Why is My Wax Tearing & Cracking?

Why is My Wax Tearing & Cracking?

There’s nothing worse than buying a product, being pumped to try it for the first time, then experiencing difficulties. If you’ve ever purchased a Starpil formula and experienced tearing or cracking, there are reasons this may be happening and we’ve got the solutions! 


If you are experiencing tearing and cracking from our wax, chances are…


Here’s the deal…
Wax consistency is a huge part of what creates a perfect hair removal experience! If your wax is too hot, not hot enough, mixed with other wax, or you haven’t cleaned out your wax pot in a while - this all contributes to the wax’s overall performance. Make sure your hard wax is at a temp of 60-65c (depending on your room temp) to get the wax to be at a honey-like consistency. Your goal is to apply the wax smoothly and comfortably in a nimble swivel motion, let it set, and pull with one side to remove all hair with the strip.




  • Is the wax tearing and breaking during the service?


Tearing can happen because the polymer hard wax can get too tacky due to inconsistency, room temperature, and time management. It will still remain flexible but it may tear because it’s not dry enough. You have to allow it just enough time to adhere to the hair before you pull, which should not exceed 8-10 seconds. When you pull the wax it still needs to be pliable as you pull the strip. Timing is everything so that’s why it’s important to monitor your time when you are servicing yourself or your clients. 


Cracking can occur because the wax is too dry due to being left on the skin for too long (this also comes down to timing). If you apply a thinner than the usual layer of wax on the skin it will dry faster and not give you the results that you want. You want to apply a dime-size thickness of hard wax evenly on the skin which will give you the results you want. 


  • Is the wax breaking after the service?


If you are experiencing cracking after you’ve already waxed that’s completely normal. The purpose of the wax has been completed so it’s dried and ready to be disposed of. The wax will not stay flexible post service for a long period of time, as it is not intended to do so. Our polymer hard wax is an elastic stripless hair removal formula that pulls the hair from the root and dries after it has been used. 


Starpil is your waxing guide! We are a group of individuals that are here to help. If you are facing any waxing issues, please reach out to us via DM or email and we will be happy to assist. The Waxopolatin was created to provide you with advice, tips, and resources to help you excel in 'The World of Waxing'! 





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