Male Waxing: How to Market to Men

17 Jun, 20

Male Waxing - Starpil

In a world of catering to a female clientele for spa treatments, male body waxing often takes a back seat. As the idea of a male full body wax catches on, how can we let our men know that we—and our soft strip wax are here for them? Father's Day is a great time to think about menfolk’s waxing needs to honor them on their special day while widening your client base. Here, we'll go over some tips on how to market male waxing to men, not be shy about your wax accessories, and provide a stellar male wax service that guarantees repeat business. 


If You Build It...

Take a look at your service menu? Do you have a wide range of male body waxing services to offer? Is it apparent to your existing or potential clientele that you hold space for men's skincare treatments and the male wax service? If you provide waxing for all gender types, let people know that you turn on our professional wax warmers and anyone looking for your hair removal expertise can get ultra-smooth skin. 


Male Waxing Content

After adding services catering to men to your service menus, take a look at your marketing materials and social media. Perhaps you provide education or a FAQ section on your website, in pamphlets, or even on a blog. What about your social media? Are all of your educational opportunities focused on women's spa and waxing services? 

Male Waxing - Starpil

It's time to tell your clients why you're their go-to for male body waxing services. For example, "how long does a male Brazilian wax last?" or "what does a male Brazilian wax include?" are both provocative subjects that many people would like to know more about. Information on topics like these as well as "why going to an esthetician for men's eyebrows is better than going to the barber" can be helpful for men interested in a male wax service but don't know where to turn to learn more about it.  


Let Your Current Clients Know

Your attached clientele as well as family members or colleagues of men are a significant resource for encouraging the men in their lives into your treatment room. Let your clients know that you're expanding your services to include men. That kind of word-of-mouth action might gain you more traction than you realize. You can even offer promotional incentives for people referring their men to your wax salon,  discounts on first-time male clients, or two-for-one discounts for those bringing in men.  


Father's Day Flash Sale

From nose and ear waxing to brows, back, and chest waxing, our men can use a little extra TLC especially on Father’s Day. For Father's Day and any day, make sure that your prices for your male clientele are comparable to your female-focused services. But on the day that we honor our dads, here are some promotional ideas for Father's Day.


  • Father/ Daughter – Discount on a leg waxing with a male facial grooming service.
  • Father/Son – Two facial grooming service packages or services at a discounted rate.
  • Full Facial Grooming – Brows, nose, and ears at a Father's Day price.
  • Bring in Your Dad and Get a Two-for-One Special! 


Where the Men At?

An essential tip for marketing to men is to go where the men are. You can post flyers up at the gym, cross-promote with barbers and other hair professionals, or go online. A lot of men might not have people in their lives singing the praises of stripless hard wax or those they feel comfortable asking about a male full body wax. Many men go online to ask personal questions regarding intimate waxing anonymously.

Male Waxing - Starpil wax

Platforms like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Fluther, Stack Exchange, and other question and answer sites are interactive ways to increase your visibility as a person who caters to the male wax service. Just search their question database regarding all-things men and male waxing in your area, and start answering relevant questions.



Assume that Everyone's Here to Learn

Some of us might think that men "just aren't into grooming." Maybe we believe that men aren't interested in the why behind what you're doing during their male wax service. But it might be prudent to assume that people investing in themselves are going to want to know exactly what, why, and how they ever lived without your services.


From men's eyebrows to a male full body wax, ask as many questions as you need to ask to determine what result they're going for with their hair removal. Guide them through the benefits of how or why you are doing the step that you're doing. Explain the benefits behind the Starpil wax products you're using and show them how they're working for them. Don't shy away from educating your male clientele on why you use stripless hard wax on one area vs. soft strip wax on another. This kind of education allows for men to see the point of difference for an a-ha! grooming moment. They won't just think they're doing something that is in their best interest, they'll know exactly why and how re-booking with you will be a must!


During your hair removal session, you can verbally discuss similar topics as your digital education (again—how long does a male Brazilian wax last? What does a male Brazilian wax include?). Your client needs to know that they’re encountering a male waxing guru while being prepared for what post-wax life will look like for them. Definitely include post-wax care education. It is just as impertinent to a male wax service as your large wax warmer and wax accessories. Keep in mind that if the Starpil Wax home care you recommend is going to enhance your male client's waxing service by limiting ingrown hairs or slow hair growth, let him know about it. 

Male Waxing - Starpil wax


In Closing

There are many different client types; some things just come down to the individual. If you're open to adding a male clientele, try these tips and let us know in the comments what you think you'd use and how they work for you! If you found any of this information helpful, please share it!