A Starpil Wax Guide to Facial Waxing

18 Sep, 20

Starpil Wax Guide to Facial Waxing


Waxing facial hair is a cornerstone of the waxing world. It can be more complicated than body waxing because a bad facial wax service can be written all over a client’s face. Facial waxing has different subcategories like eyebrow waxing, shaping a hairline, or full face waxing that can enhance your client’s entire aesthetic if done right. Amazing facial waxing is an art that requires the perfect tools, products, and skillset. In this Starpil Wax Guide to Facial Waxing, we give you our top tips on warmers, wax, and pre and post wax care for successful facial waxing. We also discuss a few questions to ask clients to assess their needs better and enhance their skincare experience. 


The face is an exciting place. It’s different than the rest of the body because skin cells are smaller; the skin is thinner, as is the layer of fat underneath. These factors mean that bacteria have an easier time getting into skin and water has an easier time getting out. This also means that skin is more prone to dehydration, sensitivity, and fine lines and wrinkles. There are also more oil glands making a face oilier and shinier. 

Oil on the face helps keep the skin lubricated and also to ward off bacteria. Skin oil has antimicrobial properties that help to protect and heal the skin. Stripping your skin of these oils impairs its functions and increases dryness. Dryness can increase oil production, and excess oil can attract more bacteria, mix with dead skin cells, and clog pores and follicles, resulting in pimples and breakouts. The skin’s job is also to detoxify, but when clogged, all of that bacteria is just chilling underneath the surface.

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Let’s not split hairs; waxing can be skin-depleting, so it needs to be adequately cared for to get the most protection. Facial skincare concerns and needs surround sensitivity, acne, blemish control, anti-aging, elasticity improvement, and pigmentation, so caring for your client’s skin while waxing can be pretty detailed. Because the face is more delicate, it’s more susceptible to skin lifting and sensitivity, that’s why we recommend keeping those things in mind with your wax care, the types of wax you use, and how you educate your clients on facial waxing.

As hair is connected to the blood supply and so close to the surface, waxing can make skin even more susceptible to harmful pathogens, free radical damage, sun sensitivity, and sensitivity in general. Wearing gloves and practicing the highest standards of cleanliness is the only way to go. This includes using sanitary products, wearing gloves, and, of course, never double-dipping. 


Full face waxing solves issues for those with lots of unwanted facial hair. It can be superior to shaving (especially for men) because it removes hair from the root to avoid blunt, stubbly hairs from sprouting. Waxing gives a smooth finish that can last for weeks vs. shaving, which only lasts for a day or two. Waxing can create more precision when eyebrow waxing or shaping a hairline and weaken hair growth over time.


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Even your long-time clients have skin changes and different needs depending on their skincare changes, weather, work environment, diet changes, or medications. Never be slacking on finding out what those needs are, or miss out on opportunities to go above and beyond for them. This keeps you on top of outstanding customer service. Even slight changes in your clients’ skin needs can have you changing up what you use on them, how you use it, and what products they might need to meet their homecare.

Always try to ask your clients some form of the following questions:

  • How was your skin after your last wax? 
  • How has your skin been in general since I last saw you?
  • How long did you feel your hair took before you thought you needed to get in with me?
  • What does your skincare routine look like?
  • What did you do to prepare for your wax appointment today?


Though you can get great results from all of our Starpil film hard waxes and soft waxes depending on how you use them, your wax consistency has a lot to do with your results. Following your facial wax warmer instructions is essential, but so is considering external factors that could compromise the consistency of your wax. One of the best ways to tell if you’re at the wax temperature sweet spot is if your wax is at a thick honey-like consistency. 

If you are doing more body waxes than facial waxing, or are a facialist who does fewer facial waxing services, it might be best to have a smaller facial wax warmer on-hand, like the Stapril 4oz Facial Hard Wax Warmer. If you find that you have a fair amount of facial appointments with some body wax appointments, a dual wax warmer might be best for you. If you are a predominant facial waxer, the Starpil 1lb Hard Wax Warmer or 17oz Soft Wax Can Warmer can be great fit for your business.

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Work in smaller sections for those with lower pain tolerance. We’d recommend comfort over speed for these client types. This way, you can keep an eye on what the skin is doing, how quickly each section is recovering, and make any necessary damage control moves to ensure that the skin is under control before moving on or deciding that you need to stop. For less-sensitive people, the best method is to do longer vertical strips from the sideburns in toward the face. 

