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Waxing at Home | The Complete Beginner's Guide

Waxing at home with Starpil Wax


Though we always recommend seeing a local professional for your waxing needs, let’s face it: sometimes you just don't have the time or money to visit the salon regularly, especially with the current economy. 

At Starpil, we get that at-home waxing is the solution for some with time or monetary constraints. That’s why we make professional and high-quality waxing products and equipment available and accessible so that professionals and at-home users alike can have the best waxing experience.

Table of Contents

  • What is Waxing at Home? 
  • What Do I Need for Waxing at Home? 
  • Is Waxing at Home Safe? 
  • Is It Better to Wax or Shave at Home? 
  • How to Wax At Home 
  • Where to Buy At-Home Waxing Products
  • Final Thoughts 

  • However, waxing at home comes down to more than just applying and removing wax. You’ll need to know how to properly perform a service safely and with the right techniques to get the best waxes possible.  

    Going about your waxing services correctly will also ensure that you’re staying safe and performing each process properly. For everything you need to know about waxing at home, we’ve got your complete guide to all things at-home hair removal.

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    What is Waxing at Home?

    Waxing at home is safe, simple, and easy when done right and when following the proper process. It does require some practice, however! When waxing at home, it’s even more important to follow proper pre and post-care techniques and follow the instructions specified on your respective warmer and waxing products.

    Waxing at home with Starpil Wax

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    What Do I Need for Waxing at Home? 

    Waxing on your own requires not just the right waxing formulas at your fingertips, but also the right equipment, accessories, and pre and post-wax products to give you the best hair removal experience possible. 

    Luckily for you, Starpil has a host of at-home waxing kits that contain just what you need to wax the right way, no matter your formula preferences or style.

  • Facial Waxing Kit (4oz)
  • Facial Waxing Kit

    For all things eyebrow and facial waxing, look no further than Starpil’s Facial Waxing Kit. 

    Featuring our portable yet powerful Facial Wax Warmer and a range of waxes for you to choose from (not to mention top of the line pre & post-wax care and accessories!).

  • 500ml Starter Hard Wax Kit
  • Starter Hard Wax Kit

    For hard wax fans or beginners just getting started, this Starter Hard Wax Kit is everything you need to cater services to your or your client’s wax preferences and pre & post-wax skin care needs.

  • Standard Roll-On Waxing Kit
  • We designed our Roll-On Waxing Kit with portability and efficiency in mind. This kit is perfect for any professional or self-waxing user who values an easy waxing process for use in large areas.

  • 500ml Starter Soft Wax Kit
  •   Starter Soft Wax Kit

    If you’re just getting started in the world of waxing, our Starter Soft Wax Kit is exactly what you need to thrive.

    This kit is ideal for students and or for soft wax aficionados who are looking to tailor services to their clients’ preferences, skincare needs, and preferred soft wax type.

  • Pre and Post-Wax Bundle -200ml
  • Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle - 200ml

    Our pre and post-waxing bundles are just what you need to take care of your skin and get the best results from your waxing sessions. This set features the best products to cleanse and repair skin while infusing it with hydration and moisture for the best waxing results and comfort.

  • Standard Hard Wax Kit
  •   Standard Hard Wax Kit

    Our Standard Hard Wax Kit is the perfect bundle to get started with waxing larger areas. If you're thinking about servicing clients at home or starting a waxing business, this kit is exactly what you need to start off on the right foot.

    With all of these choices at your fingertips, we totally get it if you’re not sure which one might be right for you. Sort through this host of waxing kits or build your own for the ultimate level of customization with our exclusive quiz.

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    Is Waxing at Home Safe?

    Waxing at home is safe - you just need to follow the proper process and to have the right technique down. As long as you follow the right instructions that are included with your wax warmer and preferred wax type, you’ll be set up for a successful and positive waxing experience. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

    Woman waxing her upper lip

    Additionally, make sure that you’re practicing the proper pre and post-wax care techniques.

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    Is it Better to Wax or Shave at Home? 

    If you’re considering waxing at home, odds are you’re also weighing some other hair removal options to carry out on your own. 

    Shaving is a popular technique for at-home hair removal, but is ineffective for long-term results. Plus, it often leaves behind pain, razor burn, or ingrown hairs.

    At-home waxing, when done properly and when following proper instructions, is a good technique for the goal of long-term hair removal results. It’s also convenient and leaves skin smooth and glowing for weeks afterward.

    Can I Brazilian Wax Myself at Home? 

    Giving yourself a full-body wax at home is no easy process, and is a lot easier when done professionally - but it is possible to do an at-home Brazilian safely if the right techniques are used. 

