skin’s pH level recovery, instantly restores moisture levels, and helps relieve irritation.
  • For top-tier, mature skincare, use any of the products from a  Starsoft Pre and Post Wax Care Bundle. Each formula is hypoallergenic and gentle. Its neurosensory actives calm skin after waxing. Tamanu oil, and barley extracts protect, cleanse, and deeply hydrate the skin. 



The difference between hard wax and soft wax for waxing mature skin is that hard wax has higher plasticity levels and doesn't grab the skin as much as soft wax might. Since mature skin is malleable, it’s best to use formulas that won’t tug at the skin as much to avoid pain and injury. We recommend the following formulas because they are the gentlest on the skin and offer nourishing protection and smooth results.



Starsoft Clear Hard Wax

Starsoft Hard Wax  works well with mature skin. It's free from pine rosin, perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives and is hypoallergenic. It contains neurosensory properties like Tamanu oil to reduce discomfort while nurturing the skin back to balance. 

Pink Film Hard Wax

Using a creamy wax formula offers a gentle touch that hugs even the tiniest hairs while leaving the skin in-tact. It's incredibly gentle on intimate areas and for facial and underarm waxing.

Coral Film Hard wax

This fast-drying formula is formulated with Mediterranean coral calcium powder, which offers gentle waxing that balances the skin tone and speeds recovery of the dermal layer after waxing. This wax boosts skin luminosity for a genuinely smooth post-wax glow, which is just what mature skin needs!


Calendula Film Hard Wax

Mature skin needs support with water retention, oil production, and protection against free radical damage, therefore providing it with powerful antioxidants and healthy lipids are vital in supporting waxing. This wax contains some serious actives that meet all of those needs and then some, making it a superior wax for mature skin.





Mature skin can be considered “crepey”, or seem disconnected from the muscle and bones underneath, giving the feel that it’s thin and stretchy. After giving it all the oomph you can with your pre-wax care, using the right techniques when waxing are super-important for the health of this skin type.


  • It should go without saying that keeping your wax at its optimal temperature is crucial to avoiding injury on mature skin, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. 
  • Wax in smaller sections gives you more control over skin that seems to be all over the place. You need to securely anchor it down with your hand with more attention than plumper skin types. 
  • Waxing larger areas, even on a Brazilian wax, can add to pain and patchy hair removal. So, take your time, because with body waxing and even facial waxing on mature skin, slow and steady wins the race. 
  • Don’t be too shy to ask them for help keeping their skin taught. This is one of the most important factors in getting every ha,ir most safely for mature skin types. 



In any circumstance where your client has a lot of skin to work with, these waxing techniques can go a long way for you. Adding that extra dose of pampering for a mature skin client does more than offer a relaxing experience; it’s going to make the difference in your results and the safety of your client’s skin. Take your time, be intentional and reap the benefits of your returning mature clients. 

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