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At-Home Waxing Made Easy With 6 Tips!

At-Home Waxing Made Easy With 6 Tips!

At-Home Waxing Made Easy With 6 Tips!

While some of the women really don’t care to get waxing done, others hate the idea of visiting a professional salon. The latter will most likely procrastinate and opt for a Netflix season over being waxed by a stranger. The Body waxing kit is heaven sent for these women who would go to any lengths to get their waxing done at home.


Although it seems comfortable and convenient to wax your body in the comfort of your home, there are a few things to consider for a seamless waxing experience-especially if it is your first time. A successful first time is a confidence booster to continue waxing at home!


Tips For Every Home-Waxing Woman


  1. First things first, you must pick a good waxing kit

Waxing at home doesn’t mean that skipping the procedure will not have any adverse effects. Therefore, you must buy a waxing kit rather than just buying a wax can for the first time. A wax kit will have all the essentials including pre and post waxing lotions. If you are not much into soft strip wax, you can try Starpil’s hard wax kit which has everything you need for home waxing.


  1. Dont skip the process of exfoliation

Ingrown hairs are a huge predicament for our skin we must fight to get the most of our waxing investments. Hair growing under the skin tend to get visible soon after waxing which makes the pain we go through to be hair free pointless! Exfoliating your skin using gloves, stones, or exfoliating gels will remove the dead skin layers and open the pores as well. It is recommended to exfoliate at least twice a week, but if you prefer not to, make sure to exfoliate within two days before waxing.

  1. Let your hair grow to a “waxable" length

Waxing is a bad idea if your hair is shorter than a quarter of an inch. Any shorter than that and all the hair will not be out and visible. This could lead to an alternative growth. This could eventually lead to ingrown hairs and more frequent waxing sessions. Also, stripping off shorter hair using wax strips is a bit difficult. If you really can’t avoid waxing shorter hair, use the blue wax or hard wax to get it done smoothly.


  1. Dont skip on pre waxing lotion and powder

Getting your skin ready before you start waxing is extremely necessary. Our skin secretes natural oils continuously. If you do not apply cream or moisturizer, it lessens successful results when waxing. Pre waxing lotion cleanses the skin and absorbs all the extra moisture. Also, don’t forget to puff a bit of powder there!


  1. Take care of the direction of your hair growth

If you have visited a salon before to get your waxing done, you must be well-aware of the technique. But if not, here is how you must do it: Always apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth and peel off in the opposite direction. All your hair will be removed from the roots if you use this technique. You may rip your hair if you try another direction!


  1. Post waxing oils and lotions are blessings in disguise

Never EVER skip this part! Your skin becomes sore, red, and sensitive after you wax your hair. The pores get wide open which is an open invite for bacteria to play and infect our skin. Using post wax lotions fill in the pores to nourish the skin and stops the potential of irritation and infection. It also painlessly removes additional wax left over!



Starpil has a myriad of waxing options which are promising for both, professionals and home user. We suggest you choose a waxing kit if this is your first home waxing session!



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