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What Clients Look for When Choosing a Wax Salon

What Clients Look for When Choosing a Wax Salon

From the outside looking in, the beauty salon industry may appear to be an oversaturated market, but we at Starpil Wax believe that you make your own economy. We also believe that in a saturated market (especially in the waxing business), the best of the best can quickly rise to the top, hard wax in tow, if you’re aligned with many of the tips given in this article. 

Here, we’ll share exactly what clients are looking for when choosing a wax salon so that you can put your best-waxed foot forward and show the world what you’re made of by giving the ultimate client experience both in and out of the salon. From tips on arranging your website to garnering the best wax reviews, and pumping up your social media game, there is a lot you can do to be giving the best. We’ll also go over a checklist that can show you how on-track you are with being exactly what waxing clients are looking for and more!


When you’re looking to try a new spot, do you head over to Yelp, Google Reviews, or to see what’s popping? It’s the same thing for potential clients; they’re looking for top waxing salons in their area with a high number of stars and reviews. Unless you’ve just started your beauty biz, if you don’t see a lot of positive reviews or reviews in general, you might want to try the following suggestions.

reviews for your saloon - starpilwax

  • Make sure clients have access to multiple platforms where they can see and leave reviews on platforms like your business’s Facebook page, or on your website.  
  • If people shout-out your brand on Instagram, repost, and tag all the things! It totally counts as a review for our purposes. 
  • Start a referral program (word-of-mouth reviews are the ultimate!) 
  • Give your clients discounts when they leave reviews (just like how we give you Esthie Bucks just for leaving reviews). 
  • Be blunt! Ask clients kindly to leave a review before they leave and if they’ll take a photo. You can even offer a free sample “for their trouble,” because honestly, most people forget about leaving reviews, but can feel pleasantly obliged to do so. 
  • Take a stronger look at where you can improve upon the client-experience you provide (see checklist below). 



If people are seeing or hearing great reviews about your wax salon, they might want to learn more. Your website is where they’re “meeting you for the first time.” First impressions are crucial, and just the beginning of the client experience you provide. Don’t hold back, include as much information about anything and everything you can.

Salon - Starpilwax

What kinds of professional wax do you use in your wax pots? Talk about it. From polymer hard wax to soft wax, give your clients an idea of what you’re working with and what for. Do you use soft wax or hard wax for eyebrows? Do you use Starpil Blue Hard Wax for body waxing and something else for facial waxing? What about your pre and post-wax care? Be clear about it. Inquiring minds want to know! 

Here’s a list of other things clients might be looking for on your website when choosing to book.


  • Is your website easy to use? 
  • Does it provide stellar information on what services you have to offer and wax products you use and retail? 
  • Do you have ample education regarding how to prepare for their services or after-wax care intel? 
  • Does it explain where you or your staff were trained? 
  • Are there photos of your salon?
  • Can you book from your site, or do you have to call?
  • Can you purchase retail from your site? 



Some clients will head straight to your Instagram account to check out your goods. You should have plenty of before and after photos and educational content. Put up an array of pictures and videos of the wax products you use in action or speak the mighty praises of the Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask! I don’t think anyone can deny the appeal of some hard-wax beads being poured into a wax pot. 

If you have a beauty blog attached to your website, an email newsletter, use texting and SMS to provide clients with relevant information, you’re way ahead of your marketing game and upping the client experience. Your efforts should showcase your waxing and customer service credibility through as many mediums as possible so that people know that they would be missing out if they didn’t book with you because—you know your stuff!



As we mentioned, the client experience begins long before they get up onto your waxing table. You have your digital storefront and online presence, and then we move to the IRL aspect of your client interaction.

Below is a thorough checklist of things that can enhance the client experience from how your salon looks and the congeniality and hospitality of your staff to the services you provide on and off the waxing table. Though some of this may seem like a given, you’d be surprised at how we can sometimes overlook or fall out of alignment with the basics.


Your wax salon aesthetic

  •  Does it look inviting, fresh and engaging?
  •  Is your entry area impeccably clean and comfortable to be in?
  •  Is your music at a pleasant volume?
  •  Is it laid out well to maximize the space?
  •  Do you provide literature on your salon, service offerings or retail information?

Your staff aesthetic 


  •  Are they dressed well?
  •  Are they hospitable to everyone who comes in?
  •  Do they handle conflict or pressure well?
  •  Are they extremely knowledgeable?
  • Are they on-top of assessing client’s needs?
Estheticians - Starpilwax

Your esthetic aesthetic 


  • Do you provide an intake form to fill out?
  • Do you apply a new paper to your waxing table or clean your chair after every service? 
  • Do you have fresh Barbicide or a sterilization autoclave visible?
  • Do you make sure to wash your hands before and after setting up, after every service and/or wear fresh gloves?
  • Do you provide multiple wax types for various skin types and services?
  • Do you go over the client intake form with them?
  • Do you analyze their skin and hair types to determine their waxing needs?
  • Do you offer education on what/why/ how you’re doing or using something?
  • Is your waxing prep one-size-fits-all or specific to the client’s skin type? PS, Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel is for everyone, but your prep step can be tailored with added products according to particular needs.
  • Do you test the wax temperature from the wax pot before applying it to the client?
  • Do you use a new waxing spatula with every dip back into the wax pot?
  • Are your waxing services done in a clean, timely manner?
  • Are your after-wax care treatments one-size-fits-all or specific to the client’s skin type by using products like Post-Wax Oil, or Post-Wax Lotion?
  • Do you recommend the best after-wax care tips and product recommendations for at-home use such as Ingrown Hair Serum or Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion for dry skin?

good service - starpilwax


Your post-service aesthetic


  • Do you make it effortless to book their next appointment?
  • Do you have numerous payment options, including smartphone and prepaid options?
  • Do you follow-up a day or two after a client service?
  • Do you provide thank you notes with every new client that includes all service and product recommendations and sales made during the service?  


Your business is an expression and extension of you. Some say that we attract what we put out. Suppose your passion lies in your craft and with providing incomparable digital and IRL experiences. In that case, new clients will be drawn your way and potentially fall madly in devotion for what you have to offer. Your goal should be to go above and beyond what clients look for when choosing a wax salon by providing more than they even knew they needed!

salon - starpilwax

We like to practice what we preach, so feel free to check-out how we honor the customer experience through our socials by following us on Instagram, subscribing to our newsletter, and joining The World of Waxing, our Facebook group of top-notch esthies like you! Let us know how we’re doing, and please share this article if you found it helpful.



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