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Best Hard Wax for Easy Hair Removal

Best Hard Wax for Easy Hair Removal

Estheticians looking to diversify their product offerings and at-home users alike constantly look for the best hard wax for hair removal. Whether you’re a professional or just starting on your waxing journey, you’ll of course wonder what hard wax types are best, and the benefits of each.

Because there are so many hard wax types out there, knowing which is best for your hair type or skin type can be quite the challenge.

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From formula consistency to color or what skin types you might need to cater to, having the best hard wax for you is important to get the results you want and to keep your skin looking its best. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss what hard wax is and how to use different formulas, as well as the best hard wax for different skin and hair types. 

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Why Use Hard Wax? 

Stripless hard wax is a film wax that comes into two types: polymer and non-polymer. Polymer blend acts as a buffer on the skin and is highly elastic and pliable. Non-polymer blend hard waxes are made without rosins and have a faster setting time than polymer blends. 

Both types of hard wax are gentle on the skin because they harden over hair follicles without adhering to the skin. This makes them optimal for full-body waxing, as they can be applied to all areas of the body without causing excessive pain or irritation. 

Hard waxes have become popular over the years due to their convenience, gentleness, and ease of use. Plus, they don’t require the use of soft wax strips! 

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Before we get into the best hard wax for hair removal, let’s get into how to use hard wax. To use hard wax, start by heating your wax to the ideal temperature as specified on your packaging, and follow the instructions on your respective wax warmer to control your consistency and heating process. 

Before applying wax, make sure you’ve performed the right pre-wax care process for your skin type to ensure your skin’s surface is cleansed and properly exfoliated. 

Once your wax has been warmed, test it to make sure it's not too hot for skin application. When you’re confident your wax is warmed to the proper temperature, apply it to the skin in an even strip in the direction of hair growth. Make sure there aren’t any gaps or uneven lines, as these can impact how effective your removal will be. 

To remove, grip the lip created by the end of your wax, and stabilize the skin before removing quickly and without hesitation in the opposite direction of application. 

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Things to Know Before Buying Hard Wax

Before buying hard wax, make sure you know what your or your client’s skin and hair type are, and which type of wax caters to each need you might have. 

Though many kinds of hard wax are great for all skin types, many specific waxes are specially formulated for sensitive, aged, or breakout-prone skin types. These waxes can also help diffuse inflammation, irritation, and ingrown hairs. 

Before making your purchase, try to determine your skin type and sensitivity levels. This can also be impacted by which areas you’re interested in waxing since some are more sensitive than others. 

Knowing which areas you’ll want to wax can also help you choose a wax type, as some are also used specifically for hard-to-reach areas. 

Once you've determined your skin type and sensitivities, consider hair types as well. Will you remove very fine hairs from facial areas? Coarse hairs from the back or legs? 

Knowing what type of hair you’ll work with will also help you determine which wax you’ll need to grip hairs accurately and tightly for complete removal. 

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Best Hard Wax for Effective Hair Removal

Having the right hard wax in your corner is imperative to give the best removal results for yourself and your clients.

For the best all-around waxing experience, a great go-to is Starpil’s Blue Film Hard Wax. This formula is incredibly pliable, and elastic, and can spread over large surface areas without breaking or cracking. 

On top of this, this formula is made with the perfect amount of polymers that allow it to grip even the coarsest hairs without adhering to the skin. It’s these factors that make it perfect for full-body waxing and works well for all skin types and application areas. 

When it comes to a universal, go-to hard wax, Blue Film is the best hard wax for hair removal. However, if you’re looking for a hard wax that infiltrates even the smallest crevices while remaining kind to the skin and gripping even the finest hairs, you’ll want to check out Pink Film Hard Wax

This formula is known for being the best hard wax for sensitive skin and is extremely gentle and nourishing while also removing even the hardest-to-reach hairs with ease.

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Best Hard Wax for Estheticians

Starpil 30lb Hard Wax beads

Though each esthetician will have their preference for hard waxes, there are a few in particular that are go-to’s for many waxing professionals out there. 

