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How to Choose an Eyebrow Waxing Kit

How to choose an eyebrow waxing kit

Wondering how to choose the right eyebrow waxing kit? Whether you’re a professional or an at-home user, finding one that works for you or your clients is not always easy.

There’s a lot that goes into finding an eyebrow waxing kit. From determining the right wax for your clients’ skin types or hair types, to finding the best warmer to fit your service or waxing volume, or the best pre and post-wax care, having the right knowledge is key to always getting the best results.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Wax Eyebrows? 
  • How to Choose an Eyebrow Waxing Kit
  • Best Eyebrow Waxes
  • Best Wax Warmer for Eyebrow Services
  • The Best Eyebrow Waxing Kits
  • Final Thoughts
  • Before we give you our best tips and tricks to choose the best eyebrow waxing kits, let’s go through what’s in an eyebrow waxing kit and what you should look for in your products.

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    Why Wax Eyebrows?

    For those just beginning to explore the world of eyebrow waxing, knowing where to look for the best eyebrow waxing kit for you or your clients can quickly get confusing. 

    Before making a purchase, consider the skin and hair types you’ll be working with, as well as whether or not you’ll be waxing more than just facial areas.

    If you’re wondering why people wax eyebrows in the first place, it’s mostly for aesthetic reasons. Eyebrows can be a bit unruly, and a lot of people wax their eyebrows to keep their shape and to put any stray hairs back in place. 

    Eyebrow hairs grow incredibly fast, and waxing is an extremely effective way to keep these hairs in check and keep up with the regrowth of these hairs easily. Waxing can even make eyebrow hairs grow back thinner or more sparsely, which can make them easier to take care of overall.  

    Whether performed professionally or at home, the process of eyebrow waxing is relatively simple and straightforward. That being said, if you’re just starting out or are curious as to the general process, always consult a complete guide to waxing eyebrows before your appointment or before attempting it on your own brows.

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    How to Choose an Eyebrow Waxing Kit

    When shopping around for a professional eyebrow waxing kit or an at-home eyebrow waxing kit, make sure you work with a kit that has the right inclusions for you and your clients’ needs.

    Eyebrow waxing kits should include wax, a wax warmer, pre & post-wax care, and accessories for a complete service. These inclusions should also be specially geared and formulated for the service areas you’ll be working with, whether facial, intimate, hard-to-reach, or large surfaces. 

    So which items should you look for in a waxing kit? 

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    Best Eyebrow Waxes

    Of course, the most important part of your eyebrow waxing kit should be the kind of wax included for the eyebrow service you’re performing. You’ll want to make sure you use a type of wax that’s compatible with your or your clients’ skin type(s) and hair types.

    Wax formulas

    Blue Film Hard Wax

    Blue Film is Starpil’s go-to hard wax for facial and body waxes alike. This wax can handle anything. From large body surfaces to tiny ones, it reaches every crevice and removes all hair types with ease. 

    Pink Film Hard Wax

    The Pink Film formula is known for being kind to delicate and sensitive skin while being able to effectively remove even the tiniest or finest of hairs from the skin. 

    The properties of this formula make it perfect for use on eyebrows and facial areas and will allow you to provide effective eyebrow hair removal that lasts. 

    Black Film Hard Wax

    If you or your clients have hair on the coarser side, it’s a good idea to invest in a hybrid wax formula that can grip hard-to-reach body hairs without sticking to the skin. For the best coarse hair waxing services, Black Film Hard Wax will let you give clients their best results.

    Starsoft Hard Wax

    Known for being the optimal formula for hypersensitive or delicate skin waxing, Starsoft’s luxurious feel will leave easily irritated eyebrow areas feeling soothed and calmed following a waxing service. 

    These formulas will ensure you receive only the best eyebrow waxing results, while also guarding your delicate facial skin from irritation and inflammation. Made with ingredients like Butycyclohexanol, which is a fatty alcohol that gives Starsoft its neurosensory properties, this formula will soothe and ease even the most delicate skin types.  

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    Best Wax Warmers for Eyebrow Services

    The waxes you use for your eyebrow waxing services are created to specifically work with certain types of warmers, which in turn directly impact the quality of results you provide. Having the right wax warmer for your services will also give you maximum control over your wax’s consistency, temperature, and integrity.
    So what should you look for in an eyebrow wax warmer? We recommend the following hard wax warmers for your services.

    Facial Wax Warmer

    When you think of eyebrow waxing services, you should automatically think of Starpil’s facial wax warmer. 

    Available individually or as part of our Facial Wax Warmer Kit (which we’ll get to shortly), this warmer is amazing for personal use or brow gurus on the go. It melts down the perfect amount of wax for brow and facial services quickly and efficiently so that you can give clients consistently amazing results amidst back-to-back services.

    Standard Hard Wax Warmer

    If you want the option to expand into full-body services once your clients’ eyebrows are looking their best, our Standard Hard Wax Warmer should be your go-to.

