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How to Know if You’re Using the Best Wax

How to Know if You're Using the Best Wax


What is the best wax to use for hair removal? Before we can answer that question, there are some things to look out for as far as quality is concerned. But to ease the suspense, there is no one best hard wax for professionals, and neither is there only one soft wax to rule them all. Your wax choice will ultimately come down to your client and your preference. Still, when looking for the best results, there are a few things to look out for when choosing your winning wax. Check out the following tips to determine which is the best professional wax for hair removal to have at your salon. We’ll also go into best practices and talk about how esthies can’t live on wax alone, no matter how amazing it is!




Whether you’re using hard wax vs soft wax, the best professional wax should hit the following requirements.


  • The best professional wax for hair removal is made with high-quality ingredients and should meltdown to a creamy consistency. Hard wax should cool rather quickly when applied correctly, and both hard and soft wax should spread evenly over large areas without skipping on the skin.


  • Professional hard wax should lift without peeling, cracking, tearing, or breaking. It should lift in one piece and remove all of the hair in its path.


  • Both soft wax and the best hard wax for professionals should contain minimal synthetic fragrance (if the scent is derived from its essential extracts, then great)!




Even the best waxes can fall short when not used at their correct temperature, on the wrong skin or hair type, or when skin isn’t prepped properly. For example, if wax is too hot, it can burn your client; too cool, and it won’t spread evenly or give you enough time to apply correctly. You’re not at the right temperature for waxing if the wax application is inconsistent and uneven. For hard wax, wax has to be given enough setting time; otherwise, it will not have enough time to harden and “grab” hairs. All in all, getting wax to work at its best requires awareness, skill, and know-how—but having the best wax makes it all a whole lot easier.



A lot of times, esthies might try a new wax once and make their judgment call. The truth is that when you get a new wax formula, you need to work with it a bit to learn how it moves and behaves in different circumstances. Again, it must be used at its perfect application temperature, which means considering the external circumstances outside of the wax pot, i.e., air conditioners, weather, and the client’s body heat.


Blue Film Hard Wax


If you’re trying a high-quality full-body wax like Starpil Blue Film Hard Wax, use it on multiple clients and service types to decide where and how you like using it best. It’s a go-to for large areas and coarse hair, so give it a go on backs, chests, legs and arms.


Pink Film Hard Wax Beads


If you’re trying Starpil Pink Film Hard Wax (it’s a favorite for fine hair, facial and intimate waxing), use it for multiple face waxing services on numerous clients and not just one. Each wax formula usually has its own application temperature, consistency, and movement; try new wax formulas more than once and master each one you try.




All of your pro wax products need to be tailored to meet the various needs of your clients. That means that you should choose your wax based on their skin, hair, and service type. For example, if your client is oily, we recommend using Starpil Calendula Hard Wax or roll-on soft wax. The most notable professional wax for sensitive skin is Starsoft Hard or Soft wax. If your client has sensitive skin with coarse hair, we recommend Starpil Black Film Hard Wax, and for facial waxing, we recommend Starpil Coral Film Hard Wax, Pink Soft Wax, or Starsoft Hard or Soft Wax.


Coral Wax


Yes, if you want the best results, you have to use high-quality wax, use it properly and use it for the right clients and services, but even hitting all of these marks can set you back if you’re not caring for the skin before and after waxing.


Pre and Post Waxing Care


Skin needs to be properly hydrated and nourished before waxing to be strong enough to sustain hair removal. This can mean using the proper prep before cleansing. Your cleansing step also has to be a nutritive experience and not strip away at the skin’s protective barrier. Your post-wax care is just as critical because after you’ve removed hair from the follicle, you leave pores open and more susceptible to bacteria. And just like your wax choice, your pre and post-wax care products need to be chosen by skin type. We recommend any one of our Starpil Pre and Post Wax Care Collections, which contain full product lines meant to prolong hair removal results while protecting most skin types.




While we’re not ones to tell you to “believe the hype” when it comes to using popular cosmetic brands, when it comes to professional waxing products, you will hear the Starpil name over and over for a good reason. Starpil Wax formulas are made with the professional in mind, and we have got the reviews to prove it. So do your homework and see why we’re one of the world’s leading wax brands.





As you can see, there are many factors to getting waxing done right, no matter how incredible your products are. So keep up the learning and stay open to advancements in waxing through industry trainings, advanced education, and keeping up with all-things Starpil through blogs like these, free training materials, and social media.

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