Each section of the face is usually its own service as follows:

  • Full Face
  • Sideburns
  • Cheeks
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck
  • Nose
  • Forehead
  • Ears

Full face waxing may include the neck and ears, but brows, lip and forehead waxing services can be considered subcategories on their own. A lip waxing is a prominent a la carte service over cheeks and sideburns. Eyebrow waxing is an entity all its own as doing them involves a whole other skill set outside of just removing hair safely. A forehead waxing service can be thought of as hair removal from the center outward but can get more detailed when used to reshape the hairline. 


Home care education that clients need to adhere to for a successful wax should be stressed, included on your website, and referred to upon booking. The pre-wax care routine provided at the service should be tailor-made with the clients’ skin concerns in mind. To do this, we recommend using targeted pre-wax care according to skin and hair type, and concern. For example, Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel is excellent for all skin types, while Starsoft Pre-Wax Care contains neurosensory and anti-aging properties to keep skin calm and supple. Starpil Calendula Pre-Wax Care (COMING SOON) is excellent for those with sensitive and oily skin. 

Your pre-wax care can even provide quick add-ons like Post-Wax Care Oil before cleansing for dry or sensitive skin types. Before cleansing, add a pH-balancing rosewater for all skin types. Apply cornstarch at the end of a pre-wax care routine on oily skin types.


Always work on an area of the face with the correct size waxing spatula. It’s all about preference in the end, but just like how the right makeup brush can make the difference in your masterpiece, so can the perfect spatula. Different size widths and lengths make large and small areas easier to tackle. You can even get tiny applicators that are great for precise eyebrow waxing.

A double-sided, angled brow spatula or a long flat wooden waxing spatula can be the perfect brow-shaping duo because they ensure accuracy and provide the right pressure to spread the right amount of wax onto such a detailed space. Their smaller precision tips can get into the smallest corners to create flawless arches or get tight onto the brow tail for sharp edges. 

4.5” wooden spatulas are designed with smooth beveled edges to be gentle on delicate skin. They’re the perfect size spatula for smaller facial areas. You can use them for getting to the outer edges of a larger waxing area so that you don’t cross the line over to another part of the face (like from the forehead to the brows, for example). They’re also great for the nose and ear areas.

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Film Hard Wax can be gentler on the skin since it only grabs hair from the follicle and can be applied and removed more than once. Often wax can also be beneficial on the skin. For most skin types, the gentlest and most effective Starpil Film Hard Wax beans or tablets or soft wax are:

  • Coral Film Hard Wax: Best for anti-aging, hypersensitivity, and skin tone
  • Starsoft (Hard and Soft) Wax: Best for anti-aging, hypersensitivity 
  • Pink (Hard and Soft): Best for sensitivity, fine hair removal
  • Calendula Film Hard Wax (COMING SOON!): Best for sensitivity, oil, and acne-prone skin


When using soft wax, muslin, and non-woven strip options, both have their merit. Muslin is great for the body and extremely coarse hair but can leave tread debris. Non-woven strips don’t shed because they’re laid, which also makes them more economical and cleaner to cut to size for smaller areas of the face for eyebrow waxing or lip waxing. When using hard wax, work in small, two-finger-thick strips and keep them rounded at the edges to create the perfect lip for maximum pull-ability. 


Your facial waxing kit is never complete without thorough aftercare products. Waxing facial hair requires a post-wax routine that speeds the healing of skin’s pH and protective layer. This means that after-wax care products need to include antioxidants and strengthen healthy bacteria, hydration and calm inflammation. You also need to keep harmful pathogens away from the skin, which is now more susceptible to infection and breakouts. Stapril Post-Wax Care Oil does double duty removing wax residual while infusing skin with replenishing properties. You also want to infuse hydration through our Post-Wax Care Lotion and Starpil Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion for at-home use.



Starpil professional waxing kits are created for licensed estheticians, waxing specialists, large salons, and students passionate about the art of waxing. We have complete hard and soft facial waxing kits that include wax warmers of all sizes or essential bundles sans wax warmers, just all the bells and whistles to get you to flawless facial waxing! 


Facial waxing can be your most significant source of waxing and provided by most of your colleagues, so it’s essential to stand out to your clients as a skincare expert as much as a waxing expert to set yourself apart among your peers. We believe that to do that, you should always be waxing with the specific needs of the skin in mind and that you’re working to improve the skin along with facial waxing.


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