    To give yourself a proper and safe Brazilian wax at home, use Starpil’s Standard Hard Wax Kit to make sure you've got your full waxing needs completely covered.

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    How to Wax at Home

    Though we recommend seeing your esthetician for the best results with our products, Starpil still has your back for all things at-home waxing. 

    Step 1: Pre-Waxing

    The start to any successful easy waxing at-home process is to properly prepare your skin for waxing. Exfoliate the night before your service, and apply Starpil’s Pre-Wax Gel to the area you’ll remove hair from before you start waxing. Once your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, moisturized, and hydrated, you’re ready to wax!

    Step 2: Wax & Warmer

    Let your wax warmer heat your wax to the appropriate temperature as specified on your system, and make sure you’re using a warmer made for your preferred wax type. 

    Once your wax has reached the appropriate consistency, you’re in business. Dip your spatula into your wax, and make sure to clean off any excess wax on the rim. 

    Using your spatula, apply your wax to the application area at a 90-degree angle in the direction of hair growth. If you’re using one of our roll-on applicators, apply the roll-on directly to the application area at a 90-degree angle. 

    If you’re using hard wax, allow your wax to cool, before removing the wax parallel to the skin and in the opposite direction of hair growth. Pull parallel to the skin (and not upwards!) to minimize pulling on the skin. 

    If you’re using soft wax, smooth your waxing strips over your wax before removing parallel to the skin and in the opposite direction of hair growth. Like hard wax, pull parallel to the skin and not upwards to minimize pulling on the skin.

    Step 3: Post-Waxing Care

    You’ve done it! You’ve waxed at home! However, your job isn’t done just yet. We’ve saved the best for last - your post-wax care, that is! Following your wax, apply your Post-Wax Oil and Post-Wax Lotion to the freshly waxed area to soothe any irritation, minimize redness, and guard against breakouts and ingrown hairs. 

    What to Apply After Waxing at Home

    After a waxing session, apply Starpil’s Post-Wax Gel and Post-Wax Lotion to ease any irritation or possible inflammation in the skin, and will also soothe redness and guard against breakouts and ingrown hairs. 

    There’s no single best way to wax at home, but if you find the best products for waxing at home, you know waxing really is as easy as 1, 2, 3! You’re now well on your way to becoming an at-home pro. 

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    Where to Buy At-Home Waxing Products

    Starpil’s professional-grade, high-quality waxing products are the perfect answer to your at-home waxing needs. To get the best wax possible, it’s important to use products that are proven to give the best results. There’s a reason why we’re trusted by estheticians worldwide, after all.

    At Starpil, we don’t believe that at-home users shouldn’t have access to our professional waxing products just because they’re outside of a salon environment. We want you to have the best results, no matter what.

    Leg wax with Starpil hard wax

    When you think of Starpil, you should think of our commitment to providing access to professional products at affordable prices.

    Though we recommend that you always see a professional esthetician for the best results with our products, we also want to make sure you receive your best waxing experience no matter if you’re doing it yourself, or if you’re at a salon. 

    We offer a large variety of hard, soft, and roll-on waxes, as well as only the best professional warmers, pre & post products, and waxing accessories you could ever need.

    Best At-Home Wax for Beginners

    If you’re wondering which wax is best for beginners, it depends on preference and skill level at the end of the day. Most student waxers or beginners usually start with one of our soft waxes, though you of course can learn using any wax type. 

    Starpil’s roll-on waxes are also perfect for beginners who want to wax at home quickly, efficiently, and simply. They’re incredibly easy to use, warm up quickly, and eliminate the need for having to mix or interact with your wax. Apply your wax cartridge directly to the area, apply your waxing strip, and remove!

    Leg waxing service with Starpil roll-on wax

    Which Wax is Best At-Home? 

    Though any wax can be used at home if used properly, Starpil recommends using our roll-on waxes and hard waxes that are made for smaller service volumes and for use by beginners.

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    Final Thoughts

    As we said before, we always recommend seeing a professional esthetician to receive the safest, most efficient, and most complete waxing services.

    However, if you’re unable to afford to go to the salon regularly, or don’t have time to do so, at-home waxing with the right products and technique is a good alternative to professional waxing (though you may not get the same experience!).

    If you’re looking to explore the world of waxing for yourself and perform your own services in the comfort of your own home, follow the instructions outlined on your warmer and wax, and practice as much as you can to perfect your technique. This will ensure that your wax is at the right temperature and consistency and that you’re keeping yourself safe throughout the process. 

    For all of your at-home waxing needs, think of Starpil’s accessible but professional-grade waxing products. If you don’t lay the perfect strip the first time, don’t give up! Technique and comfort in your process come with time, and soon you’ll get the results you’ve been looking for.


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