    Holding up to 1 lb of hard wax, this warmer is ideal for at-home services or for estheticians looking to go beyond just facial waxing and expand services. 

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    The Best Eyebrow Waxing Kits

    Now that you know which waxes and warmers will be your best assets during your waxing journey, let’s figure out what the best eyebrow waxing kits are for your specific needs. Having the right go-to kit allows you to not have to shop around for individual products and instead provide services using ones that you know are all formulated to work in tandem. 

    As we mentioned prior, eyebrow waxing kits should include the following: a wax suited to your preferences and client skin type(s), a warmer compatible or designed for your wax, pre & post-wax care products, and accessories. There are a couple of different types of eyebrow waxing kits, so let’s figure out which one might be right for you. 

    At-Home Eyebrow Waxing Kits

    When looking for an at-home waxing kit, odds are the first thing you’re going to come across in your search are a bunch of small, low-cost drugstore kits, or some larger ones that are still low-cost from beauty supply stores. 

    These kits might seem like easy DIY waxing kit solutions, but won’t help you in the long run - or even during your services! These kits are of lower quality and will not give you the type of results you’re looking for. Remember, using low-quality waxes or kits can even cause you and your skin more harm than good!

    If you’re looking to wax eyebrows at home, you need a waxing kit that will uphold the standards and the quality of results you’ll find from professional services - otherwise, the results will not outweigh the convenience of doing these services at home. 

    When looking for how to wax eyebrows at home, you should also research the right techniques to keep yourself safe and give yourself the best results. If you’re just starting out, try receiving a service from a professional and asking for some pointers and advice to do the service safely if you’re curious after doing it yourself later on. 

    Professional Eyebrow Waxing Kits

    Whether performing services at home, in a salon environment, or on the go, having a professional eyebrow waxing kit is imperative to make sure that you’re providing the right services and providing quality results.

    As a professional, you should use only the most high-quality products and equipment for your customers. Otherwise, you won’t give them results that will keep them coming back - nor will you be keeping them as safe as possible during their service! 

    So which kits are best for both professional services? The best eyebrow waxing kit for top-tier results both inside or outside of a salon is…

    Facial Waxing Kit

    As highlighted before, Starpil’s Facial Wax Warmer Kit has everything you need to provide the highest quality eyebrow waxes. Whether a seasoned professional or somebody just starting out, this warmer will make your entire service seamless from start to finish. 

    This kit comes with your choice of our 600g Mini Tub of Pink, Blue, or Black Film Hard Wax Beads, or Blue Film Hard Wax Tablets. These formulas will give you the best application and results, while these smaller sizes let you try out different wax types and make beads easier to portion out for services.

    Additionally, this kit includes our previously-mentioned Facial Wax Warmer, which holds up to 4oz of hard wax and allows you to carry out eyebrow waxing services with ease. 

    Because pre & post-wax care is even more important for sensitive facial services than for regular body waxing, this kit also includes the option of choosing between our Original Pre & Post-Wax Care Bundle or our Starsoft Pre & Post-Wax Care Bundle. By using these pre-wax gels and post-wax products, you’ll guard your skin against breakouts, irritation, and bacteria. Our Starsoft pre & post-wax care line will also give an added layer of protection for those with especially sensitive skin types.

    Facial Waxing Kit also goes the extra mile by providing users with both 4.5 and 6-inch spatulas, which will ensure that you’re able to access even the hardest-to-pinpoint areas of the brow. 

    Standard Hard Wax Warmer Kit

    Want to have the option of expanding beyond just eyebrow services in the future? If you might want to expand your services in the future to go beyond just brows or facial waxing, our Standard Hard Wax Warmer Kit is just right for you. 

    Like our Facial Waxing Kit, this kit includes your choice of our 600g mini tubs of Pink, Blue, or Black Film Hard Wax, or a box of our Blue Film Hard Wax Tablets

    This kit comes with our Standard Hard Wax Warmer, which holds up to 1 lb of hard wax. This warmer’s capacity can let you provide brow services, but with the option to expand your services to cover the other bodily areas, your clients might wish to wax.

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    Final Thoughts

    Having the best eyebrow waxing kit for at-home or professional use is imperative for giving your clients their best waxing experience and the best results overall. 

    There’s nothing better than having perfectly shaped eyebrows to fit your face. Not to mention, waxing regularly also can help hairs grow thinner and more sparse over time. Having the best eyebrow waxing kit at your fingertips will allow you to give yourself and your clients the best results possible.

    Starpil’s waxing kits will set you up with everything you need for next-level eyebrow and facial waxing services. After all, when your eyebrows are at their best, you’ll feel your best! Investing in the right eyebrow waxing kit will allow you and your clients to reap the benefits in the long term. Choose the best eyebrow waxing kit for you and wax away!

    Once they receive your regular eyebrow waxing services, don't be surprised if your clients start asking about other services. If they do, check out all of our professional waxing kits which are perfect for full-body waxing.


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