Of course, our Blue Film and Pink Film Hard Waxes are known as salon staples far and wide - and for good reason. These waxes can grip coarse, fine, or any hair type in between with ease. These give the most reliable results for professionals, regardless of service type.  

For professionals looking to cater to all skin types, having formulas made for hypersensitive skin types is important for clients who still want smooth, hairless skin without the irritation or inflammation they have experienced in the past. 

Because of this, the best hard wax for estheticians who want to cater to all skin types safely is Starpil’s Starsoft Film Hard Wax

This formula is made for those with hypersensitive skin, aged skin, or for those low pain tolerances. This wax is the only one of its kind on the market due to its neurosensory properties, which work to desensitize skin and reduce inflammation after waxing.  

This formula’s hard wax microbeads meltdown quickly and easily and moisturizes skin while getting amazing results.  

Another great option for clients with more sensitive skin is Starpil’s sanitizing and moisturizing Calendula Hard Wax, which works to guard skin against bacteria and dirt accumulation in vulnerable areas. 

Calendula is known for not only its sanitizing properties, but for its ability to protect clients’ skin from breakouts, acne, and ingrown hairs from waxing. This wax is a dream for those who want hairless skin, but whose oily or breakout-prone skin is easily inflamed. This formula takes care of clients’ hair and skin in one application!

Regardless of which formula you choose, Starpil offers formulas in 2.2lb or 5 lb bags or even our 30lb box sizes for professional estheticians expanding their businesses. 

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What is the Best Hard Wax for Home Use?

Minitube 600gr Hard Wax Beads

If you’re looking for the best hard wax for at-home use, you’ll meet your match in Starpil’s hard wax mini tubs. These tubs, containing 600g of Blue, Pink, or Black Film Hard Wax, contain the perfect amount of wax for those looking to carry out just facial waxing or waxing to specific areas without going overboard. 

This size is also the best option for those looking to try out multiple formulas to find out what the best hard wax is for them and their hair removal needs. 

These economical wax tubs give you a chance to regularly use our best staple hard waxes for your singular services, or to test these tried-and-try formulas to see if they’re right for you. 

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What is the Best Hard Wax Kit?

The best hard wax kit for you depends on your waxing volume or usage amount. After all, the best hard wax kit for estheticians will be one that can handle a much larger volume of services than one for the average at-home waxer. 

If you’re interested in the best hard wax kit for professionals, get access to the best professional kits through the Starpil PRO Portal. Being a portal member will also give you access to exclusive professional pricing that allows you to invest in your business without breaking the bank. 

The best hard wax kit for at-home users will also depend on the types of services you’re looking to perform.  

For at-home facial or eyebrow waxing services, look to Starpil’s Facial Waxing Kit for the best warmer for these services and a mini tub of the hard wax of your choice. This kit also includes the accessories and pre and post-wax care products you need to take care of your services and your skin. 

For at-home users looking to expand into full-body waxing on top of facial services, the Standard Hard Wax Kit could be a great resource for you. This kit has everything you need to take on full body waxes without worrying about running out of wax or not having enough to service your needs.  

If you’re looking for the best hard wax for even larger volumes or at-home waxing, Starpil has several different professional kit options available for retail buyers - plus even allows clients to find the best wax kit based on their specific needs through our Product Matcher.  

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Final Thoughts

When looking for the best hard wax for hair removal, you might not realize how much goes into actually finding the right formula for you or your clients. 

From determining your service types or client volume (or if it’s just you!), to what kind of hair or skin types you’re going to work with, finding the right hard wax will yield the best results, which will leave all skin types nourished and without inflammation after hair removal. 

No matter what sort of skin or hair type you’re working with or which services you’ll be performing, Starpil has the best professional hard wax to cater to any wants or needs. From staple formulas to waxes for sensitive skin, our formulas provide unparalleled results while leaving skin in great condition.


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