How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers in the New Normal

24 Jun, 20

In the new normal, reopening your salon will look a lot different than "business as usual." Many salons won't be able to book at full capacity, there will need to be more time between clients for sanitation, and you may find yourself spending more money on protective and sanitary measures than your hard wax beads or your Starpil Soft Wax. In this article, we're not only going to talk about how to raise your prices without losing customers in the new normal, but we'll also offer tips on how to upsell spa services with booking minimums and why you should adjust your menu to increase profits.

Why You Should Raise Your Prices

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Many salon owners may take issue with discussing money, knowing their worth, and are apprehensive at the idea of raising their prices. However, even without the new normal, your business should increase its rates every 18 months to keep up with inflation. With the new normal, your earning potential is decreased through limited availability and increased sanitation overhead. You are also increasing your exposure to the public, and thereby risking your health. For some of us, the first stages of reopening might not even be the "recovering" or "playing catch-up" phase; it might be the "trying to stay afloat" until we can even enter the play catch-up stage and thrive again. It's for all of these reasons that coming to terms with any hesitation as soon as possible is in your highest interest in terms of a price rise. 

A Shift in Perspective

During these times, no one wants to lose clients, but if we shift our thinking from losing clients to choosing them, we can help protect our most substantial assets—our best clients. Clients who are understanding, supportive, and can adhere to your price increase, and those who book the most services per session should be your top priority. 

If you have clients that are notoriously challenging, take issue with your prices, or decide to go to another practitioner, it's not a loss; it's an open space for the clients that actively support your business. Choose your best clients.

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How to Upsell Spa Services

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Upselling your spa services in the new normal is more than business as usual—it should be a given. Here's what we mean. Which services are costing you more than they're worth? For example, if you have a client only booking a $7 knuckle wax, know that the Starpil Soft Wax you're using, your strips, spatulas, and sanitation measures are probably more than the price of that service, not to mention the potential risk to your health. Essentially, you might be paying clients to do their low-cost services for them in the new normal. Therefore, you might want to consider setting a service minimum before booking a client. 

You could arrange a service minimum in multiple ways. One way to do that is to decide what your minimum service quota is and let your clients know. You could also mention that all a la carte services can only be provided when added to other services or booked in threes. Whether you decide on a service booking minimum or not, all services should receive at least a 10% increase in price or a $1 - $10 increase at a minimum. 

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How to Break the News

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In a pre-COVID world, giving clients about a two-month notice is standard when planning to raise your prices to allow everyone to hear the news, and figure out their options. But if you're still waiting for the green light to reopen, or have already recently reopened, it's not too late to apply a price increase or a service minimum to your clients without a two-month notice.

Your price increase and revised service policy should be sent out in an email or included with all other updated service information regarding the new normal. You can also add any news about the advances you've made in your business. You can take this time to let them know about possible new hours or any other relevant news. 

Sample Email

Here is an example of a letter with many vital factors that can be used in your new normal price raise email.  

Start with your appreciation. 

Dear (Customer's first name), 

The past (amount of time) working with you has been beautiful. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your (role). I appreciate you and your business and support during these uncertain times. I enjoy working with you and look forward to the next step of our journey to re-building. 

Tell it like it is.


As you know, we will be reopening on (date), and due to the increased COVID-19 measures, I will not be able to accommodate clients in the same capacity as before. Therefore, I must increase my services by 10%, and I can no longer take service bookings below $20.  


Mention how your price increase benefits them.

Given the many changes occurring in society today, the health and safety of you as my client and myself are of the highest priority. I am committed to providing a clean and safe environment for you; that's why we have added an advanced ventilation system, and all technicians have been fitted with an Esthie Shield, a complete-coverage facial shield, in addition to their facial masks for your added protection. I will also be investing in the most advanced training in (your chosen service) for my team for an even more superior waxing experience.


As my business grows, I will be offering a more extensive range of hard wax beads by adding Starpil Pink Film Hard Wax Beads in addition to the popular Blue Film Hard Wax Beads for an even more gentle option. 


We will be adding a prolonged 15 minute after wax care treatment massage for all service booking over $100.

Thank you again for your continued loyalty, I look forward to seeing you real soon!

Warm regards,

(Your name here)

Final Thoughts

So, no matter what you choose to say, be clear, open, honest, and avoid being apologetic. You aren't doing anything wrong; the cost of your business has gone up in more ways than one, and your prices need to reflect that. 

Please let us know your thoughts. Do you agree that you should be raising our prices or applying a booking minimum? If you have already opened and have done anything similar, let us know in the comments.

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